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Judge Cannon Rejects Jack Smith’s Attempt to Keep Names of Government Witnesses Secret, Discovery Material Under Seal

I’ll bet the corrupt Jack Smith be missing him some of those New York judges right about now. He just can’t get away with breaking the Brady law with Judge Aileen Cannon. Why, he can’t get away with hiding his witnesses and exculpatory evidence from the Trump attorneys at all. That means he can’t continually catch the defense off guard. Judge Cannon has ruled that Smith must hand over every thing he has just like the law prescribes.

Judge Aileen Cannon, a Trump appointee, shut down Special Counsel Jack Smith’s attempt to keep names of government witnesses and other discovery under seal in the classified documents case against Trump. Trump was charged with 31 counts of willful retention of national defense information and 6 other process crimes stemming from his conversations with his lawyer. Jack Smith has been fighting to keep the names of government witnesses a secret.

A press coalition included The Associated Press, The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, Fox News, and other media outlets had requested that the documents be unsealed. The few documents that were handed over to Trump’s attorneys were so redacted as to be useless. Jack Smith opposed Trump’s motion to disclose discovery material in a 4-page filing reviewed by The Gateway Pundit.

From The Gateway Pundit

The special counsel argued the discovery material must be kept under seal because one document confirms the existence of another FBI investigation…presumably into Trump.

It is unclear which FBI investigation Jack Smith referenced, however it has been publicly reported that the FBI opened an investigation into Trump’s ‘possible involvement in January 6’ in April 2022.

Jack Smith requested certain documents to remain sealed in full.

Judge Cannon on Tuesday denied Jack Smith’s request to keep some of the discovery under seal.

“Following an independent review of the Motion and the full record, the Court determines, with limited exceptions as detailed below, that the Special Counsel has not set forth a sufficient factual or legal basis warranting deviation from the strong presumption in favor of public access to the records at issue,” Cannon wrote in the order, according to Law & Crime.

Cannon blasted Jack Smith and denied his request to keep names of government witnesses secret.

“Although substantiated witness safety and intimidation concerns can form a valid basis for overriding the strong presumption in favor of public access, the Special Counsel’s sparse and undifferentiated Response fails to provide the Court with the necessary factual basis to justify sealing,” Cannon wrote.

The classified documents trial is currently set for May 20, 2024, however it may get postponed since Jack Smith’s January 6 DC trial, which was set for March 4, 2024 is delayed.



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