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Judge Orders 100 High Profile Epstein Associates to Be Revealed Within Fourteen Days

There is no joy in the Democratic legions tonight. Judge Loretta Preska of the federal court for the Southern District of New York has issued an order for the top high profile guests of Jeffrey Epstein after a “John Doe’s” appeal to keep the list private failed. There may be some Republicans named, but considering how hard the Democrats have worked to keep the list hidden, they are probably the majority.

Two possible names to emerge from the disclosure are Bill Clinton and Bill Gates, depending on who decides the names to be revealed.

The Gateway Pundit’s legal counsel provided us with this statement on Monday’s development in the Epstein case:

On December 18, 2023, Judge Loretta Preska of the federal court for the Southern District of New York issued an order unsealing a large number of documents relating to 187 John Does. The identity of the Does, all individuals who are somehow related to the Giufre case, has been kept under seal by the court for years. For the past three years, various litigants, including The Gateway Pundit and other press have fought hard to unseal documents related to the Does. The documents are widely anticipated to shed some light on individuals spending time with Jeffery Epstein and perhaps traveling to his infamous island. While it seems like the public will now finally be able to see at least a portion of records, the public may yet be set for another frustration: Judge Preska froze her order from becoming effective for two weeks, to permit lawyers for the anonymous Does to file objections to the unsealing of the records. The case is Virginia Giufre v. Ghislaine Maxwell.

The list of names should be out by January first, New Year’s Day. I suspect we are about to hear moaning and groaning and lots of tears and divorces. Many will deny the charges even if they did visit Orgy Island with Epstein. Can you think of any reason why someone would visit the island without having sex with minors on their mind? I know I can’t.

From The Gateway Pundit

Dozens of Jeffrey Epstein’s high profile associates are in for a New Year’s surprise as they will be named in court documents set to be released in the first days of 2024.

But The Daily Mail has already apparently identified the names of multiple individuals connected to Epstein.

Doe 24 is identified directly by name. This is Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz, who previously called for all material related to him to be made public.  Dershowitz is the only John Doe identified by name at this point.

As our readers may recall – In July, 2022, Gateway Pundit lawyers Marc Randazza and Jay Wolman of the Randazza Legal Group, along with GP General Counsel John Burns filed a motion to intervene in the Guiffre v. Maxwell case in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York.

On February 27, 2023, a “John Doe” interested party (a person whose identity had been sealed by the court because of their affiliation with Epstein) filed a Brief opposing Gateway Pundit’s appeal and asking the Court of Appeals to deny the brief.

The “John Doe”’s arguments are extremely lame.  “Doe” merely argues that Gateway Pundit waited too long to request the arguments.  According to “Doe,” GP and the public have no interest in the Epstein sex client list because too much time has transpired.




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