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Key Defense Witness Changes His Testimony After Talking to DOJ in January 6 Trial of Ronald McAbee

A defense witness in Sheriff McAbee’s trial on January 6th altered their account of the events after consulting with the Department of Justice, as revealed yesterday.

Former Williamson County Sheriff’s Office deputy-in-training Ronald Colton McAbee was convicted of five felonies in a Washington DC court yesterday for his activities on that day.

Despite the abundance of exonerating evidence and video that proved McAbee’s innocence, the D.C. jury still found him guilty of assaulting Officer Andrew Wayte from the Metropolitan Police Force.

Footage from a body cam showed McAbee attempting to help Officer Wayte up, yet he took the stand and testified that he believed McAbee was trying to hurt him–ignoring his own words of gratitude on the audio recording.

This appears to be an example of bias among jurors in the District of Columbia who were willing to overlook obvious proof of innocence in order to secure a conviction for January 6th related offenses.

As a result, Officer Wayte may receive a promotion as have many other officers involved with this event, despite their testimony being contrary to audio/video recordings at hand.

It is heartbreaking that another innocent man has been sentenced due to false claims made by police officers who should have acted with integrity and honesty on behalf of justice.

“Sheriff McAbee was the only cop doing his job that day even though he was off duty,” said January 6th video analyst Gary McBride of M5 News. “The Metropolitan Police and Capitol Police let Boyland lay unconscious and refused to help her. McAbee is a hero.”

Please see this video below of McAbee saving Officer Wayte. Scroll to 3:40 in the video. (This footage was originally found by January 6th video expert Gary McBride, who has analyzed thousands of hours of footage to help January 6th defendants in their trials. Please help McBride HERE as he fundraises to continue his important work as an independent January 6th video analyst.)

Officer Steven Sajumon was called by the defense as a witness due to his body camera capturing footage of Sheriff McAbee attempting to assist Officer Wayte and Rosanne Boyland.

Initially, he communicated to prosecutors on a phone call that he remembered this incident occurred. However, when he took the stand for his testimony, it deviated from what he originally said; instead of testifying that McAbee was assisting officers at the scene, Sajumon stated that McAbee “was interfering with officers by his presence”.

Furthermore, Lila Morris (the cop seen brutally beating an unconscious Rosanne Boyland with a stick) did not testify and neither the prosecution nor defense made any mention of this particular act during their respective arguments.

This information was uncovered by video analyst Gary McBride in the form of video evidence.


“You would think the leftist bias D.C. jury would sympathize with a man who tried to help a woman who was a victim of deadly police brutality,” said Tina Ryan of Citizens Against Political Persecution. “But Rosanne Boyland was white and a Trump Supporter. So to most far-leftists, she does not qualify for their sympathy and neither does the man who tried to save her.”

“Injustice comes with a heavy cost, and today, we witnessed it firsthand as Colton was convicted by a jury that was not of his peers – a jury biased as they are named ‘victims’ of January,” said his wife Sarah McAbee. “This happened despite overwhelming evidence of his innocence,Despite the prosecution admitting he was assisting the officers around him, and despite the evidence of Rosanne Boyland being beaten by Metropolitan Police Officer Lila Morris, with Colton trying to save her, only to tragically lose her life.”

Pray for Sheriff McAbee and his family.

“And remember, even in the hardest of times, in the end GOD WINS.”

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  1. This is why we need a repub president with some balls to pardon every last one of those people falsely convicted on Jan 6th.

  2. No wonder the American people are so afraid of doing what is right with what all the January 6 people have been facing: coerced testimony forced by leftist legal individuals; jail without bail; no indictment but still jailed for years; inhumane conditions while incarcerated; juries that are selected for their left wing stance. Sounds like something a third world county actually does. Is that what the progressive leftist Democraps and deep state call good for this country? Corrupt judges and district attorneys? Questionable election results? Weak management of this country by unknowledgeable individuals? Propaganda in schools instead of real education like reading, writing, math, history and science? This country is doomed if we don’t reclaim it.

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