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NEW VIDEO Emerges of Democrat Congress Members Playing with Phones and YAWNING at Congressional Hearing in NYC!

A new video is out that shows Democrats being very disrespectful to the victims of crime in New York City. Now, tell me again that Democrats are not evil incarnate. The liberal likes of Adam Schiff (D-California), Hank Johnson (D-Georgia), (D-Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas), Jerry Nadler (D-New York), and Madeleine Dean (D-Pennsylvania)  were disrespectful and even mocked Madeline Brame, mother of decorated US veteran Hasson Correa, and called her a prop. She was a prop with a dead son.

John Tabacco of Newsmax said:

“The phone-obsessed Democrats should be ashamed of themselves as human beings. It was bad enough that Madeline Brame, mother of decorated US veteran Hasson Correa, had to watch her son brutally murdered by a gang of thugs. But to add insult to injury Congressman Nadler and his cohorts (when not sleeping or texting) mocked this poor woman as she told her story, dismissing her as a mere prop after she recounted how DA Alvin Bragg let one of her son’s killers caught on video walk away scot-free. Clearly, they were not concerned with the heartbreak of victims who lost family to violent crime in New York City.”

Tina Ryan of Citizens Against Political Persecution:

“Yawning Hank Johnson and his obnoxious Democrat pals owe these victims an apology.”

Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), head of the Judiciary Committee, brought witnesses like Madeline Brame to testify about violent crimes in New York City.

Brame also expressed her disgust with House Democrats. She said of the texting and yawning politicians:

“These people are not fit to be dog-catchers, let alone tax-payer paid elected officials. It just goes to show on display for all of America to see exactly what our tax dollars are paying for. For those people to be so disrespectful, so insulting, so condescending,they don’t not need to be in this positions. They are so out of touch.”

From The Gateway Pundit 

“Don’t insult my intelligence,” a frustrated Brame yelled out at Democrats in the middle of the hearing that claimed she was a prop. “You’re trying to insult me like I’m not aware of what’s going on here, okay. I’m fully aware of what’s going on here!”

“That’s why I walked away from the plantation of the Democratic Party,” she added, prompting Jim Jordan to request order in the hearing. See the video here and Brame’s viral statement at the end:

Several other victims and survivors of violent crime in New York testified, angry with Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg (D) for refusing to prosecute many violent felonies in New York City. Rather, Bragg has chosen to use local taxpayer dollars allocated to fighting real crime in New York City to assist the federal government in their political persecution of President Donald Trump.

After Brame and other crime victims like bodega owner Jose Alba told their stories, Democrats accused the victims of being “used” and “props”. They then quickly pivoted their time on the floor to rant about Donald Trump, the threat of MAGA Republicans to Democracy, Congressman George Santos and gun control. They refused to genuinely acknowledge the plight of victims of violent crime in New York or admit the dereliction of duty by their fellow liberal NYC District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

After about an hour or so into the hearing, the liberal attention spans wandered. The sleepy yawning, rude texting and incessant cell phone usage began.





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  1. When Trump showed up last week for his court hearing, NY spent over 2 million on security. However they can not afford to hire more police and prosecute real crimes against the good citizens of the city. Just another expensive fiasco our govt wastes money on to attack their political enemies while allowing murderers and rapist to walk.

  2. Dumbassocrats will get no respect on the streets or wherever they are! Not even in the crosswalk, or the streets. They are as useful as tits on a boar hog!

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