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Manchin Unloads On Democrats In Highlighting Problems With America

Have you noticed that Joe Manchin has suddenly taken the offensive against Democrats and the Biden administration? And if you have noticed, why do you think that is? There are two possibilities that I can think of and they both hold water. Manchin could be attacking the same things most Americans are and that is the economy. Both scenarios have Manchin wanting to get another term in the Senate. He is walking a tightrope either way.

In the first scenario, Manchin wants people to embrace his new powerful voice without switching parties. I consider this less likely because there are many Democrats who will insist he is primaried and allow that seat to be coopted by the Republicans. The second and most likely scenario is that he is slowly working his way towards switching parties because West Virginia is a deep red state and one that Trump won in 2020 by 39 points.

Some have suggested that he is contemplating a presidential run in 2024. Don’t bet on it. He says he will not make that call until December. That would give him very little time to tour the nation, drumming up support and the hefty number of dollars to run a successful race. I believe he set the December date in order to see if he can win reelection as a Democrat or whether he needs to switch parties to be reelected. That is still a huge gamble because if Gov. Jim Justice wants to run for the Senate, he would need to announce well before December plus his popularity with the voters is unquestioned.

Manchin goes after the Democrats on spending:

“It’s time for us to get serious about this. We’re moving many, many products, many more products on the rails and on our roads than we ever did before. And we have a lot of people who don’t want any pipelines. Pipelines would help alleviate a lot of this problem with the oil that we need in our country and we will be using for quite some time to do it safer. But out of sight, out of mind. They are thinking, if you don’t have a pipeline, you won’t be using the product. Well, that’s far from the truth. And this is the results of people just not making good decisions. And it’s what’s broken in West Virginia and broken across the country as far as in Washington, the politics.”

“We’ve gone from $3.5 trillion in spending to over $6.2 trillion in spending every year. That’s just unacceptable. You’ve got to sit down. Anybody that thinks we don’t have a problem in Washington, anybody that thinks that the politics is not broken in Washington is not living in reality, does not want to face the facts and the truth.”

“We’ve got a runaway debt. We got inflation that’s killing people,” Manchin said. “We’ve got unsecured energy. We have a border that’s out of control.”





11 Responses

  1. Maybe he is worried about not being re-elected in West Virginia after he stabbed his constituents and the Country in the back? Unfortunately, we cannot expect Our Politicians to have a Spine or at least some semblance of Love of Country! Sad but True!

    1. Not only did he go with the Dems but he was stupid enough to be on the signing state with the liar in chief….and what did he get from the liar a “pen”.How foolish he looked up there !.

  2. Sounds like a Kyrtin Sinema stunt…. He knows he’s on the chopping block of election coming up. If you doubt where he stands, just look at how he votes. He votes with the democRAT party 90 percent of the time. If he really felt the way he says, he’d have voted against all the spending and foolish programs. But, he didn’t….

  3. It’s one thing–and the easier thing–to “unload” on Democrats, and an entirely different thing to vote with them against us, the people, when the nation’s future is in jeopardy. At election time Joe talks the talk. You know the rest: talk is cheap.

  4. Remember it’s politics you become a chameleon, you go in the direction wherever the wind blows. IF (heavy on the IF) he was really smart he would get out of the demoncrat party. Jesus said, “You are either for me or against me.” You can’t work both ends against the middle and come out ahead because you loose friends on both (the friends you should preferably loose is the demoncrat friends) sides and windup all alone.

  5. i agree. he just trying to save his senate seat. i was a big fan of his until he voted for the democrook inflation making socialist spending crap bill that only benefits the bogus democrook elites

  6. “We’ve got a runaway debt. We got inflation that’s killing people,” Manchin said…………….

    And yet you lied and voted for the 2022 trillion dollar Omnibus bill when inflation was 8.9% after you said you wouldn’t. You are a liar Manchin trying to make people forget your lies.

  7. I thought you knew a leopards don’t/can’t change its spots. He is a crooked democrat to the bone and will do whatever is convenient to him and his causes. He has no problem ruling against the will of the people.

  8. I like Senator Joe Manchin. I am not a democratic, but am conservative. However, I feel like being an independent as I don’t trust either party. Why are we even voting, if neither party is willing to work towards getting things done for the United States, its people and our flag and our…. I believe Senator Joe Manchin has stood against the tide with the exception of the latest bugaboo. Believing President Joe Biden, doesn’t necessarily mean that someone else should be running. I would vote for Senator Joe Manchin for our State, except I don’t live there. Enough said. Everybody seems to be at everybody else’s throat. Stop complaining, fighting and ALL POLITICIANS work for our country. Quit doing otherwise. Be part of the solution, instead of the huge majority of the problems.

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