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80% of Americans are UNPREPARED for the Next Crisis

Many of us were caught off guard by the last pandemic, with only a few having seen signs emerging from China. Unfortunately, most people remained unaware.

Even those who prioritize their family’s safety may possess a basic First Aid Kit, yet they remain unprepared for biochemical threats, parasites and diseases.

For months, Big Pharma, the World Health Organization (WHO), and other entities in the establishment have withheld critical information from the public.

They have distorted facts and disregarded preventive measures such as Ivermectin, all while pushing their own narrative and ‘solutions’ for the pandemic.

This has resulted in one of the biggest periods of wealth transfer in history.

People must remain vigilant to ensure they are adequately prepared for any potential future developments.

With the recent conflicts in Russia and the Middle East, it is evident that uncertainty continues to persist.

Those with power are taking advantage of this situation, yet they remain immune from any form of accountability. In order to address this issue, we must take action and work towards a more equitable future.

No matter the situation – be it a mild hiking injury or tick bite, or more severe threats such as biochemical attacks or natural disasters – one thing is invaluable: Medicine.

That’s where The Wellness Company comes in.

Led by Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Jim Thorp, two courageous doctors who frequently speak out against the corrupt establishment, they are doing their utmost to make healthcare accessible to everyone.

Dr. Thorp is making it clear that now is the time to act:

“I’ve strongly recommended stockpiling critical medications including antibiotics since the turn of the century. This has been an incredible investment as many friends, family and patients have benefited. Now, in the fall of 2023, this recommendation is even more crucial.”

“If you have aspirin in your medicine cabinet, you should have a Medical Emergency Kit in your house.”

These Medical Kits are the gold standard in the case of emergency:

They are more affordable and more comprehensive compared to other prescription kits of the same type. And they’re made to last, with a standard shelf life of around 2 years or more, depending on the substance.

The Wellness Company Medical Emergency Kit includes:

  • Amoxicillin-Clavulanate (generic Augmentin) 875/125 mg – 28 tablets

  • Azithromycin (generic Z-Pak) 250 mg – 12 tablets

  • Doxycycline Hyclate 100 mg – 60 capsules

  • Metronidazole (generic Flagyl) 500 mg – 30 tablets

  • Trimethoprim-Sulfamethoxazole (generic Bactrim) 800/160 mg – 28 tablets

  • Ivermectin 18mg – 7 compounded capsules

  • Fluconazole (generic Diflucan) 150 mg – 2 tablets

  • Ondansetron (generic Zofran) 4mg – 6 tablets

  • 1 virtual consultation for the kit prescription from a doctor you can trust

  • 1 Emergency Medication Guidebook for safe use.

Together they treat:


Bacterial Vaginosis

Bite Wounds



Clostridioides difficile


COVID – 19




Nausea & Vomiting


Vaginal Candidiasis

Viral Upper Respiratory Infection

Plague (bioterror)


Rickettsial Infections


Shigella Infection


Skin Infection

Strep Throat



Tick Exposure


Travelers Diarrhea


Tularemia (bioterror)

Urinary Tract Infection

We don’t know when the next crisis will take place so it’s best to prepare now.




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