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Multiple Personnel Files Leaked to House Dem Opposition-Research Firm

The Air Force has confirmed that they turned over eleven personal files on members of the Air Force to an opposition research firm closely tied to the Democratic party. Perhaps the “weaponization of law enforcement” panel needs an expanded brief.

The Department of Defense had already admitted that they turned over Air Force files belonging to a Republican running for Congress, Jennifer-Ruth Green, that showed she had been the victim of a sexual assault.

But, they only made that admission after they were caught red-handed. Now, the Air Force says eleven files were turned over to the Democratic group, but only after investigative reporter John Solomon exposed their actions.

It’s the old Clinton playbook. Tell me what you can prove and I’ll tell you what I will admit to.

Just the News’ John Solomon reports that two House GOP committee chairs want to know when the criminal prosecutions will begin:

In an unprecedented breach, the Air Force improperly released to a research firm tied to Democrats’ congressional campaign arm the confidential personnel files of eleven members of the military, including one involving a retired lieutenant colonel running for office as a Republican that detailed how she had been sexually assaulted in the Air Force, Congress has been told.

House Armed Services Committee Chairman Mike Rogers and House Oversight and Accountability Committee Chairman James Comer are demanding that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin explain how he will prevent future breaches of military members’ private information while pressing to know if there will be criminal prosecutions. …

Rogers told Just the News much more needs to be investigated. “It’s abhorrent that a Democrat-aligned firm would do something so despicable as fraudulently obtaining service records. Chairman James Comer and I pressed the Department of Defense for answers on this egregious breach,” he said.

They want answers ASAP on whether any of the other files involved Republicans running for public office:

The Office of the Secretary of the Air Force (OSAF) has informed the Committee that it released 11 individuals’ records over a 14-month period from October 2021-December 2022 to a private research firm which allegedly misrepresented itself in order to obtain access to the personnel records without authorization or consent. This news comes on the heels of a prior admission by the Air Force to having inappropriately released the OMPF of former Republican Congressional candidate Jennifer-Ruth Green to the very same research firm, Due Diligence Group (DDG). 5 That disclosure served to revictimize a servicemember by releasing details about her sexual assault.6 The recent broader release of additional servicemembers’ records highlights not only the inadequacy of procedures to secure military personnel files, but also raises concerning questions of possible illicit motive or political partisanship.

This conduct by the Air Force is, at a minimum, unacceptable. The conduct by the research firm is quite possibly criminal.

It is criminal, but with the corrupt Merrick Garland in charge of the DOJ, you are only fooling yourself if you think they will ever bring charges against the group. Imagine if that clown had made it onto the Supreme Court.

Under garland, parents were targeted as domestic terrorists for objecting to two girls who were sexually assaulted by the same boy wearing a skirt.

He also allowed people to break the law in protests at the Houses of Supreme Court justices and the attempted assassination of Brett Kavanaugh.




8 Responses

  1. The only way to stop this from happening is to discharge the people in charge of those departments and either put them in prison for a while or fine the hell out of them. They will fix it on their own at that time.

    1. Include the ones receiving the flies also in the jail term. Until these criminals start getting fired this sh!t will never stop.

  2. This is literally the first thing anyone in the personnel department is taught. Most businesses won’t under ANY circumstances release any information other than the dates someone worked there. So, this isn’t accidental or unintentional.

    Further, any law abiding management would all ready know who did it and have fired them, and how they did it and have changed processes and procedures to prevent this from ever happening again.

    Finally, this is NOT “unprecedented”. It’s happened before and it will happen again. Especially if those involved are allowed to get away with it without being named and prosecuted.

  3. The best way to stop this is strip Austin of his position take his pension away and throw him in Leavenworth!!! Until we start holding those in charge accountable this will continue to happen!!! Start at the head and work your way down!!!!!

  4. Why would the USAF release the files AT ALL regardless of what the group said!! Someone should be getting demoted or separated but with bootlickers in charge, don’t count on it!

  5. There MUST BE ACCOUNTABILITY! The DOJ and the leadership of each branch of the military must pay a price for their outrageous behavior! The weaponization of ALL of the Biden Administration, targeting conservatives, is UNACCEPTABLE and has become the CULTURE of the ENTIRE Biden Administration!

  6. Gary, Paul, and Ron are all dead on. The main problem with our current military leadership is the focus on political correctness and political theory and party support. Only a Presidential change will provide for getting rid of the DoD leadership, the top commanders of each of the services, the Commandants of the Service Academies, and pretty much all flag-level commanders. The officer promotion program has been perverted since Clinton, made worse under Obama, and extended to Marxism under Biden and his handlers. It will take decades to purge the officer corps and reconstruct it with pro-Constitutionalists and warrior-like commanders. In the meantime, we remain vulnerable to threats from Russia, the CCP, and the NWO.

  7. Beginning during the Obama years, the services – with the Air Force leading (and the Navy sniffing the Air Force butt in pursuit), have placed wokeness above readiness.

    We all remember how Obama fired or pushed into retirement outstanding general officers like General Boykin and Lieutenant General Mike Flynn.

    I know there are Senior officers who are, to use a dog-park expression ïntact”, but they have been cowed by political hacks like Miley and Austin into being quiet.

    When we get new leadership in this country, we may have to purge all officers of the rank Colonel or Navy Captain and above to get our armed forces back to being the defenders of the nation, and not a play group for the socially disadvantaged.

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