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Man Accused of Killing His 3-week-old Daughter With Crossbow During Argument With Wife

The recent news of a 26-year-old man from Nineveh, upstate New York, charged with the murder of his 3-week old infant daughter after he allegedly shot her and his wife with a crossbow during a dispute has been nothing short of heartbreaking.

According to the Broome County Sheriff’s Office, early Monday morning at a residence in Colesville this incident unfolded.

The projectile which was called a bolt, struck both the child in the chest and exited her armpit while simultaneously striking the mother in the chest as well.

While attempting to prevent his wife from calling for help, Patrick Proefriedt pulled out the bolt before fleeing the scene.

When police arrived they declared that Eleanor M. Carey had passed away while also taking her mother to Wilson hospital for treatment on her injuries.

He was later apprehended by police when his red 2016 Dodge Ram pickup truck got stuck in mud only about one mile away from where it all began.

Proefriedt was booked into Broome County Sheriff’s Correctional Facility and charged with second degree murder as well as attempted second degree murder along with violating protection orders placed on him due to previous domestic incidents between him and his victims.

Sheriff Fred Akshar released a statement saying “ This is one of the most heartbreaking and senseless crimes committed in this community in recent memory” followed by “Our thoughts are with the family of this innocent 3-week old girl.”

He went on further adding “I commend the quick and decisive action of our Law Enforcement division in responding to this tragedy and ensuring Mr. Proefriedt did not escape justice.”




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    1. I opt for live skinning in 1″ strips from head to toe slowly with salt water wash down between strips while still alive!

  1. Amazing how vile some people are! The killer needs to be put UNDER the jail without showing any mercy….just as he showed no mercy to the baby!

  2. Seems like all these movies and video games where kiling someone is the object of the game and movie is warping the younger generation where they feel nothng about killing someone. Plus the Biden administration leeting convicts out early does nothing to deter them. It is hard to turn on a movie anymore without seeing sex and murder.

  3. He had a protection order against him so why was he there to begin with. Don’t understand how with a protection order they could call it second degree murder.

    1. Like a piece of paper will stop a madman. Like a lock only stops an honest thief. If they aren’t put away, they will eventually do whatever they want. I feel sorry for this woman! Not only did she get involved with a madman, get pregnant by him, have a child by him, watch him kill the child and injure her, she now has to live with the feeling of shame and despair this POS has caused. I hope once he gets to jail that jailhouse justice happens. That is one sick POS. They need to bring back the death penalty for idiots like this!! Guilty? Automatic death with NO appeals. Stop costing the public all that money to watch them fight for years! And they have to be excuted within 3 months of the verdict! The sooner these POS’s are gone the better!

  4. But….but….but….guns must be banned.
    Like I always said, even if all guns were removed from the country-
    if someone wants you dead they don’t need a gun to do it. Time to ban crossbows, knives, baseball bats, tire irons, golf clubs, pressure cookers, bricks,…..

    1. Yes!!!!!! We definitely need to rebuild the hanging gallows! And keep the liberal news media from the scene attempting to generate sorrow for criminals.

  5. how the hell can it be second degree murder? it should be FIRST DEGREE MURDER, I just don’t understand our criminal system but I do know there is no justice anymore

  6. Yes, Call 911 and die, The Police will save you, That mother need more than a Protection Order, She needed a 12 gauge loaded with buckshot.

    And now we have a prime example of the Criminal, He was not allowed to have a firearm because of the Domestic Abuse Law, The Court probably ordered them into police custody, so, What did the scum bag do ? He cant have a Firearm in his possession ? Got himself a crossbow, and then went to try an intimidate his wife, and in the process murdered his child with a large broadhead hunting point with anything for 4 to 6 razor-sharp cutting edges …… Boiling in Acid is the only way to make him pay for his crime.

  7. So tell me why aren’t you as upset with the want-a-be doctors and nrses that kill unborned babies and those that are borned alive and left on a stand to die.

    1. I agree with your primary point. Most people who support abortion simply just vote Democrat. They can keep their hands “clean” of blood that way.

      Not me. I actually OWNED my own Medicare Certified Surgical Center. If we allowed abortions I would have had to sign the actual fragments of babies in formalin bottles.


      When MY time comes, I will never have to face judgement for that. I will be able to tell God my “conscience” is clear of the sin of murdering children.

      I was an atheist then. But I NEVER committed that sin.

      Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)
      Retired surgeon

  8. I have always believed that judges should allow a small stool and a hook on the ceiling of the cell, with a pre-tied noose in the cell, of convicted murderers (I know he has not been convicted yet).

    This is the ideal solution for this particular murderer. I do not see this as “cruel and unusual punishment.”

    It is a matter of simply allowing him to make the “right choice.” I think it solves the role of capital punishment in our society, even for those who oppose it.

    I think that even defense attorneys should not object. I guess I know it will never happen, but I do not know why it shouldn’t.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  9. Castration & then a “bolt” shot up his posterior would be a good start.

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