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Kari Lake Suit Shows That Maricopa County Ballot Shenanigans Abound

There have been two major facts that have come out about the faux election in Arizona in 2022. Kari Lake will be returning to court to try and prove that the signatures did not match but officials had them counted anyway. Three whistleblowers have come forward and testified to that fact.

Steven Richer, the Democrat in Republican clothing has stopped Lake from examining the mail-in ballots to see if the signature on the mail-in ballot envelope matches the one on their registration.

Lake allegedly lost her election by about 17,000 votes. But the program change on election day was prevalent in 59% of the precincts. Curiously 92% of those precincts are deep red precincts. Something is rotten in Denmark and Hunter Biden isn’t even there.

Go figure. Like all elections since 2018, where Democrats were losing, they quit counting the votes and miraculously the Democrats won. When will the GOP wake up and do something about this? My guess is that with a few exceptions, they won’t.

SORCERY-O-RAMA! Every time I’ve seen states stop counting votes for a few days, the struggling Democrat candidate has miraculously prevailed.

In Arizona, the software they use to verify signatures only requires a 10% match. That is ludicrous. Name one person other than Joe Biden or any random Democrat who can be wrong 90% of the time and still keep their job.

If you think they use this software without realizing how terrible it is, I expect you spend Christmas Eve waiting for Santa to slide down your chimney. The closest you have ever come is when your Uncle Fred slides off his barstool.

FAST FACTS: The 2022 Maricopa Election

  • The AZ Supreme Court ruled in favor of Lake last week, granting that she may — if she can — prove there was signature fraud “in sufficient numbers to alter the outcome of the election.” The proof must be based on a competent mathematical basis “to conclude that the outcome would plausibly have been different, not simply an untethered assertion of uncertainty.”
  • Lake says there were “ballot custody” issues that broke the law.
  • Roughly 60% of the voting machines in Maricopa County — Lake’s stronghold — were subject to “errors” on Election Day.
  • When Verus Pro was tested back before the 2020 election, election clerk Rey Valenzuela called the practice run a “sh*t show.”
  • Lake asserts that outsourcing the signature verification process is illegal.
  • Long lines to vote, caused by the machines rejecting so many ballots, forced voters to leave voting centers without casting a ballot — all in Lake strongholds.

BUSTED-O-RAMA! Though Maricopa County denies using the Verus Pro software, former Arizona Assistant Attorney General Jennifer Wright shared a copy of the contract between the county and the firm that created the program, Runbeck Election Services, with the outlet Just the News.

From PJ Media

The second major revelation was made by Bob Hughes, a retired ballot printer. Hughes confirmed there were over 600 versions of the Maricopa County ballot (see the video below).

Hughes recently testified that “an intentional change was made to the printers affecting the DAY OF Election ballots” used in Maricopa County in the 2022 election.

Hughes stated — under penalty of perjury — that there was some serious skullduggery involving the size of the ballots in Maricopa County. Here is an excerpt from his testimony:

This indicates that it was not possible that a BALLOT STYLE other than a 20″ PDF could have been used, even by accident for the 2022 election. Yet, on Election Day a substantial number of wrong sized ballots were printed. This clearly indicates that the interference caused by 19″ ballots had to have been by someone from MCTEC or by someone hacking into the MCTEC system. Since no failures occurred during even one test of the system and since all the machines were made tamperproof and held in security until use, no other possible reason is plausible. The assertion that random accidents occurred on election Day is impossible. A large number of printers, all printing ballots of the wrong 19 inch size on Election Day, is not a random accident. This also indicates that since many ballots failed the scanning by the tabulators due to size, the issue was with the Voting Center on-demand printers. It is also not plausible that the exact same random accident occurred multiple times with independent printers in different locations.





33 Responses

  1. They’ve been exposed all along but nothing’s been done about them by the losers in Az.

    1. It’s up to the AZ Supreme Court to do something about this, if not AZ Supreme Court, then go to the US Supreme court this has to stop.

  2. Democrats run a coup on the Government for a take over. Any place in the world this happens the world marks them as Terrorist. Democrats are All Domestic Terrorist that hate America

  3. This is the primary item that causes me to see red currently. It shows that the Demon-O-Cratic party will do whatever they feel they can get away with regardless of any evidence of wrongdoing and corruption. Richer is bought and paid for.
    Steven Richer, the Democrat in Republican clothing has stopped Lake from examining the mail-in ballots to see if the signature on the mail-in ballot envelope matches the one on their registration.

  4. It is nice to be powerful, needed and admired; but what good is any of this is you gain a front row seat by deception?
    Democrats are now the most hated “sect” of people in the nation now. Just look what their ideology has wrought…
    Gays storming our streets in disgusting outfits under the umbrella of first amendement rights…but you and your young children have to witness their ribald behavior.
    Mentally deranged people that cannot accept what gender they are are gaining protection from the democrat government and can SUE you if you don’t play their insane game.
    The borders are not just open but the democrats are offering freebies to those illegals that cross it.
    China is not only a criminal nation but the democrats are in bed with them…especially the Bidens.
    All of this mental insanity cannot stand if we are to remain one nation under God.
    I would think God might be fed up with all this repugnant behavior and has kicked us from his hand of protection and blessings just like the democrats did to him in all our public buildings and forums and society in general…

  5. Dear Kari. Push, push, push! Please do not give up. It looks like you might have them by the neck BUT they will obviously do anything to obfuscate the progress of your case. Remeber what Ghandi said:

    First they ignore you
    then they ridicule you
    then they fight you
    then you win-

  6. The democRATs are lawless criminals. The have infected our education system and the justice system. There is nothing like a fair election or trial in the future. I hope all you stupid democRAT voters are happy. You have destroyed the greatest free country on earth.

