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NFL Player Tommy Sweeney Collapses on Field During New York Giants Practice

During a practice session, the New York Giants were horrified when their tight end, Tommy Sweeney, suddenly fell to the ground.

“Scary scene as TE Tommy Sweeney received significant medical attention while working on a side field for rehabbing players,” New York Giants beat reporter for The Athletic, Dan Duggan, wrote on Wednesday.

“Unclear what happened, but [Head Coach Brian Daboll and General Manager Joe Schoen] came over and stayed there until Sweeney was put on a cart. He was shirtless, sitting up on the cart,” Duggan added.

After experiencing a “medical event” during practice, the 28-year-old player was taken off the field in a cart and later announced to be in stable condition by the Giants.

The team assured everyone that Sweeney was receiving proper medical attention in their training room.

“TE Tommy Sweeney had a medical event and is under the care of medical professionals in the Giants athletic training room. He is stable, alert and conversant,” said Duggan.

“Daboll said Sweeney is still being evaluated and declined to divulge specifics about what happened, but said he was in the facility this morning and is in “good spirits,” he concluded.

“I just wanted everyone to know he was fine,” Daboll said. “He was in the training room. His dad was actually in the crowd. … He was doing OK. I don’t want to say he [is] OK, because I’m not a physician but I saw him this morning.”

“He was walking around, he was doing fine. I just want to let everyone know he’s in good spirits and he’s doing OK.”

More from the New York Post:

One day after tight end Tommy Sweeney was carted off after experiencing a “medical event” during practice, the prognosis from Giants coach Brian Daboll sounded cautiously optimistic.

“He’s good,” Daboll said ahead of the last practice of training camp on Thursday. “He’s still going through some evaluations. Not going to get into anything specific. … He’s still going through some stuff.”

Sweeney was in the building Thursday morning, though Daboll declined to say whether he was hospitalized after leaving practice Wednesday.

He also did not say whether the event had anything to do with an undisclosed injury Sweeney was dealing with prior to Wednesday.

Daniel Jones, quarterback for the Giants, was deeply troubled when he saw a player go down and need medical attention. He called it “extremely scary,” and said such incidents are never what anyone hopes for or expects to happen during practice.

In 2019, Tommy Sweeney was drafted by the Buffalo Bills in the seventh round of the NFL He suffered a foot injury in July 2020 that led to him being placed on the physically unable to perform (PUP) list. ‘

Unexpectedly, just three months later, he was moved to the reserve/COVID-19 list due to a myocarditis diagnosis.

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  1. The obvious question needs to be asked everytime this happens and that is—–WAS HE VAXXED???????? wHAT WE NEED IS SOME HONEST DOCTORS WITH ETHICS AND A RESPECT FOR LIFE!!!!!!

    1. Absolutely! Way back when Marvin Hagler took his first jab & then died, I knew something was wrong with these non-vaccines. Now, we read about someone known every day getting sick or dying.
      I just read that Joe, the moron, Biden is planning on a mandate for everyone to take the new & improved Covid non-vaccine job later this fall.

    2. Even if there were “honest” doctors, the media would prevent the information from leaking out. All of this corruption by government against the people is a direct result of “We the People” ding nothing!

      People today who still believe in the covid lie deserve no ones sympathy when they die from it. They deserve nothing but scorn and humiliation for their hatred of people who were intelligent enough to refuse to go along.

  2. all deaths and health issues that are created in these players are caused by their Team Requirements for getting the jab – whoever forced them – they are the GRIMM REAPERS – they are the Helpers of Fauci the Frankenstein of Modern Day along with our guvmunt, Gates and Soros ^5 Proud I am sure

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