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New Details Emerge Over ‘Mistake’ That Led To Bud Light’s Paid Marketing Engagement With Trans Influencer

When you go woke, you go broke. New details have come out about the decision to use Dylan Mulvaney as the face of Bud Light. It seems that a spokesman for Anheuser Busch claims that no one at the senior level knew that a transgender would be used to sell beer to America. What could possibly go wrong? Well, Anheuser Busch has lost $6 billion of their market cap. The worst may not be over.

Many famous people who own bars have quit selling Bud Light and those who haven’t, complain that no one was buying it. Many other people are now refusing to buy any Anheuser Busch products. Once they find a new beer that they like, they probably will stick to the new brand. Anheuser Busch is in a real bind because if they fire the transgender, leftists will go crazy and that could cost them a lot of money. If they were smart, they would throw a bundle of money at Mulvany to get him/her to go away and be quiet.

Maybe they can’t fire Mulvaney, but they should fire Alissa Heinerscheid, who was allegedly the mastermind behind the advertising faux pas. But the owners of the beer company are located in Europe, so doing the smart thing is not an option. But the real importance of this whole fiasco is that it should be a warning that when it comes to woke, people vote with their wallets. Bud Light was popular with the sports crowd, whom  Alissa Heinerscheid disparaged.

Remember disco? I lived in New Jersey at the time and the popular bars switched from rock to disco they lost their shirts because the rock crowd drank copious amounts of alcohol but the disco freaks drank ginger ale and club soda.  Needless to say, many of them went broke. The Soap Factory was one of my favorite hangouts, but after going disco, it folded in less than six months.

From The Daily Wire

A second source also claimed that a lower level employee had made the decision to include Mulvaney in the campaign, a move that appears to have cost the company $5 billion in market value. The backlash to the iconic American beer brand has been so intense that a Budweiser distributor in Missouri canceled an event with the company’s famous Clydesdale horses because everything was “still sensitive” over the matter.

The second source told The Daily Wire that the company was likely going to implement a more “robust” process for evaluating controversial figures in the future to avoid another public relations nightmare.

The claim that a lower level employee was allegedly behind the Mulvaney campaign comes after two female vice presidents at the company had previously championed inclusivity at the company.

Anheuser-Busch’s vice president of communications Jennifer Morris, who locked her Twitter account in recent days, said at an industry event in 2021 that she felt it was important to “leverage our scale and resources to further conversations around DE&I [Diversity, Equity and Inclusion] and help consumers understand the difference they can make as individuals.”

Bud Light vice president of marketing Alissa Heinerscheid claimed in a recent interview that she wanted “to evolve and elevate this incredibly iconic brand” and focus on “inclusivity” because she thought it was “in decline.”

“I’m a businesswoman, I had a really clear job to do when I took over Bud Light, and it was ‘This brand is in decline, it’s been in a decline for a really long time, and if we do not attract young drinkers to come and drink this brand there will be no future for Bud Light,’” she said.




47 Responses

  1. When will these companies realize that the general public (just a guess 85% to 90%} believe a company should not engage in “social justice ” issues. Same thing came out with some major companies endorsing the BLM movement. Stay out of politics!!!

  2. When will these major companies realize that the vast majority of the general public do not want the companies to endorse these woke ideas? If I remember correctly several companies received major backlash as well as loss of revenues when they endorsed the BLM movement

  3. So, to add a new, very small segment of the population you decide to make a move that was sure to alienate a large part of your current customer base. You decide to anger a large percentage of the population to attract a small percentage of the population.
    I do not recall that strategy being promoted in my college Marketing class.

  4. AB needs to fire ALL INVOLVED.
    They need to apologize for committing this act of Force upon us as if we dont matter but I guess they found out otherwise.
    Any company and you wearers of NIKE are SHEEO, as they are doing the same thing: MOCKING WOMENT IE: Your Mother for one and any sisters ou may have or aunts or grandmothers.
    Tis is a spiritual, mental and emotional disease and UNSCIENTIFIC to BOOT

    1. AB Anheuser Bush needs to fire ALL INVOLVED.
      They need to apologize for committing this act of Forced REPROBATEISM upon us as if we dont matter, but I guess they found out otherwise.
      Any company, and you wearers of NIKE are SHEEP, as they are doing the same thing: MOCKING WOMENT IE: Your Mother for one, any sisters you may or she may have aunts or grandmothers. You are mocking them
      This is a spiritual, mental and emotional disease and UNSCIENTIFIC to BOOT

    2. Yes…….Woke is recent with all its beliefs. “Normal” has been forever in America. All of you big names and owners of products used by the masses better wake up and realize your bread is buttered by people of the past NOT the newcomers with ridiculous WOKE ideas. What does it take for you to realize how many businesses are going under if they follow the woke crowd? WAKE UP!!! Wokeness didn’t build America but a lot of foreigners worked together and DID. And millions of those have ancesters living today! We are NOT WOKE! …….. All Brit, Irish, Scot, Polish, African, German, Spanish, Jewish, French, Japanese, Mexican, and any I’ve forgotten descendants are here and doing just fine without woke anything!!!

