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Liberals, Anti-Trump Republicans Propose Leaving Donald Trump Off 2024 Ballot

Conservatives are expressing concern over a proposal by some on the left and within the Republican party to use the Fourteenth Amendment to bar former President Donald Trump from running for president in 2024.

Proponents of this idea have pointed to its clause prohibiting ‘insurrectionists’ from holding public office, claiming that it should be applied to Mr. Trump as punishment for his involvement with the Capitol Hill riot in January.

Such an interpretation of the Amendment could open up a wide range of legal ramifications and set a dangerous precedent.

The theory has been put forward by conservative opponents of President Trump, such as Harvard professor Laurence Tribe and former Justice Department official Michael J. Luttig, who recently collaborated on an article published in The Atlantic defending the argument.

“The former president’s efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election, and the resulting attack on the U.S. Capitol, place him squarely within the ambit of the disqualification clause, and he is, therefore, ineligible to serve as president ever again,” they wrote.

Two law professors from the conservative Federalist Society, William Baude and Michael Stokes Paulsen, have recently argued in an article for the University of Pennsylvania Law Review that the ‘insurrection’ theory has merit.

Asa Hutchinson, a Republican candidate in the 2024 primary, also voiced his support for this idea during a CNN interview over the weekend.

There is a glaring issue with the current theory: Donald Trump has not been convicted or formally accused of insurrection in any of the four criminal cases he faces, including the case in Washington that is ostensibly about January 6th.

In this case, Trump faces charges of conspiring to “overturn” the 2020 election, however, prosecutor Jack Smith does not allege that Trump engaged in insurrection, sedition or any similar action.

“The reason” Trump wasn’t charged with incitement “is obvious,” conservative law professor Jonathan Turley wrote in a column.

“The evidence and constitutional standards would not have supported a charge of incitement or insurrection,” he wrote.

Turley dismissed the 14th Amendment theory as a “legal urban legend,” arguing there is nothing to clearly distinguish January 6th from previous efforts by Democrats to challenge election results.

“That leaves us with the argument that any effort to stop a constitutional process is akin to an insurrection or rebellion under the 14th Amendment. If that were the standard, any protests — including the anti-Trump protests and the certification challenges to electoral votes in 2016 — could also be cited as disqualifying,” he wrote.

Trump’s opponents have cause for concern: despite their unprecedented push to see him behind bars, Trump remains in contention with, or even ahead of, Biden in the polls.

A conviction would not necessarily preclude Trump from holding office; thus, a more drastic measure may be necessary if his adversaries are to prevent him from being re-elected.

Disqualifying Trump from the ballot would be the only way to ensure that the American people cannot ultimately decide to keep him as their president.

Imagine that? Letting the people choose their own leaders.

Democrats want to “save democracy” by having their political opponent jailed or even removed from the ballot altogether. This thuggish scheme must not succeed, or America as we know it is finished.

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25 Responses

  1. Republicans are playing with fire, maybe it’s what they want politicians do stupid things.

  2. Two impeachments, not guilty on both counts, J6 Committee can put forward some indictments for thes DOJ to consider charges, then the J6 Committee destroyed all the documents of witnesses statements, altered video recordings they used, to base their recommendations to charge him, not one of the J6 Political prisoners have been charged with insurrection, so why do they still insist there was any insurrection, one man cannot undertake any insurrection on his own, the Democrats have just realised this, so now decide to charge his lawyers and part of his government, but again this is not provable in anyway. All I can say about the Democrats is they are really frightened to death of what they believe he holds as evidence against them, that was the real reason for them to raid his home, they were trying to find this evidence so they could destroy it, as they do with anything they know will show they are all criminals!

    1. Ernie; I agree they are scared sheet-less, and think about what kind of severe guilty consciences most of these Democrats in office have! Dirty as sin, and their day will come! They’ve just been enjoying the money and power too long so got drunk by it like many emperors of the Roman Empire did, and like a drug they kept on taking it, so now they are going to hang themselves! Pay now or pay later, they must pay and will!

    1. John: If Trump is taken off the ballot, ALL conservatives (not necessarily the Republicans like the “rinos”) MUST write Trump in. Imagine 85 million conservative Write-Ins ! Voting would take longer across the Country, but it would be for a Make It Great Again cause.

      1. That is NOT a legitimate law. No state nor the federal government can prevent an individual from voting for whoever they want to; they have no right nor authority to force you to chose from their list of candidates. You should rally the people of NV (conservatives) to ALL write in Trump and when Nevada disqualifies your vote, file a class action lawsuit against the state of NV for violating your constitutional right.

  3. Democrats must be really paranoid if they believe unarmed patriots exercising their 1st Amendment right to protest and their right to petition the government for redress of grievances, is an insurrection. Or probably more likely, Democrats and establishment Republicans are LIARS.