  7. It is beyond obvious that the AZ 2022 elections were stolen. It is important to keep track of names at this point. The names of Judges, attorneys, pundits, politicians and anyone fighting against finding the truth must be logged. Starting with the faux Governor, Katie Hobbs and faux AG Fontes, indictments and convictions must send a message throughout the country that election fraud will get you a prison sentence. It appears the pendulum has started to swing to the right.

  8. The scrotum-less republicans do nothing. They had two years to bring this to light – nothing! Will another two years go by? Most defiantly!

  9. Officials need to arrest everyone involved in the ordering and printing of the 19″ ballots for Maricopa County. Kep them separated and start with the small “rats”. Start asking questions. Let them know they will go to prison for the next 10 years and pay a 6-figure fine OR they can turn state’s evidence.

    Before you know, the same names will keep popping up. These will be the people who should be hanged in the center of Maricopa County with a sign over them reading “They tried to cheat the people out of a Free & Fair Election. NO ONE is above the law.” I guarantee there won’t be ANY PROBLEMS with the next election cycle.

  10. When any party controls the election process, does the counting, makes the rules, buys the tabulation machines and controls them, one must remember the old adage that its not how many ballots are cast for any particular person, its who counts the ballots that is the controlling factor. The way the Democrats have designed and are in control of all balloting now days will result in them never losing another election, no matter if every person in an area voted for another party, they lose and the Democrat wins by a landslide.

  11. Again, Steven Ahle, covers the corruption of our day. He is a true American hero.

  12. The printers being reprogrammed should be enough for a re-election. Richer even testified that they were changed on election day. Whoever reprogrammed the printers should be hung for treason.

  13. Democracy in Arizona is not the rule of the people, but the rule of plutocrats.

  14. I was once injured at work-driectly from my former long time employer. They denied I was even injured and before I was even home from the hospital-a week, they files with Workers Comp to ‘deny’ me benefits.. Of course, I hired a great Workers Comp Atty who battled THREE YEARS before I FINALLY got a trial date. THEN the other side settled. My Atty told me ‘They were just waiting for you to die.. because the case would just end..’ ( it was a heart injury ) and this is exactly whats happening to Kari Lake. Like me? She’s been thrown under the bus ( by her own party ) who are just waiting for her to ‘roll over ) and give up…. The Republican party SUCKS! I’m now an ‘Independent!

  15. Weatherman are wrong 90% of the time and keep their jobs. They are the only one’s I know of thought that can do that. Except for biden of course.

  16. I want to see someone hang for this. This crap has been going on Way too long. This was deliberate sabotage and whoever implemented it should hang. Unless we start taking back our country. This is the way of the future.

  17. I hope that one day soon the people that are supposed to represent the voters/citizens of this Country will stand up and do the job that they were elected or hired to do. Has the electorate become so corrupt that they think that sole Democrat rule is desirable? Look around and see what has become of this great nation under Biden and have no doubts that he too is pawn. illegally elected by the corrupt Democrat Party, that is doing the will of BHO and his cohorts.

  18. It’s embarrassing to call most dims citizens of the US. They for the most part are a group of godless, lawless, no-moral creatures that would rather stand up for some trannie pervert wanting to shove their perversions on kids than do something good for the country. The day the woke dims are wiped out is coming and they know it so they are making their push stronger to get as many trannies and fags into office as they can. We need to stop that from happening to get America back on track.

  19. As long as America permits Democrats to cheat every time there is an election, Democrats will cheat every time there is an election.

  20. As more and more election fraud and other criminal acts gets exposed,we the people must realize that we are dealing with pure un adultered evil in Democrats /Communists.AZ Democrat Elite also works with the cartels and have a very “interesting” criminal setup with them.As always ,follow the money when it comes to Democrats

  21. What dam difference does it make, the Liberal Democrats could gun down 50 people in plain site and get away with it scott free !!!!! What’s the use, they really are above the law !!!!!! The ONLY WAY to stop this stupidity is to totally ELEMINATE every dam one of them, from top to bottom !!!!!! You can’t compromise with CANCER !!!!!!

  22. Time for citizens to do what is necessary under the circumstances according to the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. In every state, not just Arizona. Peaceful resolutions and talk have proven zero results in resolving the tragedies of justice committed in the election system, by criminal leftist enemies of the US Constitution, the USA, and the people, They have illegally infiltrated the government and systems to thwart due process, the election system, and corrupted many facets of government and the military in actions against the will of the people. Time to take back the country by force even if it requires eliminating every leftist enemy. And yes, it’s now up to the people to take the law into their own hands to serve justice.

  23. I keep reading this election was a scam yet not a damn thing is being done about it!!! What a sad world we live in!!! You can’t even vote in this country without doubting someone’s not cheating!!!!

  24. In the end with all the corruption from Democrats and a very corrupt judicial. If the people want justice they need to tell the court they will be checking the vote or electing a new government and just ignore the old! And the Sheriff needs to arrest all who stand in the way of checking the peoples vote! If they have nothing to hide they would not be standing in the way but demanding we all check what they did!

  25. TWO, and only TWO issues remain unanswered.

    What are the penalties for the various ELECTION FRAUD CRIMES?

    What are the minimum and maximum for each violation?

    wait… there seems to be a 3rd.

    What are the likelihoods of any charges being filed or tried if the violators are democrat?

  26. I remember Chuck Schumer saying! ( IF DEMOCRATS HAD NOTHING TO HIDE. THEY WOULD BE DEMANDING A FULL FAIR AND VERY PUBLIC INVESTIGATION! ) So just why is the Democrat so afraid of anybody checking what they did??????? They must have plenty to hide! According to Chuck Schumer!!!!!!!

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