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Judge Rules Trump Liable For Defamatory Statements Made About E. Jean Carroll

Judge Lewis Kaplan, a Clinton appointee, ruled that President Trump is liable for the defamatory statements he made against E. Jean Carroll after she accused him of rape.

The Manhattan jury then reached a verdict in the case in May. Carroll had alleged that Donald Trump raped her in a Bergdorf Goodman dressing room in the 1990s, which he denied and called her “a whack job” who was “not my type.”

He was found guilty by a jury of sexually assaulting and defaming her, resulting in a $5 million judgment against him.

“What kind of a woman meets somebody and brings them up and within minutes you’re playing hanky-panky in a dressing room?” Trump said, adding the accusation was a ‘fake’ and ‘made-up story.’

E. Jean Carroll’s lawyers were vindicated when Judge Lewis Kaplan ruled that Trump was responsible for his remarks, prompting her to take further action. The case is set to commence on January 15, 2024.

CNBC reported:

A federal judge on Wednesday ruled that Donald Trump is liable for defamatory statements he made about the writer E. Jean Carroll in 2019 when she went public with claims he had raped her decades earlier.

Judge Lewis Kaplan, as part of that ruling, said that the upcoming trial for Carroll’s civil lawsuit against Trump will only deal with the question of how much the former president should pay her in monetary damages for defaming her.

Normally, a jury would determine at trial whether a defendant is liable for civil damages claimed by a plaintiff.

But Kaplan found that Carroll was entitled to a partial summary judgment on the question of Trump’s liability in the case because jurors at a trial in a separate, but related lawsuit in May found that Trump had sexually abused Carroll in a New York department store in the mid-1990s, and had defamed in statements he made as he denied her allegation last fall.

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  1. These corrupt judges and juries in NY are the worst! We don’t have a legal system anymore! We have a bunch of corrupt leftists and deep staters who are doing the bidding of the DNC, NWO & China. This kind of corrupt judicial BS has to be stopped! Our judicial system needs the same overhaul all our other government agencies need. 80 Million Patriots will have to do this ourselves or we will lose this country forever to the Police State we have right now!

  2. I hope he plans to appeal this and make this nit-wit lawyer up. He should force her to pay him millions when the case is reviewed by higher courts. After looking in this piece of garbage past history, in is without any doubt she is mentally ill. It would be so ironic if after appeals, this moron woman was forced to pay trump millions. It would be laughable to watch his rabid enemies build up his campaign coffers.

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