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Liz Cheney and Her Merry Band of Democrats Deleted Video of Top Secret Service Official Robert Engel That Would Have Exonerated Trump

Investigative journalist Julie Kelly joined Steve Bannon today on The War Room. They discussed the illegal actions of Liz Cheney and the rest of Nancy Pelosi’s handpicked judge, jury, and executioners.

It’s time for some people to go to jail for obstruction of justice and destroying public records. While they are at it, they need to prosecute Cassie Hutchinson for the many lies she told the committee and Liz Cheney knew Hutchinson did not write that note because the author already took the credit. That means Cheney suborned perjury.


Julie Kelley: Jack Smith’s 45-page indictment against Donald Trump on four counts for January 6 is basically lifted right, from the January 6 select committee report.

I mean, you could go through it, and I think that I did as soon as the indictment was filed and compare that to what we heard in the January 6 hearings and also their final report that was issued in December of 2022. Jack Smith hasn’t done any heavy lifting.

Here he is cribbing all the work from the January 6 Select Committee. Which means it’s even more important that Mike Johnson and Republicans start their own January 6 select committee to investigate the other January 6 select committee.

Because if the predicate for this criminal indictment, for the Colorado Supreme Court, and others is based on the work of this committee, it is crucial that House Republicans expose the malfeasance of that committee, which is centered on, now, the destruction or concealment of evidence, and not just from the public, now from the defendant in Jack Smith’s January 6 indictment.

So this is so crucial. And we’ve been calling for this for months. I know that Representative Loudermilk said that his subcommittee would accelerate this investigation into the j six committee and other related issues for J6.

Steve Bannon: …The number one thing is find out about the destruction of evidence. Remember, there are over 1100 recorded depositions. I think only 200… About 200 they even at one time made available. So there’s eight or 900 hadn’t even seen… And I want to make sure when you talk about our guy here that that guy is the head of the secret service. Bobby Engel was the head of the secret service. He’s not just some security guy.

Julie Kelly: That’s correct. He was head of Donald Trump’s security.

Steve Bannon: Given Cassie Hutchinson’s bald face, perjury, and she should go to jail for a long time. That’s how important this is. You’re not going to be able to stand up there and lie about a guy in the middle of a fight for the control of the country, young lady. You’re not going to be able to change your testimony. We got it on tape. He’s the head of the Secret Service. How possibly can his deposition be missing, ma’am? How did that happen? How could that possibly be? Wouldn’t that be one you would have in the secret vault, that nothing could happen to it?

Julie Kelly: Yes. And furthermore, what’s more concerning to me, not only the transcript is missing, but all of his texts are missing, as are the text messages between top secret service officials, including the head of the secret service. Texts that were deleted at the end of January 2021. Even though they knew, the agency knew, and this is Department of Homeland Security. After Biden’s people took it over, purged, they said, of course, some cell device reset the texts belonging to 30 plus Secret Service officials are completely gone. Initially, the J six committee said that they were going to investigate, that they needed those text messages. Suddenly, the interest in that completely disappeared. Where are those messages? That’s something else that a house led J six committee could look into. We know that those texts are somewhere. We know the government has the capability of recovering them. How can all of them be missing including Bobby Engel’s texts and of course his transcript.





6 Responses

  1. Corruption is a way of life for Democrats Congress must investigate Jan 6 especially Polosi.

  2. This government is rotten to the core. How can they treat us as peons while they dine on caviar?

  3. She’s a democrat , so yes she woukd hide all evidence. The left can’t let the truth be known. And worse is how many that vote democrat can’t even take one minute to take a real look at all of that evidence to see if it might really be true. What are the democrats really afraid of that they have to lie and try so hard to stop Trump. Biden cry a hard story of how trump is bad for the country and hangs the j 6th on everything. But you don’t see him trying to show anything good that he did in the last 3+ years now. if burning city’s, looted and crime twice as bad, not to mention murders is all the good Biden did so far. Then yes biden is responsible for all that. Open borders, gas prices twice as high as what trump had them. Giving millons to illegals instead of taking care of our own first. All for illegal votes since blacks are turning on the democrats. The corruption is to big for the democrats to stop now, they don’t know how to stop anymore. So the lies will fly for the people who still back the democrats no matter if they know the truth or not. Liz is a prim example of that.

  4. Typical Cheney all of them are crooked asshole politicians she is as useless as her old man a real piece of work.
    That unt (c) belongs in jail with asshole Hillary two piece of s-it. Hope one day the get what they deserve.
    FJB another beauty.

  5. AND they would not allow the video of Trump’s speech (during the rally) to be shown!!!!! Now why was that?????

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