  5. ANYTHING that AB does NOW is TOO LITTLE TOO LATE, they are trying to close the barn door AFTER the horse has already gotten out !!!! Up until last week I had been EXCLUSIVELY a BUDWEISER Drinker for over 50 years, but after the overseas sale and THIS IDIOTIC BLUNDER, I for one WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING THAT ANHEUSER-BUSCH sells again, I’m done with all this NASTY WOKE GARBAGE !!!!!

    1. How many of the Left were consumers of their product? Enough to make up the loss? Doesn’t sound like it. The company has every right to remove an obvious “dead albatross” from the company “neck”, as well as the person who foolishly put it there to check the boxes on an agenda. They owe it to their customers and their stock holders alike; they do not know that political agenda a thing. It should’ve been obvious by the time this move was made, it was not apt to go well with the bulk of their customers.

  6. So far AB has lost over 6 billion dollars within a week, this should tell the owners and public something is wrong with their woke ad and the he-she-it who put it together,
    and maybe not if the real reason is to destroy the capalist brand.

  7. Went to a triple A game last night. No one was drinking Bud Light. I found out that Coors Light is just as good. Good by AB.

  8. The “European Brass” is looking for the “Executive” who will be willing to “take one for the WOKER!” (after this major BOO-BOO by US HONCHOS)! Folks, it started with the job interview…trying to “find the scape goat” just will not be enough. If Bud Lite “was in decline” why weren’t existing US executives called “on the carpet” to answer for their slipping “market niche?? HUH? There seems to be a deeper problem, 3G Capital (owner of both European and US “brands”) has lost its way with their “Zero -Based -Budgeting” (cut-to-the-bone) strategy of “lean-is-mean.” See, lower levels of “workers” must “tow-the-line” while “”top-level-executives” can “do-the brain-stormin'” Got It??!! That impresses all “European Brass.” There’s something fundamentally amiss at the largest beer conglomerate on the face of this earth…and it looks like “it’s unravelling!”(Pssst! They donna know their market) Pray. Amen. God Bless America. Read A Bible. Psalm 128. 10 Commandments everywhere. Kitchen Militias to decimate (really stupid Columbia U’s Hegelian Marxist Sociological and Philosophical Hubris, Indoctrination and Ideology it’s stupid stuff!). God Bless.

  9. What a coincidence – Bud Light is fake beer and their new mentally-ill spokesman is a fake girl – hahahahaha! – go woke, go broke!

  10. I will never buy am about product again. Ill go back to making my own this country you can still.make 2500 gals without any pemalties.. just dont try to sell it without a license

  11. I will never buy ab products again. Ill go back to making my own this country you can still make 2500 gals without any penalties… just dont try to sell it without a license

  12. To Corporate America. You are not my mother, sister, brother or therapist. You will not suggest what I eat or drink with MY money.
    All one has to do is look at Ms. Heinderschied and you could see DV&E tattooed on her forehead.
    Perhaps Corporate America should become more involved with what comes in the door.

  13. You want put your sponsors back, you want us back, then fire your transgender. Losing the LEFT is much better than losing the RIGHT. Every problem we have in this country lies within the Left’s ideology. The Progressive Left eats this stuff up and are exposing our children in the process. Make a decision and make it quick because the company has yet to feel the pain that is yet to be felt.

  14. As a beer maker, dont drag yourself into controversial subjects. Stick with the funny commercials that people love and continue talking about. Don’t pick sides in anything. Don’t endorse political candidates. Dont get involved with anything that does not have to do with beer, beer drinkers or your market. Get out of politics. Get out of difficult subjects and movements. Just focus on the satisfaction of the beer drinker. Just bring a smile to his/her face. Don’t make them pissed off.

  15. Inclusiveness and accepting diversity (within reason) is one thing.

    This ‘wokeist phenomenon’ isn’t about understanding and tolerance; it’s all about forcing people to accept a possibly abhorrent viewpoint despite their having different and valid opinions.

    Forcing a trannie down people’s throats (maybe literally) is disgusting.

    Wokeism really sucks.

    Welcome to ‘Brave New World/1984’.

