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Mom Takes A Baseball Bat To School Bus Driver Because He Wouldn’t Take Her Son Where He Wanted To Go

Jasmine Moton’s allegedly used a baseball bat to beat up an elementary school bus driver in Tennessee. Reports suggest that this altercation was sparked by the driver’s refusal to drop off her son at a different stop.

Memphis police told WREG-TV that the incident occurred on May 24 when one of the students requested that the driver take him somewhere else, but he refused due to regulations prohibiting such actions.

The student then called his mother, Jasmine Moton, who arrived shortly after and broke the bus door’s glass with a baseball bat.

The Miami Herald reported that Moton climbed up the steps and swung at the driver multiple times, hitting him three times in his arm and breaking his rearview mirror before fleeing from the scene in her car.

According to The Blaze:

What are the details?

Memphis police told WREG-TV the driver was taking students home from Lucie E. Campbell Elementary School on May 24 when one of the students wanted the driver to take him somewhere else — but the driver told him he wasn’t allowed to do that.

With that, the student called his mother — Jasmine Moton — who arrived moments later, police told the station.

Moton then got out of her car with a baseball bat and broke the bus door’s glass, WREG reported.

The Miami Herald reported that the 30-year-old mother soon walked around the bus to the driver’s side window — and at that point the bus driver opened the front door to let the student exit the bus, police said.

The Herald — citing an affidavit — added that the mother used the baseball bat to hold the door open, after which she climbed up the steps.

She then swung at the driver, WREG said, hitting him three times in the arm and breaking the rearview mirror.

Moton then entered her car and fled the scene, the station said, citing reports.

The bus driver was hospitalized with severe swelling and bruising to his right arm and hand, WREG said.

Moton was taken into custody Monday and charged with vandalism in the amount of $1,000 to $2,500 as well as aggravated assault and burglary of a vehicle, WREG said, adding that she’s set to appear in court Tuesday.

The cost to repair the bus is $1,500, the station said, citing court documents.




31 Responses

    1. Excellent point. The woman needs to be charged with attempted murder with a weapon..drivers can’t let kids off anywhere but their stop. Charge her and put her in prison

    2. I used to drive and not much is ever done by police or schools. Bus drivers are not supposed to touch the kids for any reason.

    3. If the mother had a car, why didn’t she her child where he wanted to go? A whole lot of people in our country are just plain crazy and they are destroying our country.

      1. Crazy and Lazy especially regarding their children. They have them to get welfare not because they actually want them.

  1. That broad is a nut The driver was following regulations If she wanted her kid someplace else why couldn’t she take him there Stupid bitch Throw the book at her

  2. If this was NOT a black woman and her kid, I will eat ALL of my hats, & I own about 10!

  3. Hello nothing will happen to her. We are now a society when anyone can do anything they wish with very little consequence. If i was that driver i would sue this lady for everything she had. Just think what she is teaching her son, if you do not get what you want than have that person beat up.

  4. She assaulted someone with a deadly weapon. She should go to jail for a long time. She is a violent danger to society and her child.

  5. Plus an out-of-commission bus and bus driver for awhile. This woman needs the book thrown at her and her son needs a lesson in rules are rules and he needs to abide by that. But after seeing what his mother did I can sure understand why he thinks he should be able to tell others to ignore them and do as he wishes.

  6. You didn’t show or tell us…….

    But we KNOW Jasmine is a proud member of the problem race.

  7. Our society is going down the tubes faster than I ever imagined possible. This woman HAD to be high on something.

  8. when people tell you your whole life that the world owes you anything you want because of “400 years of oppression,” it tends to foster an attitude of entitlement.

  9. The son probably wanted to be dropped off at baseball practice. Mom just happened
    to have his bat……

  10. I USED TO DRIVE A SCHOOL BUS in my younger years and if some NUT CASE came after me with a bat, I would have taken it away from them and beat them to death, End of problem…

    1. All of you have totally missed what is happening here… It’s called Black Privilege. Look at her first name & listen to what her son did…. Both think they are entitled to do whatever they want to do.

      I, seriously, doubt she will have any type of charges brought against herself. Had a white individual committed this act, they would spend years in prison for attempted murder.

      1. Why the racial assumption Blondie? And the welfare assumption, Kimba? I didn’t see any reference to either in the article. Do you think there are no crazy white women and spoiled white kids? I’m white and I have a white friend named Jasmine. And I’ve know white loonies who lived in mansions. So stop trying to stir trouble between races. We have enough trouble to deal with in this world, without adding to it.

      2. You are correct. This mentality is destroying law and order and our country right along with it.

  11. News flash, Mom. There is a big difference between a school bus and a taxi. A taxi takes you where you want to go. The school buss only goes TO and FROM school, regardless of “WHAT” you want.

  12. I can’t believe that someone can attract somebody with a baseball bat and not be charged with temped murder or assaulting with a deadly weapon! How do you get out of this situation without no mor charges & fines than this?

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