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Judge Slaps Special Counsel Over Failing To Let Trump Legal Team View Docs In Florida

U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon expressed her dissatisfaction with special counsel Jack Smith and his team for their failure to provide former President Donald Trump’s legal team with timely access to evidence materials in the classified documents case under her jurisdiction.

She further found unacceptable Smith’s request to keep the documents in a secure area located nearly 1,000 miles away from the district of southern Florida where the case was filed.

“The parties are advised that production of classified discovery to defense counsel is deemed timely upon placement in an accredited facility in the Southern District of Florida, not in another federal district,” Cannon wrote in her order on Tuesday.

“It is the responsibility of the Office of the Special Counsel to make and carry out arrangements to deposit such discovery to defense counsel in this District, in consultation with the Litigation Security Group for security purposes,” she added. “The Office of the Special Counsel shall update and/or clarify any prior responses to the Standard Discovery Order in accordance with this Order.”

In an order earlier this year, Cannon outlined the rules for viewing the documents Trump is accused of mishandling. Last week, she issued further rulings in the case that could lead to a big victory for Trump and his legal team.

These rulings include temporarily delaying a previously set schedule of deadlines stretching from October to May for the Justice Department to make classified documents available to Trump’s lawyers, and also pushing back the start date of the trial from May 2024 until after November’s election.

Additionally, Cannon postponed a hearing on whether one of Trump’s co-defendants understood that his lawyer might have conflicts of interest and admonished the prosecutorial team for wasting time.

Observers noted that her decision to move back deadlines made it less likely that trial would begin on May 20 as originally ruled.

Further, should Trump succeed in pushing back the trial and win reelection in 2024, concerns arise over whether he will attempt to pardon himself if found guilty of felony charges Smith has brought against him.

“At issue was a request by Mr. Smith’s team that Judge Cannon hold a hearing to make sure that Mr. Trump’s co-defendants — both of whom are employed by him — understood that their lawyers, who are being paid by a political action committee affiliated with the former president and who have represented witnesses in the case, had possible conflicts,” the Times reported.

“In the case of one co-defendant, Carlos De Oliveira, the property manager at Mar-a-Lago, Mr. Trump’s private club and residence, the hearing proceeded largely without incident. Mr. De Oliveira’s lawyer, John Irving, had represented three witnesses in the case,” the outlet added.

According to investigative reporter Paul Sperry, Jack Smith’s classified documents case is likely to be dismissed, at least in part, due to a procedural error.

In an X platform post on early September, Sperry cited unnamed “legal insiders” who stated that the charges of USC 1001 false statement against Trump would be thrown out as Trump was never interviewed by a federal agent.

Furthermore, Sperry suggested that the case lacks substantial evidence and instead relies heavily on rhetoric intended to influence the jury.

“NEW: Jack Smith’s Jan. 6 indictment of Trump repeatedly relies on a fuselage of subjective, even inflammatory language devoid of underlying facts and evidence to appeal emotionally to jurors, including: “fraudulent/fraudulently” (63) “false/falsely” (94) “fake” (5) “sham” (3)” he wrote in another X post.

Sperry also claimed that Smith’s case relies in large part on an “emoji.”

“DEVELOPING: Jack Smith’s Mar-a-Lago obstruction case against Trump is based on an emailed ’emoji’ related to security camera footage that was never actual [sic] destroyed, according to legal insiders,” he tweeted.

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7 Responses

  1. We all know this is bunk and that Smith is just trying to keep Trump from being able to be President. Trump has the right to keep those documents that were there but heres the deal….Biden on the other hand was Vice President who doesn’t have the right to be in possession of the documents he has all over the place. Trumps records were stored in a locked area and the FBI etc. knew he had them because they were there checking on them before and told him to put another lock on the door where they were stored and Trump did as they asked. Biden is the one who should be on trial, not Trump…it is purely a motive to keep Trump from being President again and making our country number 1 once again! Quit spendng hard earned money of the American tax dollars and go get the real criminal!!

    1. Cheryl; Bingo! Things are the opposite of what they appear to be by these felonious actions of falsehood and Lies! A tactic of the “Old Nazi Gestapo Rule Book” written by Hitler’s Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels!
      “If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself.”

  2. Sadly, the deep state will never allow Dementia Joe to be indited much less arrested. Drain the damn swamp or we are done as a nation. Now Dementia Joe wants to import the Palestinian hoard (Hamas trained terrorists) into America after giving them $100 million of our tax dollars.

  3. I’m telling you that judge needs to dismiss all charges against Trump since that jackoff jack smith is NOT handing documents over…NULL AND VOID

    1. The FBI team that was supposed to go to Mar-A-Lago was supposed to come from Florida and the DA was supposed to be notified before the raid. The team came all the way from Washington DC which was illegal. They never notified the DA which was against the law.

  4. Jack Smith is an EVIL jerk.He thinks he can get away with anything he wants. It
    will all blow up in his face soon. Preisdent Trump already has all of the info he needs to take down the swamp. He wants to save America, or he would just stay home and play golf.

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