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Lawmakers Send Bill Targeting ‘Rogue’ Prosecutors To Texas Governor’s Desk

How do you deal with Soros-funded DA’s? Texas has the answer in the latest bill they passed. Any DA who does not uphold the state laws of Texas can be brought before a judge and if they are found guilty, they are removed immediately and Gov. Abbott picks a replacement until the next election. Democrats are crying that it undermines the elections.

This is from the party that impeached Trump twice and tried to get Greene and Boebbert removed from the House. They are currently trying to impeach Ken Paxton.

HB 17 gives courts the ability to remove a district attorney (DA) for failing to:

“Prosecute a class or type of criminal offense under state law or instructing law enforcement to refuse to arrest individuals suspected of committing a class or type of offense under state law.”

The bill passed in the Senate by a count of 20 to 11. Currently, the legislature cannot remove or impeach a DA who refuses to prosecute crimes as prescribed by the legislature, bu7t under the new law, they can bring them to trial and a judge decides if they are negligent in their duties.

Huffman’s bill would likely target prosecutors who decline to go after election fraud or abortion-related offenses. After SCOTUS ruled on  Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization eighty-eight prosecutors across the country said they would not enforce the law, including five in Texas. Under Texas law, if you perform an abortion for any reason except to save the mother’s life, you have committed a felony.

From The Daily Caller

Critics of the bill argued that the new bill would take away prosecutors’ ability to maintain discretion over their caseload, but Huffman said that certain prosecutors have let political reasons decide for them, according to The Texas Tribune.

Huffman pointed to Dallas County District Attorney John Creuzot, who announced in 2019 that he would no longer be prosecuting thefts under $750 but later rescinded the directive after winning reelection, as a prime example of how politics could impede due process, according to The Texas Tribune. Creuzot was also among the 88 prosecutors who signed the statement following the Dobbs decision.

Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida, who also recently announced his 2024 presidential run, made similar moves last year by suspending sitting Tampa prosecutor Andrew Warren in August after he pledged not to prosecute individuals who obtain an abortion illegally or doctors for performing gender transition medical procedures.

Abbott and Huffman did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.




7 Responses

  1. ask Ron DeSantis how that worked out for him in Tampa fl. the d.a. said he would not prosecute some law. DeSantis removed him. the d.a. took it to court. appears that Soros is very powerful, or at least his money is.

  2. How about if the DA’s don’t prosecute crimes like their job says. The Constitution says the DA’s have rendered their offices NULL and VOID, and a special election is to take place to replace the DA.

    It says it right there in the Constitution, Why are we NOT having special election to replace these DA’s.

  3. Soros and his family members should be greatly limitedt9 the amount hey can conribute to a political candidate.

  4. Soros and his family should have limits placed on the amount they are permitted to contribute to political candidates. The amounts they have contributed are outrageous.

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