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New Video Shows Ray Epps Confronting Police And Clearly Shows Police Instigating and Initiating Violence and Attacking Peaceful Crowd

A new video shows two very important facts. Number one is that it shows Ray Eps confronting the police and number two shows the police attacking a peaceful crowd. That should be enough evidence to send a few police officers to prison unless they were ordered to do, but they would have to say who gave the order. And why has Ray Epps not been arrested? There have been no six AM raids on his house, yet people who just stood outside doing nothing have been raided and arrested.

Ryan Samsel attended January 6, 2021, protests in Washington DC. He was one of those who Ray Epps incited to riot. He went berserk after Ray Epps whispered in his ear. He was arrested and thrown into the DC Gulag. He was taken from his cell, tied up and beaten so severely that he lost an eye, But Ray Epps is a free man.

President Trump told his supporters to march peacefully to the Capitol and after it turned violent he posted a video telling his followers to leave the cops alone and to go home. The Democrats claim he incited the riot and that he should go to prison. But Ray Epps is a free man. Is it just me or is something wrong here?

Samsel is accused of knocking a female policewoman down, but in the following video, you will see Samsel help the woman up.

Gary McBride of M5 News:

“I would call it doctored video for sure,” said Gary McBride of M5 News. “It’s like a watermark effect they used. I know they edited the CCTV Video, which is illegal. The reason I know this is because the original video did NOT have the glitch when Ray Epps breached the fence, nor did it have a time and date stamp on it. Compare the videos yourself to verify. Somehow the version that appeared in court had a time stamp on it that DID NOT EXIST in any of the original CCTV footage, as well as some sort of suspicious watermark that is meant to look like a glitch in the video to CONVENIENTLY COVER UP THE BREACH BY RAY EPPS.”

The prosecutors used a doctored tape in order to convict Samsel, but they inserted a glitch in the video to cover up for ray Epps. HGere is the undoctored tape:

From The Gateway Pundit

Since his arrest, Ryan Samsel has been held in a Washington DC prison. On March 21, 2021, Ryan was awakened by correctional officers, and his hands were zip-tied.  Then they walked him to an unoccupied cell where he was brutally beaten by the officers. Ryan Samsel lost an eye in the beating.  His face was smashed.  The next day the guards beat him again.

In July 2021 Ryan’s attorney Joseph McBride joined Greg Kelly on Newsmax to reveal the unbelievable abuse of the Jan. 6 political prisoners in Washington DC.

This was not an isolated incident.

This is happening in America today.

TGP’s Cara Castronuova revealed in January that Ray Epps was also involved in the second breach of barriers at the US Capitol on January 6.

Below isexclusive video that TGP contributor Cara Castronuova witnessed first-hand played by the prosecution at the Proud Boys trial to incriminate the men. It was then sent to us by our source so we could share with the public. The fuzzy “glitch” in the video literally covers RAY EPPS making the first breach through a black fence. This is the fence of Breach #2 that the prosecution is blaming the Proud Boys for breaching in their trial! You can’t make this stuff up! The suspicious “glitch” begins right before Epps breaches the gate and ends a few seconds later once he is inside. Convenient! See the video that was played for the jury.






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  1. The only disturbances, insurrection and crimes committed at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C, on Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021 were planned, staged and carried out by the seditious DNC/FBI/SS/ATF/DC Capitol Police/ANTIFA crisis actors. …like FBI plant Ray Epps!

  2. Watch this video!

    The black security man was not charged because he shot a blank!No blood spatter on wall behind Babbitt after she falls.
    No blood pool on the floor after she is moved 8 inches.
    Fake blood only appears after a man presses her neck and it is very, very, small when she is lifted.

    Babbitt was a ‘useful idiot’ likely picked at random to be used in a staged ‘False Flag’ FBI Black Op. by DNC/FBI crisis actors!

    Babbitt, if really dead, was killed or died later.””

    A body”” was cremated 2 days later to cover up the true cause of death, and identity! Babbitt may alive under a new identity.

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