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Newly Resurrected Video of E. Jean Carroll from Her 90’s TV Show Reveals a Completely Unpredictable and Deranged Woman

Joe Biden Should Drop Kamala Harris for the 2024 election and add E Jean Carroll. The have much more in common than Joe and Kamala. For one thing, Harris is not insane, just totally ignorant. But Biden and Carroll share the same insanity. Biden says Bidenomics is making the country great again and Carroll has accused Trump and five other people of sexual assault, even though she has no idea when it happened or what she was wearing.

Oddly enough, Carroll’s favorite show is law and Order. One of their episodes is about a man who sexually assaulted a woman  in the changing room at the Bergdorf Goodman department store. Seems suspiciously like her false accusation against Trump doesn’t it? Of course Joe’s story about Beau getting killed in Iraq is a close second on the Ridiculous Scale. They go together like peanut butter and mustard.

The guests look noticeably uncomfortable as E. Jean Carroll lays down on the floor during the segment, starts screaming something about ‘The Dating Game’ show and then objectifies the male guests.

E. Jean Carroll: All’s you have to remember is you’re a woman. And if you’re a woman you’re precious… Yes my darlings, chasing men is the highest amusement there is, but manhandling the difficult little buggers is something else… Call me… I hate that music. I hate that music. I hate that music. This is not, not, not The Dating Game… A melancholy proposition is before our beautiful Moira. She either’s going to prove herself as a complete nitwit as a man handler… Here I come. Is there anybody here that weighs less than 400 pounds.

From The Gateway Pundit

This was around the same stretch of years she said Trump took her shopping for lingerie after meeting on the street and raped her in the dressing room at a high end department store. E. Jean Carroll does not even remember the year this took place and had to change her story because she was caught in a lie about the so-called dress she was wearing that day.

The fact that the case against President Trump made it to court shows how corrupt the courts in New York City have become and how dangerous it is to live and work in New York City as a conservative American.

As reported earlier… In 2019, Elizabeth Jean Carroll claimed that former President Trump raped her in a Bergdorf Goodman department store dressing room in Manhattan in the mid-1990s while they were shopping. She’s not clear when this happened.

Vanity Fair wrote, “The “E” in “E. Jean” stands for Elizabeth, a name she gave herself after growing up as Betty Jean. She lives in a cabin she calls “the Mouse House,” surrounded by trees with trunks she’s painted a striking shade of pale blue. When she embarks on her road trip, in a Prius named Miss Bingley, she leaves behind her cat, Vagina T. Fireball, but takes her now-departed standard poodle, Lewis Carroll, whose pompadour was also dyed blue.”

E. Jean Carroll claimed to have had sexual tips from her dog, although it is still unclear if she was referring to Lewis Carroll, or to another dog she named Tits. Yes, you read that right.

Below is the excerpt at the 4:40 mark:

“I call it the “Mouse House” because some very distinguished mice live here. Conneman(?) lives in the kitchen. Tuberski(?) lives in the bedroom.

This is my shed. And on that side are the books that most influenced me growing up. On the door, are the list of my dogs Markie, Fortuna de la Spunky(?), Heidi, Tits, Bloody, and Hepburn.

The streams and the rivers were dry and it so horrified me that I came out and started painting the rocks blue to indicate that there was once a river here. And then after I got done painting the rocks, I just sort of walked over here and then did that tree and then did that tree. And then I did this tree. And then pretty soon I’d done this whole forest.


Carroll has served as a columnist for Elle magazine and claimed to have the longest-running advice columnist in history.





5 Responses

  1. i hope that trump sues the hell out of her, the judge, and the state. if he does try to, i will have no more respect for hm. this psycho got awarded 83 plus million bucks. hell, how many more nut jobs are going to surface now, because of this?

    1. Are there any missing statements in your post? You will have no more respect for him if he does try to?

    2. One does have to hope that this whack NEVER receives the first penny of that grotesque award, after the appeal is adjudicated by the SCOTUS. BTW, that was not the award granted by the jury, I believe that ‘Judge’ made it up on his own?

  2. Ole Forrest was perspicacious saying, “Stupid Is As Stupid Does.” Most of the people in NY, but especially NYC, are completely STUPID! They perform, daily, Einstein’s definition of insanity, by “Doing The Same Thing Over and Over (Voting Democrat) and Expecting A Different Result.” Proof is, as they say, ‘in the pudding,’ NYC is NOT the NYC of yesteryear, and is continuing to decline into UNLIVABLE!

    To think(?) this woman should be ‘given’ ANYTHING, let alone millions, is to suspend reality, but NY’rs have suspended reality for decades. As John Stossel would say, “GIVE ME A BREAK.”

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