  16. This has been building for quite sometime. First it was Target and their men in the women’s bathrooms and changing areas fiasco, which I still will not go to. However at some point normal Americans were going to say ENOUGH and Budweiser, you just pushed us over the limit. I hope you go broke. Maybe these “woke” CEO’s will get a clue and stop all this nonsense of making delusional people seem normal and that we must accept their diversity and inclusiveness to the detriment of society.

  17. Alissa H is symptomatic of a bigger issue facing this country. She represents the young, privileged people in this country who have no experience in life except for being around the same type of people.
    She and her ilk have NEVER had a working class friend so they have no idea what the real foundation and backbone of this country really is. She has no real world experience. I can tell this by the video she made justifying her decision to hire this guy as a spokesperson.
    The problem is that the people like her are being put in positions of authority in private biz and government as well.
    She needs to be fired. $6 billion in lost value may not be enough to justify firing a wokester.
    Like I said at the beginning, this whole situation is part of a much bigger problem facing our country and society as a whole.

  18. AB was once a great citizen that ran nice brewery tours and very clean amusement parks, and a sponsor to many great American pastimes. I became a loyal Bud & BL drinker. Our last (literally) visit to Busch Gardens was a totally different experience. The ONLY impact I can have is $$$$, I will not be buying any more, and I hope millions do the same!

  19. Paying that thing to go away is now a felony crime for some in New York City. That thing does not look like a woman.

  20. There’s no woman like a woke woman. Good job, girls. Too bad anyone gives a sh*t what you think.

  21. As an ex marketer, my experience is that you never fix your market position by broadening your field of demand. That’s top down and it never works. No AB, you should fix your position by building on your strength. Learn from your current customers what themes drives them to your brand (through quality focus groups). There may be several – rank them. Then strengthen and promote those themes in new and compelling ways. Appeal to the existing emotional drive of the customer, not their potential wokeness or idealism. It’s about how people feel about Clydesdales, not about how Clydesdales feel about people.
    John, the Odd Duck.

  22. Just another example of why the ownership of major companies originating in the US should stay with ownership within the US. As cited in the article AB is now owned by a European firm and they don’t care.

  23. AB worships at the altar of DEI. They are convinced that consumers should shut up and be grateful to be lectured about the glories of DEI.
    I sometimes bought donuts a shop from a DD shop here in Colorado Springs. One day I walked in and saw LGBTQ posters plastered on the walls. A few moments later, the new manager started dancing through the shop, chanting “I’m the gayest person in Colorado!“ There were 10 of us in line when he started. None of us said a word as we walked out. It looked like one person stayed. The manager shouted,”See how hateful people are?” A few weeks later, the shop was gone.

  24. From “Real Men of Distinction” to “Faux Women of Disturbedness.” What could possibly go wrong? And then for Ms. Heinerscheid to disparage on video the very customers who were keeping the brand alive, well, that degenerated the whole fiasco from idiocy to lunacy (literally; you can see the crazy in her eyes).

  25. Better check the Phone logs and see if Joe Biden has called Hillary Clinton’s and requested the Clinton Pest Control to do a job.

  26. I am of the generation that helped AB become prosperous. I will no longer buy their products, my children will no longer buy their products, and now my grandchildren will no longer buy their products.
    Why in the world would a company make a decision that EXCLUDES the largest majority or people.
    Why can’t this company or any other company just be neutral and not take sides?

  27. So disparaging and debasing over 99% of their buying base and cow towing to the .0003% they thought was a good idea? Now the questions are – The .0003%. are they old enough to drink beer? Do they even drink beer? Can they afford to buy beer or does their mommy have to stock the fridge? Go woke, go broke.

  28. This abomination is ugly, who would want to hold a can with this looking at you? I like the horses they are better looking.

  29. I totally agree with “J R Justice” ! This is just too little, too late ! I too was a faithful Budweiser and Busch drinker for many years. But since they are no longer American owned and leaning toward the ” far left”, I’ve lost my taste for their beer ! I think I’ll switch to Pabst, Rolling Rock, or Coors now. Anyone care to join me for a “cold one” ?

  30. stop passing the buck, and why don’t all you corps stand UP to the inclusivity crap….who is the government to tell you what values to have…listen to your customers, the government isn’t paying your bills…just don’t do it, and if the government wants to threaten you, STAND UP….stop cowering like a bunch of powerless nincompoops and band together for your rights to represent your customers, period

  31. Look at the amount of glysophates in beer, especially this AB swill, and you’ll have changed brands and restricted the consumption, anyway.
    They’re killing Americans off from every angle for their Elitist dreams.

