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Major Development for Male Teacher Supervising Nude Girl in Locker Room

The Terre Haute school district has reversed their mandate of having a male teacher supervise a female student while she was nude in the locker room, however, the legal team that raised concern about the decision says there are still issues to address.

The debate revolves around the gender-confused girl attending a boys’ middle-school physical education class and changing clothes in the boys’ locker room.

This led to a dispute between the teacher and Vigo County School Corp. administrators when the latter ordered the male teacher to oversee a gender-confused girl in the boys’ locker room, despite his request for religious exemption from that duty.

Liberty Counsel sent a letter to the district, revealing that the teacher (whose identity has not been disclosed) holds deeply-held Christian religious, scientific, and moral convictions concerning sex and sexuality; as well as the rights of boys and their parents.

They highlighted that his spiritual freedom would be compromised if he was forced to watch a woman (not his wife) in a state of undress or nude; or make minor boys unknowingly change clothes with a girl present.

Liberty Counsel chief Mat Staver explained, “The school district cannot force a male P.E. teacher to supervise a biological girl in the boys’ locker room where she undresses for gym class. Neither may a school force a teacher to lie to the boys and hide this situation from parents. And certainly, a public school cannot ignore religious accommodations which are protected by law. The school must reverse course and protect the rights and privacy of students, teachers, and parents.”

The legal team noted that the teacher had requested an accommodation multiple times during the month of August, with Liberty Counsel’s letter to Superintendent Christopher Himsel citing Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

The demand letter also highlighted the teacher’s religious beliefs and objections, particularly his inability to “Lie to students and parents (whether by omission or commission).” Following this, it was confirmed that the district would no longer require the teacher to supervise the girl.

“However, the school district continues to not inform the boys that a biological girl would be undressing with them in the open locker room area. School officials also have not informed parents about the situation,” Liberty Counsel warned.

Further, the legal team pointed out, “Notably, the male teacher was informed by the school district that the girl he was to supervise is being ‘chemically transitioned.’”

So the team advised the district “that Indiana law forbids female genital mutilation. If the district has knowledge of any intent to chemically sterilize or surgically mutilate this child in violation of Indiana law, it is obligated to report this child abuse to law enforcement.”

In the letter, the school states that they require supervision in the locker room, which has showers and is a place where students may be completely undressed at times, to prevent any kind of disruptive behavior.

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12 Responses

  1. There are undoubtedly some very screwed up adults running loose in various positions of authority these days; as a prime example look at what we have to call our POTUS, who is an outright pervert and that, is where the real problem lies to begin with! Therefore it’s those adults that are actively advocating twisted morals or standards of sexuality that are being foisted upon innocent children, who can easily be confused in this madcap topsy-turvy madhouse society these days!

    Rule of Law should always prevail and in my humble opinion any adults in positions of authority engaged in these body and mind altering techniques whether it’s through verbal directives or the actual dispensing of said techniques upon minors are guilty of “Crimes Against Humanity;” which is more akin to what Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Third Reich perpetrated upon the German people during WWII!

    1. All of this ties directly into the AGENDA of the Globalists’ and their plan for totalitarian control of the masses! “Bit by Bit” they’re chipping away at our freedom and individual human autonomy, pushing toward the human race becoming nothing more than “their chattel or cattle;” for them to “dictate to and control” as they please!

      Sound familiar; well its exactly what the Communists have been doing since the early 1900’s when monstrous psychopaths like Lenin, Marx, Stalin, Pol Pot, Chairman Mao and all the rest up to the current atheist communist dictators are doing!

      1. And that includes American Democrats since the party was taken over by the American Commie Party during thr Clinton administration

  2. I am happy one person refused to partake of their twisted minds. Good for him. Now he needs to alert the parents.

  3. The left is the party of satan. Their perversion has no boundaries. Now they force someone, an adult make to watch a little girl to undress. People!!!!!! Stop supporting the Democratic Party.

  4. Transgender people or those that advocate for it as we see happening with this situation are totally mentally deranged people, perhaps even evil; that want to be put on a pedestal to be “worshiped” and that is as sick as it gets folks, worshiping perversion, degeneracy and sin; being immoral heathens! They should be institutionalized, because they cannot fit into or function within a typical moral and ethical human society! All of this transgender nonsense is a train wreck looking for a place to happen! Our foreign and domestic enemies are helping this along because it adds to the turmoil to escalate the collapse of our system which enemies of America absolutely want! Wake up out there everyone! Everyone is being played; as in used, abused and screwed over to destroy America!

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