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New Mexico’s Most Corrupt Senator, Daniel Ivey-Soto, Is Hiding His Backers and Clients

Daniel Ivey-Soto is an attorney, Democrat Senator for District 15 (Northeast Heights of Albuquerque), and owner of an organization called Vandelay Solutions. Vandelay Solutions advises County Clerks from all 33 New Mexico Counties on technical and statutory solutions. Ivey-Soto made headlines last year when a fellow Democrat removed him from a committee over allegations of sexual harassment.

The New Mexico Attorney General’s office is now pursuing a new complaint having to do with his non-profit. He has not filed the required paperwork in the two years it has existed. He is hiding who supports his non-profit and how much they have contributed. Ivey-Soto claims his paperwork is up to date, but a quick check proved that his statement is false. Ivey-Soto has not filed a 990 form for the past two years, making him out of compliance with the state. 990 forms are required to be filed with the state each year.

From The Gateway Pundit

But the problems go deeper than missing paperwork.  501(C)(3)s are provided a “non-profit” designation – the same one given to churches, charities, and educational think tanks. A 501(c)(3) organization is also forbidden from using its activities to influence legislation in a substantial way, including participating in any campaign activities to support or deny any particular political candidate. They are typically not permitted to engage in lobbying.  However, a significant portion of the activities of Ivey-Soto clearly falls into these forbidden categories.

For example, Ivey-Soto has made maximum campaign contributions to fellow Democrats throughout the legislature, who then sponsor bills that he writes or who chair the committees that approve his bills before they go to the New Mexico senate for a vote.

Ivey-Soto’s highly partisan political shell game has gradually, but systematically, changed the election code in New Mexico to favor the interests of out-of-state private corporations like Dominion Voting Systems.  Another hallmark of his legislation is to conceal meaningful auditable trails favoring the vendor, and to transfer greater power to top-down authorities like the Secretary of State, instead of local election administrators that are supposed to be directly accountable to their constituents.

Vandelay Solutions also has contracts with numerous county clerks in New Mexico where, according to his website, Ivey-Soto “provides adult educational services and technical assistance to local government officials in the public service areas of administration of elections, property record recordation, licenses issuance, conduct of public meetings and inspection of public records.”

Ivey-Soto does not limit himself to technical advice, however. This journalist obtained an email dated October 26, 2021, that was addressed to all 33 New Mexico County clerks. The subject of the email was a citizen-driven election vulnerability investigation report that had been sent to all 33 county clerks highlighting massive problems with New Mexico’s voter rolls and election data. A second report was produced by national experts revealing at least 17 massive system vulnerabilities and 13 violations of the state election code.  Ivey-Soto advised all 33 county clerks to ignore the report, claiming it contained no factual information.

Also following the 2020 election, Dave Gallus, a Republican candidate in Dona Ana County, filed an ethics complaint against Ivey-Soto, claiming he did away with bipartisan checking of ballots and placed the counting of the votes onto the shoulders of Democrats only in races they were running in. That is a conflict of interest.

David Clements, New Mexico attorney and election integrity advocate said:

“Ivey-Soto is using Vandelay Solutions to affect political outcomes, meaning his 501(C)(3) designation is not only wildly inappropriate but if he were investigated properly, his actions would be found to be illegal. Failing to file the paperwork that discloses his donors during the most objectively corrupt election administration in history shows he is at best incompetent as an attorney, or at worst, illegally hiding his backers. An attorney should know better.”




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  1. New Mexico new Governor is another Example of Voter Fraud , Corruption , Bribery and Thiefed from Good New Mexico Citizens.

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