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NYC Mayor Says Next Step is Housing Migrants in ‘Private Residences’

New York City Mayor Eric Adams’  recent proposal to open the doors of New Yorkers to migrants coming from the border has sparked controversy and outrage among many in our country.

Adams now wants to start paying everyday New Yorkers to shelter migrants in their own homes – as the Big Apple struggles to find beds for the thousands of asylum seekers still flooding into the city.

On Monday, during a press conference at City Hall, Mayor Adams suggested that taxpayer dollars be used to house migrants rather than be put in the pockets of corporations.

“It is my vision to take the next step to this faith-based locales and then move to a private residence,” Adams said Monday during a City Hall press conference.

“We can take that $4.2 billion — $4.3 [billion] maybe now — that we anticipate we have to spend and we can put it back in the pockets of everyday, everyday houses of worship instead of putting it in the pockets of corporations.”

“We should be recycling our own dollars,” he added.

This decision is not only reckless but irresponsible. It would be incredibly costly for taxpayers across New York City who are already struggling with high taxes and rising cost-of-living expenses.

This money should instead be used towards fixing existing infrastructure problems or providing essential services like healthcare and education for local residents instead.

Allowing migrant populations into New York neighborhoods will also cause an increase in crime rates which could lead to further safety issues in these areas as well as decrease neighborhood morale and property values.

Mayor Adams’ suggestion is misguided because he fails to consider how his plan would negatively impact both citizens and immigrants alike by straining resources even further while risking public safety along with maintaining financial stability within communities throughout New York City.

From The New York Post:

Adams said moving migrants into private homes is the next step in the administration’s blueprint to house the crush of homeless individuals, after unveiling a new plan to house single migrant men in 50 churches, mosques and other houses of worship across the five boroughs.

He acknowledged that City Hall would need to get over a “30 day rule” but would not elaborate on the rule or the necessary logistics to implement the plan.

Since last spring, over 72,000 people have flooded into Gotham with over 45,000 currently living in 160 taxpayer-funded emergency shelters and hotels.

“We need to be clear, this is not sustainable with the inflow that we’re receiving,” a desperate Adams explained.

The mayor said the city will work to “find a way” to get around city government rules that typically bar the city from housing homeless people in private homes.




14 Responses

  1. The PUKE and HITLER of the Democrats party is showing his pathetic azz. If NY haven’t had enough what can be said for you.
    As Goes California so goes the rest of the Country and NY makes it coast to coast

  2. Socialism is here, just for those leftist radicals who didn’t know it yet. Will see if they will be the ones volunteering to open up their doors for illegals.

  3. I only hope the Mayor is the first to open his private residence to the immigrants. SET AN EXAMPLE MAYOR, YOU ARE THE LEADER!!
    Put your own family in danger before you ask your citizens to do so.
    You wanted to be a sanctuary state, well you got what you asked!

  4. NO.
    Only those with larger homes can or have granny flats etc.
    Its wrong
    OK NY rebel

  5. What city will be the next to follow with this insane proposal: Chicago? Los Angeles? San Fran? Seattle? Portland? St. Louis? Newark? Yours?

  6. Well, they elected him and his cronies so they have no one to blame but themselves so no sympathy.

  7. George Soros has won. His philosophy to destroy any society or nation is to overwhelm the welfare system to the point that the system collapses from within. His constant support and aid to those who travel from all over the world and enter the USA illegally in a constant and unchallenged movement across the southern border is nothing more than an invasion. This invasion has already overwhelmed the welfare systems and is costing the USA millions of dollars which should be going to support our citizens, legal immigrants, infrastructure, and building a better nation. Soros has done this over and over again in each nation that has provided him a place to stay. His utter hatred of the freedoms in the USA and our type of government is rooted in his youth, as a NAZI collaborator, and has made him a wanted man in Russia, Turkey, kicked out of England, and a few other nations. George Soros and his family need to have their citizenship stripped, his assets taken by our government to help pay his damages to us, and be kicked out of this nation, best to return him to either Russia or Hungary where he can stand trial for crimes against humanity. Will this post, more likely not as he is now controlling media and information to the public

  8. Well, THAT’S what I have been saying since the democrats INVITED the invasion of our southern border, by the unwanted garbage (illegal=criminal) of every 3rd world sh%t hole in the world! Let EVERY democrat house hold take financial and total responsibility for them! We will opt out thank you very much!

  9. Maybe they will increase the police force after a few illegal immigrants get killed when their new landlords kill them in self defense.

  10. Unfortunately the 3d Amendment only restricts the fedgov from quartering soldiers on civilians unless a law is passed to allow it. I suspect if obiteme and his hoods decided that our invasion was by “poor” soldiers from oppressed nations they might try to do this. None the less I would expect New York to try something like this in the not too distant future. By paying citizens to “quarter” these soldiers in their homes the city will exert pressure on them to do so. I’m sure penalties can be inflicted for those that don’t. Of course it won’t be any of the rich and famous.

  11. You just can’t make this stuff up !!!! Where do they dig up these Yankee Liberal Idiots !!!! If these Stupid New York Liberals that elected this piece of human excrement have any sense at all they will tell this clown that he is going to be the first one to have a group of these Disease Infested Foreign Criminals living in HIS house with HIS family, and see just how long THAT lasts !!!! This guy is Proof Positive that their really IS No FIX for STUPID !!!!

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