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National Archives Misses Deadline to Turn Over Biden Pseudonym Emails He Used for Illicit Business Deals with Foreign Officials

The National Archives recently confirmed, following a request made under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), that it had discovered 5,138 email messages and 25 electronic files related to the known Joe Biden pseudonym accounts [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected].

The request was placed in a queue based on the date it was received, with Southeastern Legal Foundation receiving the response to their inquiry in August 2020.

Despite Joe Biden’s repeated denials of involvement in Hunter Biden’s business deals, this evidence shows that both were included in an email concerning an upcoming call with the Ukrainian president.

The House Oversight Committee Chairman previously reported on two emails sent from Biden-aide John Flynn to then Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden on May 27, 2016 and June 15, 2016. This weekend, FOX News reported that the National Archives missed their deadline to hand over Joe Biden’s pseudonym emails to the committee.

The National Archives have given additional time for both former President Obama and current Presidential candidate Joe Biden to select which emails should be released, a courtesy not extended to President Trump during any of his investigations.

FOX News:

While Nara the National Archives did not meet Comer’s specific parameters by the deadline, the agency did cooperate by forwarding on the information to the President himself. A spokesperson for House Oversight Committee says the committee has spoken with the National Archives about Comer’s request. The National Archives officials have indicated that they have sent some of the records to representatives for former President Obama and Joe Biden for their approval to be released. President Biden promised the most transparent administration in history, and we fully expect him to approve the release of those records. However, a source for the National Archives tells Fox there are certain restrictions in the Freedom of Information Act process for issues such as national security and law enforcement.

And beyond that hurdle, emails from the Biden vice presidency still fall under the Presidential Records Act from the Obama administration. Julie, as you mentioned last week, a group called the Southeastern Legal Foundation filed this lawsuit for emails with aliases. They received a reply from the National Archives in June of 2022, but 14 months later, they are still in the public queue assigned. This may take a bit before these emails become public, if they become public at all. Julie all right, you know what?

According to Comer’s office, comer gave the National Archives until last Thursday, the 31 August, to turn over detail information about Biden’s pseudonym emails.

Evidence has emerged from Hunter Biden’s laptop computer, which was left at a Delaware computer shop by XRVision.

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6 Responses

  1. “The National Archives have given additional time for both former President Obama and current Presidential candidate Joe Biden to select which emails should be released, a courtesy not extended to President Trump during any of his investigations.”

    Is there NO government agency in America’s vaunted (not) government that isn’t partisan and CORRUPT?

  2. Yes; but beware of some phony Republicans that are snakes in the grass like Chris Christie and the wicked Mitt Romney with some others; but most are trying to do more good for the citizen unlike the evil Demonicrats!
    This is the result of highly corrupted politicians ruling the roost for decades and then allowing the fox into the hen-house to-do as it pleases! Basically what I mean is unchecked criminality of the highest order a form of white collar organized crime (RICO STATUTES APPLY) has been devouring our American system and way of life! “C’mon man;” (FJB) when you have scum from hell like Soros directly engaged in our government operations buying off whoever he pleases and planting his minions in our judicial system from state to state while funding cultural revolution destructors, like Antifa and BLM; how bad do you think this mess already is! And no FBI, DOD or DHS lifting a finger to stop any of it, but instead going after conservative parents at school board meetings or Catholics that do some sidewalk counseling to young women that got pregnant and need advice and real help to cope, let’s face it this isn’t the America where our parents and grandparents worked and lived decent lives being a proud part of it!

    1. Absolutely that is why they want that; and Soros has a proven track record of how stacking the judicial deck can serve the leftist, globalist Agenda!

    2. The “devious highly corrupted partisan justice system con artists” who craft “weaponized accusations and political hit-job indictments” are in fact now revealing that they are indeed members of “a government organized crime syndicate” just like “America’s own man of perdition” “lying Joe” the wickedest slime ball politician along with these others this nation has ever seen aside from the front runner in that classification Bathhouse Barry Obama!

      Matthew 22:18 Amplified Bible “But Jesus, aware of their malice, asked, “Why are you testing Me, you hypocrites?”

      Romans 12:9 Amplified Bible “Love is to be sincere and active [the real thing—without guile and hypocrisy]. Hate what is evil [detest all ungodliness, do not tolerate wickedness]; hold on tightly to what is good.”

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