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Kim Jong Un Sets His Defense Industry on a War Footing: Steps up Nuclear Capabilities for a Confrontation With the US

Who is afraid of Joe Biden? Apparently, only the Democratic Party. Even little tin gods such as Kim Jong un feel like they can push him around. It helps that North Korea’s closest ally, China, owns Joe Biden lock, stock, and barrel. If Biden attacks North Korea, Xi could quit funding the communist American president. That would mean Joe would have to cut back to only 30 or 35 vacations a year. And Hunter would have trouble maintaining his drug quota.

President Trump was able to bring about a dialog with the North Korean dictator while Joe Biden, the war hawk, attempts to get a five front war going. That will be tough since Biden has given hundreds of billions in weapons to the Taliban and Ukraine. I seem to remember when Democrats made the claim that a vote for Trump was a vote for war. Yet, he was the author of the Abraham accords and is the only president in modern times not to start a war.

Newsweek reported:

“Pyongyang’s military and defense sectors will ‘further accelerate war preparations’ in the face of ‘unprecedented anti-DPRK [North Korea] confrontation maneuvers of the U.S. and its vassal forces’, North Korea’s state media reported on Thursday.

Long-simmering tensions between North Korea and its southern neighbor South Korea, a firm U.S. ally, have been stoked throughout this year by a raft of North Korean missile tests and bellicose announcements. South Korea and Japan have expressed grave concerns about North Korea’s military activity, calling Pyongyang’s actions a severe threat to their national security and turning to the U.S. for support—something that has angered North Korea.”

North Korea’s nuclear capability could have been caused during the time they were supplying missiles to Russia and in exchange, Russia may have been supplying Kim with nuclear technology.

From The Gateway Pundit

Whether or not this has to do with technological help from the Russians, who reportedly bought 10 million North Korean artillery shells to use in Ukraine, the fact is that Kim is flexing his nuclear muscles in ever more threatening ways.

North Korea recently launched a long-range intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) that is capable of reaching American territory.

North Korea launched its Hwasong-18 missile ‘to judge its readiness for a confrontation’ with the US.

“A spokesperson for North Korea’s Defense Ministry said on December 17 that Washington and Seoul ‘are going to finish the end of the year with a preview of a nuclear war’. Parte inferior do formulário

The ‘grave political and military situation’ on and around the Korean peninsula ‘has reached its limit’, the secretive country’s leader, Kim Jong Un, said in readouts published by Pyongyang on Thursday.”

“‘Clear is the intention of the U.S. which dispatched the nuclear-powered submarine Missouri to the Korean peninsula as soon as it hatched a dangerous plot for a nuclear war in Washington’, North Korea’s Defense Ministry said. This ‘critical situation’ was pushing Pyongyang towards ‘more offensive’ actions, it added.”

The U.S., Japan, and South Korea activated a ‘real-time data sharing mechanism’ to monitor North Korea’s missile activity.

“In late November, North Korea launched its first military reconnaissance satellite, which the North Korean leader heralded as a ‘new era of space power’. The United Nations slammed the launch as using banned ballistic missile technology.”

South Korea increased surveillance along the border, and suspended an agreement on border tensions, followed by Pyongyang fully scrapping the agreement.




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