  32. The beautiful horses are who I really feel sorry for. They are an institution in America. Just disgusting how this freak and the cohorts destroyed the symbol of Budweiser in one insane commercial to the degree they did. Nothing attractive about a male impersonating a female to sell beer. Scary looking person. These males will never be women. Just trying to hijack females with their gross look.😡😡😡😡😡

  33. I don’t consume alcohol, but if I did, I would look for a brand that is not insanely bound to mental illness. I do not like the fact that the inmates are trying to run the asylum, when their numbers are so small. normal folks dont try to buck Mother Nature. can anyone find anything in nature to compare with this idiocy? if mankind subscribes to this madness, there will be no one left. man cannot produce offspring without the presence of females. I have never heard nor seen a man with the genitalia of a man ever giving birth to a human. however, a “woman” who takes medication to become a “man”, without having the female genitalia and accompanying vagina, uterus etc removed, regardless of testosterone levels, the appearance of facial hair, etc is still able to produce offspring. to call this deviant a “man” is a far stretch of the imagination. sorry, folks, nature doesn’t back your fantasies.

  34. ONCE UPON A TIME, there was a certain Community Organizer who pushed aside a female Senator to take her position, then pole-vaulted over the Ladder of Success into an Oval Office from 2008-2016. We think he was elected but since “Future proves the past ~ Q”, we may learn differently. He brought his wife with him but in time, we learned the Pair had deceived “this Nation.” The entity he called Michelle was actually born as Michael Robinson, and both Barry & Michael were C_A Assets. Does that mean the two young daughters they brought along were actually a pair sent by Rent-a-Kid? Who are their parents? But there’s more to the story. Barry’s mentors left him soured on life in these United States of AMERICA. He took interest in CLOWARD & PIVENS who – while imprisoned, wrote a book detailing how to destroy the USA. In addition, Barry & Michael found themselves partial to Saul Alinsky’s RULES For RADICALS. The pair began to excel at using the tactics:
    Antagonize, Intimidate, Manipulate; Disrupt, Dismantle, Defeat – and might we add Demoralize & Destroy. They learned one of the first ways to demoralize, and bring down a Great Nation, was to nibble at the Foundations and DESTROY the FAMILY & TRADITIONS. Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac soon bit the dust… Healthcare went to hell in a handbasket under the evil eye of “death panels” without doctors on board… Budgets couldn’t be balanced for Elected Officials just kept raising the debt ceiling… You know the rest of the story, so let’s move quickly to the Sports Arena – where we learned of a basketball player who chose to kneel rather than Stand with his right hand over his heart, and “…Pledge Allegiance to the Flag of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA, and to the Republic for which it stands. One Nation, Under GOD, with Liberty, and Justice for All!” Then we saw some members on our Women’s Soccer Team also make jackasses out of themselves… But FOOTBALL is the Game AMERICA really rallied around – especially during the Annual SUPER BOWL! Sponsors crawled out of the woodwork to appeal to the Masses, and from the Green Turf, TRADITIONS were born! Obviously, numerous Great Beers whetted the appetites of the Millions of Fans who PAID GOOD MONEY to sit in those Bleachers & watch the Games. As time passed, ONE (1) Brewer of Great Beer stood out: BUDWEISER – The King of Beers… You know the rest of the story. Someone “bared their soul” in a Boardroom, and SUDDENLY – the once popular cans of BUD Lite were bedecked in WOKE-Ism, and the FANS went crazy! The King of Beers was “An Emperor with no clothes on.”
    BUD was going BROKE to the tune of over $5-7Billion. Barry & Michael were now “laughing in their beer” for yet another GREAT TRADITION had “Just Bit the Dust.” Now, every great business knows THE BUCK STOPS at the TOP. So, now that we’ve learned there is a C_A Asset at the Tippy Top of BUDWEISER, we can see there must be A GAME PLAN. Does it “fit” with Faltering Global Supply Chains, Food Shortages, Famine in the Land, War in Ukraine, Banks & Businesses Going BUST (even tho they’d Donated BILLION$ to BLM/Antifa) & A Federal Reserve GONE BROKE, too?
    Just remember: The CLYDESDALES are Innocent of All the Balderdash.
    I say, LET THE MEN BE THE MEN: Stouthearted, Patriotic Alpha-Males who will “…FIGHT for the RIGHTS “WE…” ADORE!”
    O, LORD, Rescue this Nation, and deliver this Nation, out of the hand of aliens (and liars, deceivers, thieves, murderers, and traitors) whose mouth speaks deceit, and whose right hand is a right hand of falsehood! In the Mighty Name of Our Savior & LORD JESUS CHRIST – the KING of Kings & LORD of Lords, “We, the People…” Pray.

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