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Jonathan Turley, Gregg Jarrett Rip ‘Politically Driven’ Legal War Against Trump

George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley and Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett exposed the indictments against President Trump for what they are. Politically motivated attacks against the former president. Here is the sad thing for prosecutors in particular and Democrats in general is that with all of these charges against him, Donald Trump is blowing away his primary opponents and consistently leading Joe Biden, especially in five of the all important swing states including Michigan and Pennsylvania.

The Colorado GOP appealed the ruling of the Colorado Supreme Court that would have knocked Trump off the ballot. He now remains on the ballot pending federal review and the US Supreme Court.

the Associated Press reported:

 “For months, this dangerous theory has been replicated throughout the country as challengers try to find a judge or a court that will give credence to this theory.”

Turley said:

“Many of us believe it is fundamentally wrong, from a historical and legal perspective. They found some justices who are willing to do this. That court had seven Democratically-appointed justices and three of them refused to sign on with this and said it was clearly wrong. They were able to eke out a 4-3 win in Colorado. That’s a known outlier. You have the Michigan Supreme Court following other courts in refusing to disqualify the former president. So it is ripe for the Supreme Court to review. There’s a conflict among the states, and it’s a very weighty issue here, obviously, for the country.”


Jarrett also praised the appeal by the Republican Party of Colorado.

Gregg Jarrett added:

“The Republican committee of Colorado does have standing to appeal the Supreme Court, because it’s directly harmed. As they say, denying their party’s ability to choose a candidate of its choice and I agree with Professor Turley, I suspect the Supreme Court will take this case because it is too important not to. I would also expect the high court to overturn the Colorado decision on the very grounds cited in today’s petition.”

“You know, kicking Trump off the ballot, that is a violation of his constitutional right to due process. My goodness, he hasn’t been charged with insurrection or tried or convicted. The Colorado court removed him from the ballot by fiat.”

Jarrett continues:


“Look, many people believe, including Donald Trump, that Jack Smith’s case is politically driven, but the special counsel wants to silence Trump from arguing what he believes, so the irony should be lost on no one. Smith’s accusing Trump of injecting politics into a prosecution that already reeks of partisan politics. Trump should be free to present a defense of his own choosing. That is fundamental in America, but Jack Smith is afraid of that. He wants to be both prosecutor and dictate the defense simultaneously.”

The New York Times reported in April 2022 that President Joe Biden expressed frustration with the Justice Department’s investigation into Trump and sought his prosecution while labeling him a “threat” to democracy.




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  1. It is disgusting that the Democrats want to overturn the U.S, Constitution and this appears tot be just what they are trying to do

  2. If it was a 7-0 decision, that would have made sense. A 4-3 decision tells me that this is wrong!!!!

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