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Liberals Against Charges of Domestic Terrorism Now That Antifa is the Target

Liberalism thrives in darkness. They were fine in labeling peaceful protesters as domestic terrorists at the Capitol on January 6th. They were overjoyed in calling parents who did not want pornographic materials for their children domestic terrorists. They cheered as pro-lifers were named domestic terrorists. But, they absolutely hit the roof once the domestic terrorist label is placed on rioting antifa members. They cannot understand why burning cars and businesses and attacking the police with bricks could possibly be depicted as domestic terrorism.

From NBC News:

Arrests in Atlanta ‘Cop City’ protests raise concerns over domestic terrorism charges

The decision by prosecutors to pursue domestic terrorism charges against opponents of a police training center outside Atlanta is drawing criticism, with some legal experts saying it’s a potentially dangerous overreach that could be viewed as politically motivated.

More than a dozen people have been charged with domestic terrorism in connection with the protests, including seven people after a Jan. 18 confrontation with police who were trying to clear the proposed site of the center, dubbed “Cop City” by critics.

One man was fatally shot by police in the confrontation after he opened fire and wounded a state trooper, authorities said. In protests that followed the killing and the police sweeps, six people were arrested and charged with domestic terrorism.

In December, the same charges were filed against five people after law enforcement moved in to clear barricades and confront protesters.

Critics of domestic terrorism laws, including some civil rights groups, oppose them “because of the risk of politicization, because they can be used against politically disfavored groups by the government,” Patrick Keenan, a professor of law at the University of Illinois, said.

Remember the summer of 2020 when antifa and BLM ran wild? Looting and burning businesses? Attacking innocent people? Pulling drivers out of their cars and beating them? Why wasn’t that domestic terrorism? Because they may be thugs, but they are the Democrats’ thugs. Two billion in damages is not terrorism as long as they have the right ideology.

Over a dozen people associated with the Atlanta riots have been charged with domestic terrorism. But, guess what. You can bet your last dollar that in the future there will likely be less rioting. It’s one thing to rot in Portland, where the terrorists own Mayor Ted Wheeler, but it is an entirely different matter to do the same things in Atlanta. Let’s hope that the DAs don’t get cold feet and plea bargain down the charges or dismiss them completely.

Chris Queen of PJ Media notes the double standard:

Take a look at the way the federal government has treated those who entered the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. While it’s true that there were some people involved in the J6 riots who had nefarious intent to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power, the vast majority of those who walked into the Capitol that day were innocent people who found themselves swept along in the excitement of the day. Most of them were peaceful and certainly not violent extremists, insurrectionists, or domestic terrorists.

Consider the Department of Justice under Attorney General Merrick Garland. Garland and his federal law enforcement apparatus have sought to go after parents who disagree with leftist indoctrination in their kids’ school curriculum and targeted pro-life protesters and activists.




8 Responses

  1. I agree with this article 100%. Those thugs who burned,attacked and killed others should be brought up on D T charges!

  2. One thing that people have to remember is that there is no Democratic party anymore. There is the name but no Democratic party. The communist or socialist however you label them ,took over the Democratic party. The only democrats thar are still in the party are the brain dead ” my grandparents were democrats my parents were democrats so I’m a democrat ” I say brain dead because if you ask most of them why they support the people they do they can’t give a reason that is not political rhetoric.

    1. Correct…and the commie invasion of that party started in 1952 and has been escalated by idiots of said party.

      1. Actually, the commie invasion of ALL parts of our government (most blatant with the democrat party) began with our school systems in the early 1900s.

      2. No, it started in the 1920s, in fact, shortly after the Bolshevik revolution Russia, as the ideology was spreading across the world at large. It only got attacked here in the early ’50s when Joe McCarthy sounded the alarm in Congress. Most ignored & marginalized him as a crackpot, back then, but the evidence no shows he was dead right. The infiltration via media & academia has destroyed our once great Republic, which has been unrecognizable since the ’90s…

  3. If you want to get down to FACTS, then Antifi has created huge damage and loss of life all over this country and the DNC members along with the MSM have encouraged it. In fact some of the DNC set up funds to bail these criminals out of jail, starting with the present VP. Law and order no longer exists in this country thanks to the two parties mentioned above.

  4. BLM and Antifa have shown their true colors to the American people.They are now known as a bunch of lawless thugs for all the destruction they have caused. Of course only blue states would let them get by with this. They try this in a red state and they will be arrested immediately.

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