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Male Teacher Who Identifies as a Woman Suspended Over Statements About Shooting Students and Suicide

I am of the opinion that transgenders are dangerous and violent people. One recently shot up a school, leaving six people, including three young children. One attacked swimmer Riley Gaines. There have been people from the transgender movement calling for violence. And now this teacher, But, the suspension came after weeks. Was it because she was transgender and the press is all in for them? Why would you allow her to remain in the classroom for so long?

On March 24, Alexander Renczkowski, a math teacher at Fox Chapel Middle School told a school official that she thought of killing children in her class and committing suicide. She “wanted to shoot some students due to them not performing to their ability.” Renczkowski admitted that he had recently suffered bouts of depression and that he had been taking anti-depressants. She also revealed that she is taking female hormones and is planning to have surgery this summer.

Because of the threats, police officers confiscated her three guns and all of her ammunition. She admitted to having suffered from depression. She was obviously a danger and should have been removed from teaching the moment she expressed the desire to kill her students and herself. In 2921, she got rid of her name Alexander and began going by the name Ashlee.

Fox Chapel Principal Carmine Rufa did not notify the parents about the threat until seventeen days after the threat was made. This of course did not sit well with the parents with children in the school. This was inexcusable.

From The Blaze

“While the teacher in question did make a comment to colleagues that was concerning,” Rufa reportedly said in the message, “staff and law enforcement determined the comment was not an imminent threat to the campus, but was instead an expression of frustration at student behavior.”

On Tuesday, parents filed into a school board meeting and expressed their outrage both that Renczkowski still had a job and that they hadn’t been informed about his threats of violence. At the meeting, Superintendent John Stratton held his ground and repeatedly insisted that Renczkowski had been thoroughly vetted and that the experts had determined that he did not pose a threat to himself or students.

“I can’t share all the facts with you,” Stratton told parents, “but I can tell you I respect the sheriff’s department and his team. And I respect my team. And both of those groups, who do this all the time, I’ll remind you, determined there was not an imminent threat.”

Stratton also silenced parents by telling them that a school board meeting was not “a back-and-forth” and asked them to trust his judgment and the judgment of local law enforcement.

Stratton claimed he reversed course and removed Renczkowski after “details, not previously known by the school district,” came to light.

“In light of this additional information, the school district will continue to investigate the incident,” a statement from Stratton said. “… As part of our investigation, we will take a hard look at all the actions that were taken on that day, and in the days following the incident, and determine if any steps were missed.

“As is our longstanding practice, while the matter is under investigation, the teacher will be removed from all student contact and, pending the outcome of the district’s review, no date has been determined for a return to duty,” the statement continued.




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  1. It’s quite easy to understand why these people are so depressed,….they are delusional living in a normal world. They are sick individuals that need help. However they also should not be in general society as the threat they feel that the general public is their enemy. We use to have institutions for these people.

  2. Lame article. Supports the insane in their insanity perpetuating the evil, the hate, and the violence. The topic was an insane MAN. NOT A WOMAN. NO SHE. An IT truly. BUT< NO HER< SHE!!! Don't perpetuate LIES!!!

  3. Why would anyone who cared about someone “affirm” their delusions? If your daughter weighed 85 pounds and “thought” she was fat, would you “affirm” her and buy her some Ex-lax to lose weight? How STUPID can some people be?

  4. These people identifying as the opposite sex are crazy. They are mentally ill. All this crap the democrats have caused is killing our children. This is exactly what the Dems wanted, our children all twisted up so everybody is looking the other way, while they do their dirty work. The Dems need to answer for this. May they never win another election.. The damage they have done may never be reversed. Their sickening child sex transition. Their anti gun anti family anti everything good and righteous. We need to retake control of our government.

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