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Lead Detective in Daniel Perry Case Accuses Soros-Backed DA of Criminal Activity

If a prosecutor does not hand over one piece of exculpatory evidence to the defense, the trial could be stopped and the charges dropped. In the case of Daniel Perry the Soros-backed DA withheld over 100 pages of exculpatory evidence. That is so far worse than a normal Brady Act violation that the DA should be facing prison time. Pe4rry accidently drove into a BLM riot and when a rioter aimed an AK-47 at him, he shot and killed the man. That is self-defense.

The lead detective in the case, David Fugitt wrote that District Attorney Joze Garza and his office had him remove 100 pages of exculpatory evidence and as a result, Perry was convicted and sent to prison. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has applied for permission to grant Perry a pardon because there is no way he should have been found guilty. The DA’s office had him shorten his presentation of 158 slides to 56 slides. Fugitt added that it was probably criminal behavior.

From The Gateway Pundit

The Soros-funded DA ordered the detective to delete over 100 pages of evidence and hide this from the jury.

Jose Garza should be disbarred for this criminal conduct and brought up on charges.

On Saturday Texas Governor Gregg Abbott announced he will pardon Daniel Perry.


 A homicide investigator with the Austin Police Department has accused the Travis County District Attorney of forcing him to alter his testimony to a grand jury in the case against a man accused of shooting and killing an Austin protester.

In a sworn affidavit, Detective David Fugitt wrote, “I firmly believe the District Attorney’s Office, acting under the authority of José P. Garza, tampered with me as a witness.” However, a district judge reviewing these claims said he didn’t see any behavior in this case rising to the level of criminal conduct by the D.A.

Fugitt’s affidavit was filed as a part of a motion by the defense counsel for Sgt. Daniel Perry — an active duty soldier indicted for murder and deadly conduct for the 2020 shooting death of Garrett Foster. Perry’s defense has asked the judge to dismiss the indictment handed down by a Travis County grand jury earlier this summer.

According to police at the time of the incident, Perry was driving a car in downtown Austin during a Black Lives Matter protest. Police say he turned into a group of protesters when Foster and other protesters surrounded the car. Foster was armed with an assault-style weapon. Police say the driver fired from inside the car, hitting Foster multiple times, but Foster did not fire his weapon.



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