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Minnesota High School Students Chant “Allahu Akbar!” and Call for Israel’s Destruction During Walkout Protest

On Friday morning, The Midwesterner reported that thousands of students had staged walkouts from Dearborn schools. During the protests, the students were heard to cry out “Allahu Akbar!” and call for the destruction of Israel.

Footage was captured outside Edsel Ford High School depicting the event. It is concerning to consider that these students may find themselves on a terror watch list one day; it could even be argued that they should be placed on one immediately.


The students’ chants of “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!” is a code for wiping Israel off the face of the earth, as endorsed by Hamas.

This raises questions about our immigration policy and its implications on this type of unacceptable behavior taking place in one of the most powerful countries in the world.

Hundreds of students from Fordson High School reportedly stormed out of class on Thursday in response to reports of Palestinian casualties resulting from Israeli airstrikes.

The protest was one of several orchestrated by pro-Hamas students in Dearborn this week, with the participants claiming that Israel was responsible for the deaths.

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  1. In my day this heathen would be shot for treason and put out on his misery.

    The reason this nation is failing is the political trash are not enforcing our laws as required by our Constitution.

    1. John Sudduth; your point is well taken and things have gotten way too lax while the disrespect or lack of appreciation for America and all the Good that has been derived since its inception as a Free Constitutional Republic Nation under God, to even now, in spite of what all the twisted and demented naysayers screech about it, which is pretty much lies and Marxist propaganda! The big shift began when that former illegitimate Kenyan born traitor and quite evil man Bathhouse Barry had the lead for 8 long years with the Leftists propped up by the Deep State Cabal; which they do again pulling the strings of the dried out husk of a most corrupt shell of a man Xiden along with monopolizing Congress! Barry had plane loads of Middle East Muslim along with embedded “terrorist mindset incorrigibles” flood into Minnesota during his “sham” presidency! The movement has been ongoing and in earnest since, to accomplish as the Bathhouse traitor stated how, “We can Fundamentally Transform America!” Operative word, “Transform” as in “Transgender” which has never been pushed in this Nation under God like it’s being now! All work of the Devil, and I’ve seen the horns figuratively speaking coming right out of Barry’s head!

      I can say with certainty; this isn’t going to end well for so many people!

  2. Bring back the draft and include females too and draft every person on their 18th birthday to fight Islamic Jihadist terrorist worldwide. No disability if they can run a computer or play war games they should be drafted. No deterents, Either service under orders or life imprisonment. I got my “selective service” notice in 1964 to be used as US Army cannon fodder in Harry Truman’s ( Demo) Vietnam war after I was already in the Marine Corps and got to Nam with no oders when LBJ (Demo) escalated the war for his profiteering ventures. Now we have another POTUS trying to kill off our people but the youth of today are too ignorant to understand it

  3. Just wait until THEY are attacked!!!! I bet that the FIRST things that come out of their mouths is NOT allahu akbar!!!!! It will be “OMG”!!!!! Or “JESUS”!!!!!

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