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Megyn Kelly Fires At Jen Psaki’s Claim That GOP ‘Manipulates’ American Muslims

SiriusXM podcaster Megyn Kelly recently questioned the accuracy of a statement made by former White House press secretary-turned-MSNBC host Jen Psaki.

The statement in question accused Republicans of employing a strategy that Democrats themselves deploy, pitting demographic groups against each other for political gain.

Specifically, Psaki falsely accused the right of pitting Muslim Americans against transgendered individuals – an accusation without factual basis.

Kelly argued that this type of “diminishment” claims Muslims lack intelligence and are unable to have genuinely held beliefs. She further noted that many parents from Muslim and Ethiopian Orthodox faiths have expressed concerns about Maryland’s largest school district prohibiting them from withdrawing their children from English courses which include lessons with LGBTQ themes.

According to Kelly, these parents should be allowed to opt-out if they find the content objectionable, but the school board has refused their requests.

Kelly concluded her remarks by pointing out that MSNBC often focuses on making generalized statements rather than engaging in substantive debate about whether or not these parents are right or wrong in their objections to LGBTQ curriculum material.

The NY POST Reported:

However, in this particular instance, Psaki falsely accused the right of pitting Muslim Americans against transgendered individuals, a claim that lacks a factual basis.

“The right-wingers, the conspiracy theorists, the birthers, they now want us to forget the years they spent fear-mongering about Muslims and Islam. Ten years ago, standing against Sharia law was the key GOP litmus test. Now that litmus test seems to be how fervently you oppose transgender people,” Psaki said, adding, “Let’s be clear: This is the same old GOP playbook, another cynical ploy to tear at the fabric of our society and damage the idea that out of many, we are one, all because they want so desperately to regain the White House.”

“We’re noticing the reemergence of an old ploy straight from the GOP playbook, only this time the party has a new target,” tweeted the Inside with Jen Psaki account.

That didn’t sit well with the former Fox News host.

“It gets covered by MSNBC as ‘the white man is evil and manipulative,’” Kelly said in response, noting that, for starters, it’s not true that Muslims have only recently rejected transgenderism and the LGBTQ movement and agenda.

“You could go back a long way to find out why Muslims object to the LGBTQ agenda, the way it’s currently being taught in particular,” she added.

She went on to label Psaki’s false claims as “another diminishment of Muslims in America as ‘You’re just too stupid to realize you are being manipulated. You can’t have a genuinely held belief.’”

“Whitey is at it again!” Kelly declared. “It’s the whites trying to pit the loving Muslims who have always been pro-LGBTQ against the poor trans people.”

Kelly pointed out that many parents who follow Muslim and Ethiopian Orthodox faiths have recently expressed their concerns at the largest school district in Maryland to push back on a rule that prohibits them from withdrawing their children from English courses that include lessons with LGBTQ themes.

“Why are they mad? What actually drags a parent out on a weekend to protest? It has to be a lot. Parents are busy. They’ve got jobs, they’ve got kids, they don’t really have a lot of time to protest, but they did it on Tuesday outside the Board of Education meeting because Maryland’s largest school district will not allow them to opt out their children from books and lessons that have certain LGBTQ lessons that they find objectionable,” Kelly said, according to The Wrap.

“Maryland state law doesn’t allow the opt-out provision unless it’s a specific unit on sex ed, and this isn’t technically sex ed. They’ve folded it in under an English language arts curriculum. And these parents think it’s inappropriately sexual and has messages with which they do not agree when it comes to trans people,” she added.

“And so they’re going out there saying, ‘You can teach what you want,’ they’re not saying you have to shut down the lesson plan, but, ‘They’re our kids, and we should be permitted to be able to opt them out.’ And the school says, ‘No, you can’t,’” Kelly noted further.

The current controversy surrounding this issue highlights the importance of analyzing issues objectively before drawing conclusions based on preconceived biases and ideologies rather than facts and evidence.




11 Responses

  1. I would be out there protesting with the Muslins. I do not think Trans issues need to be taught in school under or in any subject. If parents feel that it must be taught, then they need to go to school meetings and suggest there is an “after school class” on transgender for their kids to attend. How would that work?

  2. All fake news MSM barking dogs bark from the same leftist hymnal falsely accusing others of the very same things they already doing themselves.

  3. I am a committed Pro-Life Advocate, Saving Preborn Children. This really seems to anger the Uber Left. I peacefully Pray with a dedicated group of “Prayer Warriors” once a week in front of our local Planned Parenthood. When ROE was overturned. the amount of verbal Abuse, and some Physical Abuse went off the charts, not to mention threats of Death and Physical Harm. It’s becoming “Dicey” out there.

  4. Your using too much common sense for the limited minds taskion the left. They want total control and the destruction of the Constitution because they think they know better than the genius of the Founding Fathers.

  5. Who the hell are the millions of people that think this admin is not communist/Marxist/socialist? In all my born days I never realized how many hate this country. So many voted with their crotches (sorry ladies) and got the muslim into the Whitehouse and its been downhill, except for the Trump years , from there. Without another Trump Admin we’re screwed, , blued and tattooed.

    1. I call those the eight darkest years in America; when actual diabolical evil sunk its claws into the Heart of America! The hidden agenda in all of this is the darkest of evil and satanic just like the muslim you refer to in your comment and Psaki is nothing but a facilitator of that evil and a lying snaki! Yes if the paradigm doesn’t shift back to what was going on during the Trump Administration this country is done! Anyone who sees the truth; please keep praying and more!
      Yes there is spiritual warfare going on in America which is behind all of this rotten turmoil!

  6. Who does Governent, Federal or State, all the way down to the School Boards work for? I always thought it was the Voting Public who put them in office to REPRESET THEM, not some far flung or extremist groups of people that cannot abide by the laws of the land, who lie in order to further their cause, and to teach schools in an academic manner to which conforms with the bliefs and needs to prepare our children for live after High School. These people in elected positions that refuse to abide by diretions and wishes of the voters who put them in office should be removed and prevented from obtaing like positions elsewhere since they cannot be trusted. Teaching American Law in School in America is fine, Teaching Civics in School is fine. Teaching Religeous Law, be it Chiristian, Islamic, Hindu, or what ever should not be taught in public schools, only in their own faith based Holy Facilities.

  7. All Psaki lied to the American public every day she was in the White House. Typical Democrat and spreads Democratic propaganda at any expense!!!

    1. She is an evil witch with zero integrity or morals! She is owned and we know by whom!

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