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Manchin is Running Scared: Bashing Biden for Everything

Joe Manchin is considered the most vulnerable Senator in the 2024 cycle. President Trump won the state of West Virginia by over 30 points. He is no longer popular in WV after he allowed himself to be snookered by Chuck Schumer. He traded his vote on a boondoggle spending bill in exchange for a bill that would help his state develop energy. He gave Schumer, his vote, and then his bill was killed in the Senate.

His main opponent in the Senate race is former Democrat Jim Justice. Manchin trails him in the polls even though Justice has not declared to run for the Senate yet. Manchin has refused to switch parties and that is now costing him big time. He also refuses to announce what he plans to do in 2024 and won’t answer that question until the end of the year, which could be much too late. He is also said to be considering a run for president, but the Democrats would never let him win the nomination.

The congress voted on a bipartisan basis to lift the rule that allows money managers to place social issues above profits in retirement funds, but Biden vetoed the bill, which drove Manchin up the wall.

After vetoing the bill, Biden claimed:

“MAGA Republicans” want to risk retirement pensions. But the entire point of rolling back the Labor Department rule was to force fiduciaries to invest retirement funds in a way that prioritizes financial returns, not non-pecuniary benefits.”

That is just another lie. ESG investing can kill pensions, but favoring profits does not.

Manchin said:

“This Administration continues to prioritize their radical policy agenda over the economic, energy and national security needs of our country, and it is absolutely infuriating.”

“West Virginians are under increasing stress as we continue to recover from a once in a generation pandemic, pay the bills amid record inflation, and face the largest land war in Europe since World War II. The Administration’s unrelenting campaign to advance a radical social and environmental agenda is only exacerbating these challenges.”

From The Blaze

By allowing the Labor Department to continue making ESG decisions, Manchin said Biden is weakening “our energy, national and economic security.”

“Despite a clear and bipartisan rejection of the rule from Congress, President Biden is choosing to put his Administration’s progressive agenda above the well-being of the American people,” Manchin said.

Neither Tester nor Golden have commented on Biden’s veto, and it’s not clear how those Democrats are “MAGA Republicans” as Biden said of the bill’s supporters.

The House could hold a vote to overturn the veto as early as this week. The effort is doomed to fail, because Republicans do not have enough support from Democrats to reach the two-thirds threshold required to overturn a presidential veto.




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  1. Biden and the democrats are destroying America. If WV voters want to assist in this effort, I suppose it is their right to do so. When it all collapses, I am sure they will blame Trump for the devastation.

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