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Non-Binary Doll Presented to Preschoolers in Teacher Training Video

Young children were shown a non-binary doll called Nash in a documentary video that was used to train daycare staff in North Carolina.

In the video posted to social media, a group of four and five-year-old children are introduced by an educator identified as Maddie Piper to a non-binary doll named Nash. When asked whether he’s a boy or a girl, Maddie tells the children that Nash would reply “I’m just a kid!”

At first, one child rightly points out that “kids can be boys or girls,” before others chime in and declare that kids can be “they,” “or maybe non-binary.” The clip was part of a documentary entitled, “Reflecting on Anti-bias Education in Action: The Early Years.”

“So Nash, just like me, is non-binary,” Piper instructs the children. “So they aren’t sure if they’re a boy or a girl. So when people ask them, are you a boy or a girl, right now they just feel like saying, I’m a kid! They’re figuring it out.”

After one of the children asks, “does he like stars,” after clearly being intrigued by the red stars on the non-binary doll costume, Piper corrects them, saying “they like stars.” All of the assembled children then repeat back, “they like stars.”

“Today was fun. It was really interesting though, knowing going in like, I don’t know what questions kiddos are going to have, or what they’re going to say, which is both nerve-wracking, but also kind of exciting,” Piper said in an interview afterwardsIt’s that place of not knowing as a teacher, and just being okay with that.”

One of the assembled teachers noted that they didn’t seem perturbed by the concept of the doll being non-binary. Another teacher, identified as Veronica Reynoso, said it was a “huge testament to how much we’ve been talking about it in the classroom. You never mentioned the term non-binary. It was a child who brought that up, because it’s constantly in conversation.”

Jordan Chamberlain of the Washington Free Beacon reported that the documentary was shown to North Carolina daycare owners at a training event given by the North Carolina Association for the Education of Young Children.

The NCAYEC claims on its website that they work to “help promote professionalism and equity” in the field of early learning. One monthly meeting held by the NCAEYC’s Equity offers “early childhood education professionals a safe and brave space to engage in a virtual community of practice focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion in early childhood education.”





30 Responses

  1. This is absolutely RIDICULOUS .. you are either male or female… that’s it.
    Why this is being taught is just damn crazy.

  2. Nerve-wracking? What are the teachers straight out of a mental hospital? Really???? Look between your legs!!!! If nothing is ther well, I guess you’re just an a$$hole. People need to start teaching math and reading skills instead of TELLING KIDS or asking kids what they are. We did just fine.

  3. So what’s next? We can tell children they can be whatever they want, be it a dog, cat, donkey, fence post? This is truly getting out of hand. Children should be educated on ACTUAL FACTS of science and biology. As they grow older and as a young adult more capable of making informed decisions they can chose these abstractions. However this just seems to be delusional BS

  4. This is the most disgusting thing I have read in this woke world they are pushing on unsuspecting children. Give them a chance to be children without the pressures of trying to figure out that this person says they are a girl or boy, but someone else who looks like them says they are not. How confusing. What makes this OK?

  5. WHAT parent – WHAT teacher with any moral sense would allow this garbage to filter into a school curriculum for children? Is there no end to the depravity our schools are agreeing to teach? It’s time to stand up and refuse to accept this nonsense! From the beginning of time it was man and woman – now the lack of morals of those supporting this creeping degradation of the mind and the identity change of male and female which is creating havoc to those who are not mentally sound. Let’s stand for boys are boys, girls are girls. Period.

  6. A singleton cannot be “plural, just he, she, or it. Only multiples warrant plural pronouns. And gibberish has no place in language.

  7. This is a form of brain washing. I will not stand for this bullshit. It is time to root out all of the anti-American idiots and replace our teachers with real educators that teach and not indoctrinate. Let’s take American back from the devils of the Democratic Party.

  8. I am in my 70’s but I feel it is NOT the job of the schools or teachers to push sexual identification on children under the age of 12. I can understand classes teaching about this when the children are old enough to understand that there are differnces and that ALL feel they are non-binary or transexual. With children that are younger and susceptible to believing that this is what life is about about it is WRONG. Teach them how to be nice to others, how to count, the alphabet and such things. Sex is not one of the things their brains are ready for! Also for the dummies pushing this, they and them is plural, it is not to be used for singular purposes. Go back and study your English, you obviously didn’t pay attention the first time around.

  9. This is all part of a constant effort to groom children into some pervert’s concept of sexuality outside of parental supervision and morality. A blatant attempt to confuse young minds so they will be receptive to being converted into someone else’s mindset and more open to seduction. This is also part of a movement to remove parental influence and set children against their parents. Stand up and fight it America! The Liberal educational system as taken over by liberal professors in our University system believes you are they enemy of your children and the Federal Government should take over what you think and believe.

  10. I agree one hundred percent. I do not have children in school, only a great grandson, all this about LGBTQ+ and non binary are disgusting to me for babies. this needs to stop. our babies are being indoctrinated not educated.

  11. These leftist idiots are really taking this nonbinary bullshit too far. Don’t mess with children’s sexual identities. Teaching this shit in school should not be tolerated. If a child has a problem with their sex, then deal with it when they become more mature instead of going for a gender reassignment surgery.

    1. I believe that all four of the comments above are accurate and perfectly cover the Problems
      we the Parents are faced with.
      The supposed innocent approach made by these various “Instruction groups “is easily seen through and the entire subject should be axxed.
      Children are exactly what GOD intended them to be and all of us know the difference between boys and girls….stop with the indoctrination.

    2. Indeed, If it’s going to be discussed, wait until college level when a more mature student has a right to “choose” to take an “elective” class on the topic. If, the student could care less about this, then they shouldn’t be forced into listening this stupid drivel. The term is “elective”. In grade and high school these Democrats want to ram this stuff down kids throats. I’ve never voted for a dem and never will!!
      Boy, I feel vindicated for saying that.

  12. The world was fine until we accepted Letting them out of the closet
    I don’t care if the want to call themselves monkeys or kangaroos just
    Shove this sh-t up my ass. The world was a lot better place when nobody cared
    What you should be called or who you slept with. Don’t care and most people
    Feel the same way. Biden and Democrats screwed this country so bad it may
    Never recover. Screwing with our children should put them in jail that will prevent
    Teachers for messing around with our children. Sick and tired of all the B/S

  13. Poisoning Children’s minds.. for political gains and racist attention.. It is wrong and parents should stand up and take children out of the facilies and schools that indoctrinate using this criteria!!!

  14. Its not a schools place to teach our children this type of bull shit. Liberal nutjobs need to keep to them selves.. That is warp warped. Warped.

  15. I am an Elementary school teacher

    My students already display Gender ID issues.

    Thanks to Uncle Joe

  16. There are 2 sexes in this world…
    Male and female…
    They are both born with very distinguishing anatomy…
    Stop with this bullshit of non binary!
    Children of today are confused enough with everything else that the stupid leftists have thrust upon them!
    Let them be kids and stop pushing your awful agendas down their throats 😡

  17. “I stand with Trans” – to preschoolers?? Hey little Billy, maybe you ought to cut off your genitals so we can belong. You too, Susie. Ok. Hey Mom.? Yes, why certainly you can. Let me tell you about which one of us is your father…

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