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Leonardo DiCaprio Busted Again. The “king of climate catastrophizing,” Caught Cheating

Leonardo DiCaprio is as well known for his acting career as his climate activism, having given speeches at climate conventions, donated millions to environmental organizations, and pledged to fund climate education programs.

On the surface, it appears that he is serious about the so-called “climate crisis”. But when it comes to his personal lifestyle, it seems DiCaprio thinks he deserves an exemption. recently released an article titled “La Dolce Vita in Italy: For visits to the countryside for lunch, dinner or disco, ‘climate activist’ Leonardo DiCaprio likes to take the helicopter from his luxury yacht”.

It turns out that not only does DiCaprio own a helicopter and a yacht but also uses them to travel short distances for dining experiences in Italy – burning fuel along the way.

Dave Rubin laughs as he notes how he could get on a dinghy instead but instead opts for the more luxurious option. Rubin states that Hollywood bigwigs are all liars who claim one thing while doing another entirely different thing in their personal lives – seemingly being exempt from their own rules they set for everyone else.

While Leonardo DiCaprio is very vocal about protecting our environment through various speeches and donations he makes – it appears that when it comes down to everyday life choices he makes exceptions for himself while expecting everyone else to abide by what he preaches without question or critique.

People should be allowed freedom without judgment but holding public figures with great influence accountable.

In 2022, Fox News pointed out:

Leonardo DiCaprio traveled across the world on gas-guzzling private jets and embarked on long yacht trips while his foundation quietly funded climate change lawsuits levied against Big Oil.

DiCaprio, a famous actor and climate activist, has embarked on multiple fossil fuel-powered trips over the last several years while pushing for extreme measures to combat climate change, according to multiple reports. The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, which the actor founded in the late 1990s, awarded grants to a fund that in turn backed a private law firm’s efforts to hold oil companies liable for climate change.

“I’m not surprised,” Steve Milloy, a former energy official on the Trump administration’s transition team, told Fox News Digital. “There’s this whole left-wing dark money network. That money comes from someplace and these guys — high profile, wealthy lefties — are funding it.”

“There’s not a single climate activist who is not a complete hypocrite about all this,” Milloy added. “Everything they do is just total hypocrisy. I would say they have no self awareness, but they just don’t care. All this is really meant to control us, not for them to control themselves.”

DiCaprio’s past fuel-powered travels included six roundtrip trips on private jets over the course of just six weeks in 2014. Sony Pictures Studios arranged for DiCaprio to take a private jet from California to New York during the period between April and May 2014, according to internal Sony emails published by WikiLeaks in 2015.

The United Nations appointed DiCaprio as a “messenger of peace” for his work on climate change in 2014.




18 Responses

  1. Just another indoctrinated climate clown who thinks he’s intelligent. I’ll take NASA’s advice over any of these clowns.

  2. Anyone who believes we little tiny humans can change anything on this planet is a complete FOOL. What is in control of this climate we have is that BIG RED/YELLOW ball in the sky we call the SUN. We are lucky this planet does not either get too close to the Big Ball and we all burn up, or get just a little too far away and we freeze to death. God made this place for us and he is in control of it. And the way the earth rotates around the sun is not always perfectly the same every single year. And nothing we do can change that. This climate BS is nothing but a way our GOVERNMENTS use to steal your money and claim they are going to save us and the planet. This place will be here as long as we are supposed to be here according to Gods Plan. Not what we do. I love Gas and oil and god put it here for us to use as we need it. Otherwise we go back to Walking, No Air Conditioning, No Cooking because if you think we can all go back to cooking with wood how long til there will be no trees left. Because without electricity the only thing you would have to heat your home would be TREES you IDIOTS. Gas and oil are the cleanest fuels we have besides NUKES. And they are not building any here in the United States. And believe it or not the ones we currently have are working great. Have you even heard anything about them lately? NO! because they work great and they will not tell you that, because it defeats their AGENDA.

    1. God bless you and your right on the dime common sense answer! This is GOD’S CREATION GOD’S PEOPLE GOD’S PLAN WITH HIS SON JESUS CHRIST AS OUR LORD AND SAVIOR AMEN! The other clowns are in it and always have been for the buck! Their ignorance is beyond comprehensive especially when they run the BS line do to their line of All Gore work they need 1st class travel but John Q Public ain’t buying it the real people who run & pay the tab to keep GOD’S CREATION RUNNING!

  3. Just one more example of how we are being snowed when it comes to the fake man made climate change hoax.

  4. What an a$$hole, they all do the same thing just take a look at John Kerry, AL Gore, Bill Gates, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, killery Clinton, Alexandria Acosio cotex, and all the rest of those Communist Democrats.
    Liars, manipulators, hoaxers and thieves.

  5. This once a kid Hollywood actor turned into a punk, globalist elite, and evil bastard!

    He can stick his head where the sun never shines; the rotten ingrate!

  6. AAAHHhahahahahahahahaahahahahahah, choke, cough, gag, fart, burp, ahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  7. A yacht like that doesn’t have dingies, it has speedboats or powerboats/launches. But how can you flaunt your wealth from a small boat? They always need to make a high-visibility entrance so people will “know” they are important.

  8. Hollywood bigwigs are all liars. I have no animus against DiCaprio or any of the other empty headed hypocrites that have no idea what climate change, greenhouse gas or any of the other buzz words mean. By donating a few dollars “for the cause” and making noise about something they are completely ignorant these clowns and thousands like them get their daily ‘feel good’!!

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