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NYC School Kids Unable To Attend Classes In Order To Make Room For “Migrants”

New York City is struggling to manage the influx of illegal immigrants, and this has had a significant impact on American children.

When school resumed in NYC, 21,000 students were unable to attend due to the arrival of migrant children. In Long Island City, there was an extremely long line of people attempting to gain entrance into the high school.

“But don’t worry, a 15-year-old illegal immigrant from Venezuela said he’s excited for his first day of high school,” Sara Gonzales comments.

“Not so great, though, if you’re a child, an American child, in New York City being displaced by illegals,” she adds.

Eric July observes that many individuals who espouse the view that immigration has no bearing on the nation are unaware of the fact that America does have a limited capacity.

“Folks act like this isn’t even a thing, right?” July says. “It’s just, ‘It’s okay, America’s big, has all this land, just bring each and every individual over here. These folks are seeking better lives and that’s it.’”

“But they don’t ever look at the short-term and especially the long-term issues, even cultural issues, cultural conflict, that can and has stemmed from this,” he adds.

John Doyle agrees.

“We don’t need this many people,” Doyle says. “They’re clogging up the housing markets, the highway system.”

“That’s not why we built this country. We didn’t build it for Venezuelans, we built it for Americans. I’m sorry, but like, that just happens to be the case,” he adds.

Gonzales acknowledges that some may not view this as an empathetic approach, yet they fail to recognize the plight of individuals who have been born and raised in America and are in need of compassion.

“We’ve got all of these homeless people who are being displaced again in New York City,” she says.

“We’re choosing as a nation to not be compassionate to our own in exchange for being compassionate for citizens of other countries.”

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13 Responses

  1. Biden and Mayorkas should both be up on charges for ignoring our laws on immigration and border control. Personally, I think a charge of treason would be more appropriate for these two idiots.

    1. Well said Paul! Also, there are thousands and thousands of ILLEGALS coming across the border. Most of these people have nothing. So WE, as a nation, are footing the costs for their food, shelter, clothing, education, medical and God knows what else. Our government … that is already broke to the tune of $32T … has no business spending tons of money on ILLEGALS, which in-turn, incentivizes more ILLEGALS to come. By the way, our government has NO money, “they” just allocate OUR tax dollars. BOTTOM LINE: YOU are paying for this crisis. For what Joe? We can NOT be a caretaker for the world. Soon the dollar will become worthless, and the U.S. as we knew it will be gone.

    2. Treason charges for Biden and Mayorkas would be good! They would do the same or worse for you or I w/o a second thought.

    3. Unfortunately, treason can only be charged during a time of constitutionally DECLARED war per a SCOTUS ruling. Perhaps sedition might be a better charge.

    1. And don’t forget the fools who voted for Joe Briben. The responsibility is on their hands too. But at least we don’t have mean tweets.

  2. We are between a rock and a hard place, we get rid of biden, but look who takes it’s place, she’s totally useless.

  3. Just one of the consequences of being a stupid voter. Do you think NYC voter will change the way they vote. I doubt it. In a little over a year we will have that answer.

  4. If this was trump doing this he’d be impeach for the 20th time!!!! I wish the freaking republicans had balls to impeach someone anyone who isn’t doing their job to keep Americans SAFE!!!!! This is the reason I WILL vote for trump this time!!!! I’m sick of politicians dems and republicans!!!! They both suck!!!!

  5. So while this rogue government is representing South American illegal non-citizens, who’s representing North America’s legal citizens???

  6. I thought New York State law N.Y. Comp.Codes R. & Regs. tit. 8, § 100.2 (q)(1)(q) High school program offerings: School districts SHALL MAKE available to their students ALL the options for earning a diploma, which are specified in section 100.5 of this Part. Sufficient instruction SHALL BE PROVIDED to meet ALL the State learning standards. required ”

    What happened to this law? Can NYC avoid making PUBLIC high schools available to citizen students? If none in an area are available, doesn’t other NY State law require a city to send the citizen students to PRIVATE schools at city expanse?

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