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Louisville Metro Police Release Terrifying Bodycam Footage of Deadly Bank Shooting: Shows Takedown of Mass Shooter

The Louisville Metro Police Department has released bodycam footage of their officers taking down a mass shooter in a bank that left five dead and another nine people injured. Five people were killed by 23-year-old Connor Sturgeon, a former employee at the bank. Nine more were injured, including police officer Nicholas Wilt, who was shot in the head. He is barely clinging to life. There is bodycam footage and additional footage taken by a bystander who recorded the exchange.

From WHAS 11:

A witness who was inside the building told WHAS11 they saw a man with a “long assault rifle” fire multiple shots inside the bank on the first floor, near the conference room area.

He just started firing,” he said. “I didn’t see his face. We were in the conference room. Whoever was next to me got shot; their blood’s on me.”

Another witness, who works in an office building facing the bank, said the shooter and law enforcement officers got into a “shootout.” They said civilians were being carried out.

Wilt and fellow officer Cory Galloway were the first to arrive on the scene. The police showed their bodycam footage during a press conference on the shooting. The video shows the pair arriving on the scene with Sturgeon opening fire almost immediately. Wilt is able to get inside the building and Galloway was forced to roll down some stairs leading up to the entrance of the bank. Wilt was shot in the head and even though he was severely injured, he was able to return fire on the shooter.

Galloway\s footage was shown next as he was at the foot of the stairs leading to the bank entrance.

Galloway can be heard saying:

“Goddamn it the shooter has an angle on that officer. The glass is blocking him. He’s shooting straight through these windows at the officer.”

As the glass breaks, Galloway is able to see the shooter. He fires several rounds and he puts the killer on the ground.

From The New York Post

Chilling police dispatch audio has revealed how before going out in a hail of bullets, Louisville shooter Connor Sturgeon left a voicemail message to a friend, saying that he felt “suicidal” and planned to “kill everyone at the bank.”

The site Broadcastify has released more than 31 minutes of audio, which provides a detailed look at the police response to Monday’s deadly mass shooting in real time.

On the recording, responding officers ask for EMS after discovering one of their colleagues shot in the head on the steps of the Old National Bank in downtown Louisville.

Louisville cops tell the dispatcher they could be ambushed if they try to approach the bank, and at one point, gunshots are heard on the recording, with officers yelling, “Shots fired!”

The audio also reveals that as the chaos unfolded, police were approached by Sturgeon’s mother and his younger brother at the scene.





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