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NBC News Admits That Biden Is a Huge Gamble for the Democrats

NBC is now admitting that running Joe Biden for reelection is a real gamble. The over/under in Vegas is 81 million votes. They would have a hard time explaining those votes even more this year than they did in 2020.

Trump now leads in all of the swing states except Wisconsin which is now tied at 47%. Trump has now taken the lead among Hispanics and young voters and has picked up a lot of ground among Black voters and women.

The Democrats have a major problem on their hands. They can’t win with Biden and they have no one else who stands a chance. Gavin Newsom? No, he got creamed in his debate with Ron DeSantis and DeSantis is a terrible debater.

Hillary Clinton? Do three-time losers still get life in prison? Michelle Obama? She doesn’t want it. How about Liz Cheney or Adam Kinzinger or better yet Cheney and Kinzinger with either one on top? That was a joke.

But, what might be the most devastating blow to Biden’s chances is that even his staunchest sycophants at NBC say he is in deep trouble. If you are a Democrat and NBC quits spewing your propaganda, send your campaign to the morgue because it is dead in the water.

NBC senior national political reporter Peter Nicholas said:

“There’s no way the president would go home to Delaware and voluntarily give up an office he pined for his entire political career. That’s the conventional thinking in Washington, anyway.”

From NBC

But what if Biden takes a hard look at his poll numbers and concludes he’d rather bail than risk losing to Trump, the GOP front-runner? Or if he is feeling every bit his age (81) and no longer wants all the travel and stress that come with the job? Or if he decides the negative attention heaped on his one surviving son, Hunter, would subside if he just took himself off the ballot and retired from politics?

None of that is expected; neither is it out of the realm of possibility.

Over the last 50 years, Democrats have grown accustomed to a comparatively orderly and transparent process that empowered voters, not party bosses, to choose the presidential nominee.

Biden’s withdrawal from the race would disrupt all that, setting off a frenzied scramble for the nomination unlike anything that most Americans have seen in their lifetimes.

By early January, more than half of the filing deadlines to compete in party primaries and caucuses will have passed. So, depending on when the president were to exit the race, candidates would be jockeying to win over Biden delegates who suddenly found themselves without a candidate.

The competition to succeed him would likely convulse the party ahead of the general election. Vice President Kamala Harris would surely make the case that she is the heir apparent. As the first Black woman to serve as VP, Harris has a natural political base made up of the party’s most loyal voters.

From PJ Media

What a bubble the liberal media must live in to think that Biden has never had a brain freeze, taken a fall, or spoken gibberish. Are they really so insulated from reality that they don’t realize the reason why the White House has gone to extraordinary lengths to protect Biden from certain mishaps? Apparently so.

But when you read between the lines, it’s clear that NBC News realizes that whether Biden stays in or drops out, it’s a huge gamble for the Democrats because Biden had the audacity to seek a second term when people had been speculating for years he wasn’t going to seek reelection in the first place.




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