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Liberal Law Professor Jonathan Turley: ‘Enormous Amount Of Evidence’ Of Joe Biden’s Involvement in Hunter’s Business Deals

Fox News legal analyst Jonathan Turley has stated that the evidence that Joe Biden at least aided Hunter in his business dealings and that the evidence is unsurmountable.

He says this alone justifies impeachment inquiries by the GOP House members. You can bet your last dollar that the Democrats will do everything they can to protect Joe with everything at their disposal, including lying.

Turley appeared with Shannon Bream to discuss the ramifications of the inquiry. Democrats claim there is no evidence that Joe aided Hunter.

Turley took Umbridge at that suggestion and he provided several pieces of evidence that impeaches statements made by Joe and his worried allies in the government and in the press.

Turley said:

“It’s simply not true. I mean, there’s been an enormous amount of evidence put together by the House committees – millions of dollars that have gone through a labyrinth of different accounts and shell companies to Biden family members.”

“There are Biden associates, who said that what the president has said publicly is nonsense, that he did know about this influence peddling. And most people agree that this is influence peddling. This is corruption.”

Turley went on to note that it is not necessary to show that any of the money went to Joe, because any money made by Hunter and James Biden or any of Joe’s other relatives profited by Joe’s support in the questionable business deals.

More from Turley:

“But I have to correct one notion that is being bantered about and that is that you have to really show that money went directly to the president. That’s not the standard that in federal cases involving bribery and other crimes, giving money to a principal’s family members is in fact a benefit under federal law. Otherwise, everyone would just give money to family members and say it’s not a bribe, it’s not impeachable.”

“And by the way, it is impeachable. I was lead counsel in the last traditional impeachment trial, my client was impeached because benefits were given to a judge’s family member. So many of these congressmen repeating this argument voted on that impeachment and said, it is impeachable.”

The House passed a resolution 221-212 to open an inquiry into Joe Biden for the purpose of possible impeachment actions against Joe Biden on  Dec. 13. Upon it’s passage Speaker of the House Mike Johnson was joined by Republicans Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise, Minnesota Rep. Tom Emmer, and New York Rep. Elise Stefanik for a joint statement.

From The Daily Caller

Fox News legal analyst Jonathan Turley stated Sunday that President Joe Biden’s connection to his son, Hunter Biden’s, “corruption” is cause for impeachment given the “enormous amount of evidence.”

Turley appeared on “Fox News Sunday” to discuss the process for the president following the House’s recent resolution to launch an impeachment inquiry. Fox Host Shannon Bream asked the legal analyst about his thoughts on those who claim that there is no “smoking gun” evidence on Biden.

The four Republicans stated that not only did the House take a “critical step” into the investigation regarding Biden’s involvement in his family’s foreign affairs, but that “authorizing the inquiry puts us in the strongest position to enforce these subpoenas in court.”





5 Responses

  1. It seems as though there is little attention to answering the one question that would nail buyden’s dessicated hide to the wall. What did all these foreign actors get for their money?
    Show the bribe and link it to some action linked to Senator biden, VP biden, the obama administration, the biden administration. Do that and it’s game over.

    1. There is something that Biden bragged about He said he held up the 2 billion in aid to Ukraine unless they got rid of the AG investigating the Biden What Biden say was he and Hunter both received 5 million each They have tapes talking about that So I think Biden will not be able to lie or bullshit is way through the way he has always done in the past They will impeach him and now what will the Senate do You have to keep people like Dick Durbin Mitt Romney or Cory Booker Bother Durbin and Booker are very near 100% biased Booker by the time he finishes his whatever he mumbles out 99% biased Romney is so jealous of Trump that he would do anything to keep his fight going against Trump I know there is a lot of evidence I want to know about the treasonous acts he has done and is still doing Don’t you find it strange that 3 of the 4 places that were marked confidential They were stolen They were not supposed to leave the area with them The CCP has made big donations to those 3 and I think they can proved that a good portion of the money filtered back to Biden So you never know how it will come out I know what should happen and then arrest him for treason in a military court He is responsible for all military So he should go to trial in a military court at Camp Pendleton Marine Base They just happen to have a prison there as well

  2. “Turley went on to note that it is not necessary to show that any of the money went to Joe, because any money made by Hunter and James Biden or any of Joe’s other relatives profited by Joe’s support in the questionable business deals.”

    I am very happy to see Turley point this out. The Democrats have been up to their old game of moving the goalposts by lying and deceiving again. This is the definition of the crime of bribery.

    “The act of promising, giving, receiving, or agreeing to receive money or some other item of value with the corrupt aim of influencing a public official in the discharge of his official duties. When money has been offered or promised in exchange for a corrupt act, the official involved need not actually accomplish that act for the offense of bribery to be complete.”

    Note the repeated use of the term “or”. Joe Biden is guilty of bribery on several of these points, any one of which makes him guilty of bribery. It is not necessary to prove that he did all of the above.

    The U. S. Constitution REQUIRES anyone who has committed the crime of bribery to be impeached and forever removed from office. This is each member of Congress’ sworn duty.

  3. I wish it was not but, this is all a waste of time. The election is less than a year away and the RePUSSYcans will not play hard ball. They should storm every person who has any involvement and have cameras filming everyone they arrest. Just like Pelosi did and how she staged the J6 protest. The Dems have lied to the world about Trump for what 9 or ten years now. And it has all been the DEMS. doing everything they accuse Trump and his family of doing. They scream everyday about how bad a man Trump is but the truth is it is The Biden Family who are the REAL TRAITORS to America.

  4. The tickler for this was misleading. There is nothing in the article that says there are democrats who admit there is a good reason for the inquiry. ONLY Turley, a law prof, who is most likely a Marxist. ANY and all Democrats who will say they see a good reason for impeachment investigation are lying, (as always) in order to give the impression of support, so that they can pull it away as it comes closer. Typical manipulation. The dumb ass Republicans will fall for it as always. In the end, those “supporters” (jock straps) will laugh at them and give them the finger. And the dumb Republicans and Rino’s will deserve it.

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