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MSNBC’s Scarborough: ‘Mass Shootings So Common, They’re Side News’

Following the mass shooting in Monterey Park, California on Saturday that left 11 people dead and nine more injured, MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” co-hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough led a segment on Tuesday, discussing gun violence in the United States.

Scarborough made the claim that mass shootings are so common in the U.S. now that they have become “side news.”

He said, “You know, we talked yesterday about the epidemic of gun violence. We talked about how it continues to skyrocket in this country, talked about the fact that murders with guns, they’ve gone up 50%, 50% in the past five years, 75% in the past 10 years. That means that murders from guns in America have gone up 75% since Sandy Hook, which was supposed to be a turning point. And you look at the comparison between the United States of America and other countries, a lot of people love to talk about mental illness — and we will, we really need to talk about mental illness — well, you know, there’s mental illness in countries across the world. Or it’s video games.”

Scarborough continued, “Video games are used by people across the world. This is what the difference is between the United States and other countries across the globe. America just leads, it’s not even close, leads high-income, developed nations, Western developed nations in gun violence, and again, the numbers aren’t even close. You have Brian Class, who’s on this show a good bit, he lives in Britain, and he tweeted this yesterday, ‘Since I moved to Britain 11 years ago, there has been one fatal mass shooting. There were 15 fatal mass shootings in the U.S. in December. What accounts for the difference?’ Again, it’s not mental health. That’s the — listen, Mika and I, we talk about the need for mental health treatment all the time. It needs to be funded, right? But that’s not why these people are going around. It’s not why America has so many more people murdered. It’s the guns, as Brian says, it’s the guns.”

Brzezinski replied, “The guns separate us from other countries.”

Scarborough continued, “It’s the proliferation of guns. And I tweeted something after the first mass killing two days ago talking about country by country by country, we saw the full screen, and it’s just not even close. And, you know, gene, you’ve been covering things like this for a very long time. We have as well. And, you know, it used to be that a horrific tragedy like columbine stood out. Made Americans stop. ‘Oh, my god, a shooting in a school.’ Made Americans stop. Aurora, a movie theater in Colorado, Virginia Tech, made Americans stop. We don’t even get to all the mass killings, all the mass shootings on this show every day because it’s all we would do here. But there was a shooting in Des Moines, Iowa, yesterday, at a school, that I believed killed three people. Two students were shot dead and a teacher, I thought I read.”

Brzezinski  added, “And not to mention after our two mass shootings in California today.”

Scarborough acknowledged, “And so, this is just — this is side news that nobody is going to talk about today because we have two mass shootings in California, and this is something that was sandwiched between it. And it’s coming at such a rapid alarming rate that all of the B.S. arguments that NRA apologists made 10 years ago, 20 years ago, they don’t apply anymore, not to middle Americans, not to independents, not to people who don’t have a political reason to fight this battle. Like, enough. Americans have got to be saying enough.”

Ironic, I don’t hear him talking about the numerous shootings every single day in Chicago, Illinois. Why not?  Is it because they have extremely strict gun laws and they are run by Democrats, who are obviously failing at stopping the shootings? That doesn’t help the narrative, does it?


On Monday, the duo spent their show blaming Republicans for the mass shootings, instead of just accepting the fact that most mass shootings continue to happen in heavily Democrat populated areas where there are strict gun laws in place. No matter what, if a criminal wants to do something, they will do so whether there is a law prohibiting them to or not. These mentally ill people carrying out mass shootings do so with illegally obtained guns. How is that the fault of law abiding citizens and the people who fight for our Constitutional rights?




7 Responses

  1. Joe is an idiot. If a shooting is not committed by a straight white male, the narrative isn’t met and the media ignores it – not that they are so common.

  2. The second Amendment has been around forever, so that is not the reason for all these shootings.
    They mention the proliferation of guns. Well, guns don’t shoot people, people shoot people. So, why are more people shooting people. It’s because our Society has become more violent.
    There are several reasons our Society has become more violent. The lack of availability for Mental Health treatment is one. The Multi-Level acceptance and refusal to enforce consequences for violence is another.
    The MSM and Hollywood, as well as, video gaming share in the responsibility for bringing daily violence into American homes (families). Our children are exposed to the point of violence becoming a norm, an acceptable reaction to adversity or disagreement.
    Parents, religious leaders (churches), and educational institutions used to have a large amount of influence over how we lived our lives, especially with our children.
    America has largely moved away from formal religious observance and from the best source of training for American children…the two parent upbringing of our youth.
    Some children unfortunately never get the chance with a growing number of single parent households.
    The best case scenario is one where one parent works and the other contributes to the family by raising their children.
    WWII created a monster, when many women kept their jobs after men came back from war.
    It was a mistake, a fall into the elevation of materialistic values, that were more highly regarded than the future of our children, thusly the future of America.
    Women’s roles have notoriously been undervalued and child rearing has been no exception.
    We need to return to the concept of one parent working outside the home and the other being committed to keeping a watchful eye, providing behavior guidance and otherwise raising the families offspring. It’s an important job that we owe to our children and our country.

  3. no its nor games but the gov itself they are just now charging antifa black lives matter.the congessman i jerry nadler says antifa is a soros has spent backing both and getting district attorneys elected that wont ask for bail and then put them out of jail illegal aliens are all over and nobody know who they are or where they are ms13 terriosts what else and also disarming the police they wont even protect the supreme court the world order they want to run the country and people that are elected will be there slaves and journal like your self will be told what to say you both hate trump and that is fine but they cant have him that is why that have running the country that have tried and tries to get rid of him the cia had kennedy shor and made nixon quit so the could put that spineless ford in they expcted clinton to win donr believe me do some homework

  4. One reason there are not as many gun crimes in other countries is because the prosecutors there , PROSECUTE gun crimes and give long prisons sentences. In the U.S. ,most of the liberal states attorneys and district attorneys always plea bargain down gun crimes . The bad guys , gang bangers, drug dealers all know this so they have no fear of getting a long prison sentence !!!

  5. The solution to gun violence in the US is to keep firearms out of the hands of liberals and Democrats. Never heard of a Republican, Conservative or an NRA member committing mass shootings.

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