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Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes Says Biden is Sending J6 Political Prisoners to Mental Hospitals to Shut Them Up

Oath Keeper President and Founder Stewart Rhodes has broken h9is silence after his 90 day phone ban ended and what he has to say is explosive and reminds me of Russian and Chinese tactics to silence dissidents. They are trying to keep a lid on how J6 political prisoners are being treated. Here is a partial transcript of the conversation he had with the Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft:

Stewart Rhodes: “The narrative from day one, from the night of January 6th, was this is Trump’s fault. That Trump sparked an insurrection and incited an insurrection, or even plotted to carry one out. I was sued along with President Trump, Oath Keepers, Proud Boys, myself as an individual. Enrique Tarrio and a few other individuals in both groups were sued in three different civil suits.

They’re still pending in Washington, DC, in front of Judge Mehta, the same judge that presided over my trial, over the Oath Keeper trial. He’s hearing three cases by members of Congress, by a group of police officers in DC, and then also from District of Columbia itself, all alleging the same narrative that President Trump is the head of a conspiracy to attack the Capitol.

And the first lawsuit was filed way back on February 16, 2021, by Benny Thompson and other members of Congress. That’s been the narrative from day one.

So it’s not at all a surprise that across the country, in these different states, they’re trying to argue that President Trump committed insurrection and is no longer eligible to run for office….

…Their logic is he doesn’t need a criminal trial. He’s had a civil trial bench trial in front of a judge, and the judge has ruled that he did engage in insurrection.

And that’s going to be repeated across the country in all the different states. I think anywhere you have a leftist judge, you’re going to get. It’s a foregone conclusion. You’re going to get a judge determining that he’s guilty. Same thing that happened to Cuoy Griffin from New Mexico…

…Trump hasn’t been charged with insurrection or suspicious conspiracy because there’s no basis for it. That’s got nothing to do with why they haven’t done it yet. I think they’re building a crescendo in the states.

Stewart Rhodes:  It’s a ridiculous application, a misapplication of law, as has been said by many brilliant legal minds around the country. So I’m glad they picked it up. It’s a good sign. I hope, keep fingers crossed and pray, pray to God that the Supreme Court does the right thing.

Stewart on the Supreme Court’s cowardice in 2020.

Stewart Rhodes: I’ll remind everybody that they did not do the right thing in 2020 when Texas, when the attorney general of Texas, Ken Paxton, sued Pennsylvania. When Texas sued Pennsylvania, that’s under the Supreme Court’s original jurisdiction.

When one state sues another, you don’t have to go to a district court judge, you go straight to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court did not do its duty like they had done back in Bush v. Gore in 2000.

They should have heard that case and decided it because the challenge was that Pennsylvania was violating article two of the Constitution and it was joined by, I believe, 23 other states. So they should have, should have settled it right then.

The Biden regime sent Oath Keepers Attorney Kellye SoRelle to a mental hospital to keep her quiet.

Stewart Rhodes: Kellye SoRelle, the attorney for Oath Keepers. She sat with them (Liz Cheney’s J6 Committee), I believe, six different times for hours and hours and talked to them.

Jim Hoft: What is her predicament now?

Stewart Rhodes: She’s been put in a mental institution run by the BoP (Bureau of Prisons)… Sadly, she’s been placed in a Bop mental facility. She’s been ruled incompetent to stand trial.

Jim Hoft: Oh my God!



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