    1. What needs to be done to save this country is to dismantle the corrupt and dangerous Democrat Party.

    2. Can anyone explain to why the Democrats and Republican Rino’s are so frightened of President Trump? Made me think when the raided his home looking for documents, but what documents is the question, because they already knew he had documents there, because he was talking to the archives department of the USA, now the question is, were these the real documents they wanted to find, or was it something else, like evidence they believe he may have, about the carrupsion he’s found while in the Oval Office. What make me believe this is correct, is the list of things they did to remove him from office, never happened before, but he was an outsider when it came to politics, this made them very uneasy right before he throw his hat in the ring, so the planning started, on way to stop him, with him being a billionaire, they knew they couldn’t bribe him, so they started the dirty games plans into motion, not was of the table, anybody that was in his inner circle, was a target no matter to whom they where. Now if could see what was really going on, did he start gathering evidence of criminalality of all politicians, no matter whom they were, he made a statement a few days ago, saying ‘ if you are coming after me, then I’m coming for you’ or words to that effect. President Trump know how to make and win deals, he know how to play the other side to his own benefit, I’ll stake my life savings on him coming out on top. The Democrats should have realised there’s a new kid on the block in DC, he keeps his cards very close to his chest, it he does have the evidence, he will have moved it out of the USA, leaving instructions if anything happens to him, it as to be put out on the internet, for the world to see, page by page with no redactions, every single word, he’ll have the last laugh at them, as this man is not as stupid as they think he is.

  4. I will also write him in if necessary because he is not guilty of anything and has never been charged or convicted of any of these charges and the ones bringing these charges are the ones that need to be charged for interfering with an election

  5. Democrats and RINOs are really panicking and are trying to pile up as much of horse manure on Trump as possible to smear him. Pelosi has planned this well. She deliberately selected the sham J6 committee and excluded Kevin McCarthy’s candidates from it. And it was made with a specific goal to assign the “insurrection” claim to Trump from the start. I agree with those here who suggest using a write in option if Democrats/RINOs will try to use whatever means to prevent Trump from being on the ballots, and the RNC must get their behinds up from their couches and start mass organizing the American Patriots all over the country to use the write in option.

    1. Absolutely correct! They keep going on about Trump is trying to stop voters from making their mark of choice, but have never been able to produce any evidence to back this up, all Trump as said, is all voters should have ID, to prove they have the right to vote. But with the Democrats and never Trumper’s in the Republican party, openly stating Trump should be left off the list of candidates to be the President of the USA, now if this is blatantly obvious that’s what they themselves, are actually doing, by taking their choices away, 78 million voted for him last time, that’s the number they said, so are they now going to disenfranchised those that wish to vote for President Trump, how can they explain this away, as they are doing themselves to what they have accused President Trump of doing, just for saying ID should be given when voting, what they are telling the African Americans is they think they are to stupid to get some form of ID, it’s just a slap in the face for the African Americans, they need to wake up and realise they hold all the political power in the USA, it’s so plainly in front of them, but being brainwashed for many generations, low education to keep them down in their place, so at election time they once again can fool them!!!

  6. The more they do to prevent Trump from running the more they make him the most likely to win. People are sick and tired of the government telling them what they can and can not do. It isn’t the government’s job to choose who we vote for but ours. Be assured, I WILL BE VOTING FOR TRUMP.

    1. I believe that all people of the Western world countries, should have a right to vote for the President of the USA, seeing he’s the leader of the Western world, we shouldn’t vote for other people in any other capacity, other than the Presidential race. Seeing the Democrats are trying for anybody that can cross the border should to be able to vote. It may just balance the books. I live in the UK, we have the same problems here as the USA, with illegal immigrants, everyone I know loves President Trump, not been able to find anybody that doesn’t like his form of politics, as he shoots from the hip, then bats away the flak afterwards, but he always comes out on top, sooner or later he’s proven to have been right, once again!!!

  7. Trump will get my vote one way or another. The shenanigan’s by the dem’s and rino’s to skew the vote should fail. The only way Trump doesn’t win is if they kill him or MY REAL WORRY is they suspend or eliminate the 2024 election’s. Those in power could “create” some sort of crisis to prevent that election or just plain do a communist coup and take over. Obozo laid the groundwork for this and had 8 illegitimate year’s to work on it, and hillary was supposed to complete it (except Trump foiled that). So biden was INSTALLED via a STOLEN ELECTION and continues the destruction of our country by whatever mean’s necessary. PRAY FOR TRUMP and AMERICA.

  8. There was no insurrection. Nancy Pelosi called it that and she never lies, right???
    There was no insurrection and the J6 committee destroyed all their evidence because it was proven that there was NO INSURRECTION. I was leaning toward voting for DeSantis but the dems and their holy crusade against Trump are rapidly changing my mind.

  9. There has been no lawful declaration that there was an insurrection or a rebellion. Nancy Pelosi did not have the authority to make that happen and any evidence that might have been used in that regard was destroyed illegally by the Jan 6 Select Committee at Nancy Pelosi’s direction. Therefore, there is no legal basis to keep Trump off any ballot.

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