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Madonna Scares Fans, Looks Unrecognizable in New Social Media Post

This weekend, Madonna posted a new social media update that had her fans worried about her unrecognizable appearance.

Earlier this summer, the iconic pop star was reported to have been close to death and had to be ‘brought back’ with a Narcan injection according to Radar Online.

She was rushed to a hospital in New York City in June after being found unresponsive at her residence, as per Page Six.

Additionally, she suffered an injury involving her leg following the serious incident.

With all of these occurrences taken into account, many are now questioning if Madonna is alright.

The Mirror reported:

Madonna has sparked concern from her fans with her latest pictures.

The 65-year-old Queen of Pop is currently in preparation for her world tour that has been rescheduled after she was hospitalised in June with a serious bacterial infection and spent several days in ICU. But fans can’t get over how different she looks in new videos posted online.

Fans are used to seeing the singer with chiselled cheekbones but in recent pictures her face looks fuller. “Jesus what happened to her,” one fan commented. Another wrote: “Her lips look painful.”

“People need to stop injecting their faces,” another added. A third wrote: “She’s got the wrong doctor giving her filler in the wrong places – all that money and she can’t get it right.”

Here’s the terrifying image that was posted:

At the Grammy Awards ceremony earlier this year, Madonna appeared demonic and unrecognizable. The 65-year-old pop singer was largely unrecognizable to viewers.

Leave your faces alone, people. You could end up looking like this…

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8 Responses

  1. Always thought she was weird and now she went for the whole enchilada look and all!
    See what fame and too much money can do to your head, besides ya face!

    I’ll say this; she actually did some music and videos where she blasphemed God, so in the end she got her just desert!

    Just like Taylor Swift will too if she doesn’t do a 180 degree turn really fast!

  2. She never was pretty and since I grew up during good music, I thought her music sucked. I actually knew the difference between good music and someone selling records because she took her clothes off. Somehow I never believe being naked made music sound any better. I wonder when they look like this do they see the same thing the rest of us see?

    1. Susanna Hoffs, of The Bangles did most of their album ‘Everything’ nude. But she was in a dark studio booth, alone…dang it! 😘

  3. With apologies to Gorillas and Redd Foxx, “I can stick her face into a pan of dough and make gorilla cookies”

  4. Micky Rourke needs to stop with the procedures, he’s starting to look a little weird! But I DO like the braids!

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