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LEAK: Judge to Seek More Than a Dozen Indictments Against Trump

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is reportedly planning to present evidence from her investigation into President Trump’s attempts to challenge the 2020 election results to a grand jury next week.

Reports suggest that these indictments will include multiple counts of conspiracy and racketeering against Trump and potentially other defendants.

If successful, this could have far-reaching implications for the Republican Party, with many within its leadership remaining largely silent in response.

CNN reported:

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is expected to seek more than a dozen indictments when she presents her case regarding efforts by Donald Trump and his allies to overturn the 2020 presidential election results in Georgia before a grand jury next week, sources familiar with the matter told CNN.

Willis, a Democrat, has been eyeing conspiracy and racketeering charges, which would allow her to bring a case against multiple defendants. Her wide-ranging criminal probe focuses on efforts to pressure election officials, the plot to put forward fake electors and a voting systems breach in rural Coffee County, Georgia.

The news of Fulton County prosecutors preparing to bring sprawling racketeering charges against former President Donald Trump has been met with a mixture of shock, outrage, and confusion.

The indictment is based on an investigation sparked by the recently leaked audio recording of a phone call between President Trump and Georgia officials—one which has already been debunked by The Gateway Pundit and other outlets as being doctored or otherwise inaccurate.

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Despite the questionable evidence upon which these charges are founded, District Attorney Fani Willis’ team is reportedly still pursuing this indictment on two “qualifying” crimes: influencing witnesses and computer trespass.

The first charge pertains to the conversation between Trump and Secretary Brad Raffensperger; while the latter stems from an attempt to access Dominion Voting Systems machines in Coffee County.

This will be the fourth time that Donald Trump has faced indictment since leaving office—a fact that speaks volumes about how little Joe Biden and his Democratic allies have accomplished during their time in power.

In lieu of launching any substantive policy initiatives or enacting meaningful reforms, it appears that they are instead resorting to prosecutorial tactics reminiscent of those employed by Joseph Stalin to silence their opponents.




2 Responses

  1. You lost me at the lede. Your headline writer obviously doesn’t understand that a district attorney is NOT a judge. How is any reader supposed to have confidence in the content of an article when the writers show such incompetence?

    Please do better.

  2. From reading these so called major crimes they keep talking about have yet to materialize. They are using outdated laws and laws used against Maifa members but have yet to go after President Trump on those charges the Media shouts about at every chance they get. Insurrection has been dropped because that never happened. A Riot was at best Extremely Peaceful when you look at the Nationwide Riots, Arson’s and Lootings that took place for months after George Floyd death. Somehow every single Liberal Democrat was in perfect Lock Step calling those Riots, Lootings,Arsons and Police Officers being killed and injured. So if those were Peaceful then January 6th was a Kindergarten picnic.

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