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Manchin Blows Whistle: Biden ‘Breaking Law on Inflation Reduction Act’ – ‘Falsely Framing as Green Bill’

On Thursday, Democrat Senator Joe Manchin appeared on CNN’s “CNN This Morning” and blew the lid off of the Biden administration and their deceitful plan to “reconfigure” the Inflation Reduction Act “to something that…wasn’t in that legislation.”

He explained that the administration is “not adhering to the piece of legislation called the Inflation Reduction Act. They have touted that as strictly an environmental bill” when that is not what it is.

Manchin argued that his opposition to Daniel Werfel’s nomination to be IRS Commissioner “was a message I’m sending because the President and his administration [are] not adhering to the piece of legislation called the Inflation Reduction Act. They have touted that as strictly an environmental bill, and I can assure you, we put that together and negotiated after we put it together…it was for energy security.”

The senator continued, “My goodness, when you saw Putin do what he did with energy and you know what’s happening to our friends in the EU and Europe and all over, and then basically not being able to produce the energy we have under our feet in our great country and we’re asking other countries such as Iran and Venezuela, the greatest terrorist supporter in the world, Iran, you want them to have more money to create more havoc to humankind? I’m just — I was appalled. And I [said], we’ve got to do things more and be more secure in our state — in our country so that we can help our allies if they start looking elsewhere for energy.”

Manchin added, “Everything they’re rolling out is relaxing, and I’ve just said, you’re trying to basically reconfigure a piece of legislation that we passed, that we passed in the Congress, to something that you want and wasn’t in that legislation. So, I’m holding their feet to the fire there and I’ll send — continue to send every message I can, please, adapt and enforce the legislation for energy security.”





7 Responses

  1. It’s called treason and the whole administration are guilty of it. Even the DOJ, FBI and others criminal agencies they should all resign or face prison and impeachment.

  2. The inflation reduction act has increased inflation drastically because they PRINTED The Money out of thin air! It’s another money laundering scam just like the trillions in plandemic money that they printed and less than 10% actually went to the states. This is the most corrupt Administration since Osama bin Obama and you can bet he’s the one who’s actually calling the shots, Biden is nothing more than a corrupt scapegoat.

  3. Too late, Senator (Manchin). You got played by the White House and radical leftist enviro-wackos like AOC. The West VA economy is going to be destroyed by the Inflation Reduction Act, which has been turned into a “green” energy, anti-coal, anti-natural gas, anti-West VA law. And it’s your fault, Senator. You’re trying to extricate yourself from the fallout that you caused. I hope that West Virginians hold you accountable.

  4. Good for Joe Manchin for enlightening what creepy Joe is up to. Again, trying to fool the American people, What a corrupt person we have as our “commander-in-chief?” I use that phase loosely. He doesn’t govern our country. He bows to China!

  5. Too little too late Manchin. You knew it was climate change radical spending bill, you authored it with corrupt ideologue Schumer. You knew if was a bunch of b.s. lies, you knew it would blow up national debt and cause inflation to worsen. Now, after after being exposed of being complicit in this huge lie, and selling your constituents out, you are trying to save you bacon from backlash as your reelection is around the corner. Solution is simple, West Virginians should kick your worthless Democrat as. out, period. You betrayed them.

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