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Millions of Emails Containing Sensitive US Military Information Sent to a Russian Ally

Recent reports have revealed that millions of emails from U.S. military accounts have been sent to a close Russian ally, the West African country of Mali, over the course of at least a decade.

These emails reportedly contain highly sensitive information, including diplomatic documents, tax returns, passwords and travel details of top officers.

This issue was first raised by Johannes Zuurbier, the Dutch internet entrepreneur who serves as managing director of the Amsterdam-based Mali Dili. Zuurbier has collected well over 100,000 misdirected messages since he began managing Mali’s internet domain in 2013 and is now warning that this risk could be exploited by adversaries of the US.

As of Monday, Zuurbier will no longer manage the domain and instead it will be directly intercepted by Mali’s government which is increasingly strengthening its security ties with Russia and receiving substantial military equipment and training from Moscow.

It is estimated that there are currently 1,000 Russian military contractors in Mali.

The Department Of Defense (DoD) has acknowledged this issue and claims to have implemented policy changes to ensure that emails from their ‘’MIL’’ domain are not delivered incorrectly in future but former four-star Navy admiral Mike Rogers warned that “even just unclassified information” could be used for espionage purposes if a foreign actor were given sustained access to it.

Steven Stransky further stated that such data could help enemies plan attacks or extort personnel for financial benefit as some emails contained X-rays and medical data along with identity document information or criminal complaints against personnel etcetera.

It remains unclear how exactly these mistakes happened or how many more may occur in future but one thing is certain – due to increasing cyber threats posed by other countries it is essential for the United States’ security apparatus to remain vigilant about protecting any sensitive information they possess or exchange online going forward.

As the Blaze Reported:

Military personnel have not only intentionally shared sensitive information with adversaries in recent years but have done so unwittingly as well.

According to a new Financial Times report, millions of U.S. military emails have been incorrectly sent to a close Russian ally over the course of at least a decade.

Messages intended for “.MIL” accounts, which are connected to an American-owned internet domain, were instead sent to the “.ML” domain, which is alternatively associated with the West African country of Mali.

These emails have reportedly included highly sensitive information, including “diplomatic documents, tax returns, passwords and the travel details of top officers.”

The CIA’s “World Factbook” indicates that Mali has increased security ties with Russia in recent years. Moscow has also provided the Islamic terrorism-plagued nation with substantial military equipment and training. There are presently an estimated 1,000 Russian military contractors in Mali.

Johannes Zuurbier, the Dutch internet entrepreneur who serves as managing director of the Amsterdam-based Mali Dili, has managed Mali’s internet domain since 2013. He reportedly raised this issue with the U.S. nearly 10 years ago and has collected well over 100,000 misdirected messages since.

In his latest attempt to press the U.S. to take corrective action, he stated, “This risk is real and could be exploited by adversaries of the US.”

That risk of exploitation will now greatly increase because as of Monday, Zuurbier will no longer manage the domain. Instead, Mali’s government will be directly intercepting stray American military emails.

The Times noted that while many of the misdirected emails are spam, some contain “X-rays and medical data, identity document information, crew lists for ships, staff lists at bases, maps of installations, photos of bases, naval inspection reports, contracts, criminal complaints against personnel, internal investigations into bullying, official travel itineraries, bookings, and tax and financial records.”




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  1. The commonsense approach is to encrypt all .mil domain messages, using batch encryption. Of course, this would not create jobs for the many former NSA and military personnel who are now contractors, so it is doubtful this will be the solution DOD chooses.

  2. U.S. Government was warned ten years ago and yet… leave it to the government to screw up a soup sandwich. Most of the government is run by incompetent idiots and they prove it on a daily basis. However, they still like to brag that we are the greatest nation; well, we were until our government got so huge and so entrenched that no one is held accountable. God help us!!!

    1. Paul, you are spot on. The federal government is run by idiots and by college indoctinated America haters. We have no idea how many enemy “moles” are holding Top Secret clearances and have access to the most sensitive defense information.

      The Obama / Biden regime is destroying our military with all the WOKE, diversity, affirmative action crap they can use. The “Flag” officers are gutless politicians who have thrown their lot in with seditionist Democrats.

      China is getting prepared to take Taiwan and the U.S. can do nothing to stop it. Hell, we don’t have enough strategic petroleum reserve to sustain more than about a two-week full up battle. Thanks to Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer and the RINO Republicans.

      America’s military is in terrible shape and getting worse. The real fighters are quitting and being replaced with “pajama boys” and lesbians.

  3. Just saw an ad by some former superspy spook who declared that TRUMP compromised the nation’s security. Something about showing off our military assets. Does anyone remember who shuffled up to the podium and fingered Seal Team Six as having carried out the elimination of bin Ladin? That fact was supposed to have been classified. And how about “General”Miller to betray this country to his Chinese counterparts?

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