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Nashville Cowboy Goes Off on Biden, Harris in Amazing Man-on-the-Street Interview

The word on the street among many Black voters suggests Democrat hopes for 2024 are dimming.

In a recent man-on-the-street interview conducted by conservative activist and journalist Benny Johnson, a cowboy in Nashville expressed strong criticism of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris that could potentially reverberate in Washington, D.C.

In his introduction to the video posted to YouTube on Sunday, Johnson said he was “reporting from Nashville, asking a question that didn’t have anything to do with Donald Trump.”

“And one man just wanted to come and tell us what he thinks about our president, and it blew our minds,” Johnson said.

“Biden, that motherf***** losing his senses,” said the man, wearing the kind of cowboy hat that goes better in Nashville than it would in any northern city.

“That and Kamala Harris, she just a token, and I hate to say it, she just a token black woman,” the man said. “I don’t give a damn. Like I’m gonna say this s***. She just a token black woman.”

“Biden tagged onto that and said, ‘You know what? I’m gonna win the black vote while having her.’”

“She felt like, ‘OK, we’re gonna say Biden is incompetent, then I’m gonna be president,’” he said.

Instead, Biden is hanging on. And actually running for re-election — even if it looks like he has trouble walking half the time.

“Like, come on, man. That man too damn old. He a senior citizen,” the man said. “We need to be talking about Jello and senior citizen homes with his a**.”

“I’m not a political person at all,” he said. “But I will say one thing: His a** needs to go. And her a** needs to go.”

“I think Trump should be president,” he said. “And I’m a tell you why.

“Because we need somebody that’s an a**hole in the White House.

“We need somebody that’s going to tell these foreign countries, ‘F*** you. This is the way we gonna do it. And if you don’t like it, we’ll meet you on the battlefield.’”


WARNING: The following video contains extremely graphic language.

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6 Responses

  1. He hit the nail on the head. Kamala was picked, not because she was qualified for the job, but to bring in the black vote. She’s more like a token than any black person so far. After all, Biden has a long history of racism and it must of gagged him to have her running as his VP.

  2. Like my wife just said, instead of meeting them on the battlefield just stop sending them money. Due to their vast welfare states, most countries couldn’t really keep a real military if they didn’t get American support.

  3. Let’s just say that they’re both just token humans. And ill use that loosely. Only looking out for themselves. Won’t give a cr$%% about the people. Just steal more money and sell more national secrets overseas. Now banning the US FLAG
    Ill take a flag pole and shove it up where the sun dont shine

  4. Okay , I remember her saying her “DADDY” was from India. Also ,one of her grandparents hadslaves. So , just why did she get appointed with Biden? THE POWERS that be could MANIPULATE THEM , Hates and other elitists are pulling the strings, along with OLD Barack.
    Anyone who votes for Biden is a total entitled POS who wants all the freebies . Don’t need to work , daddy GOV will make sure I get fed. Thanks LBJ

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