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Obama Judge Tanya Chutkan Previously Called January 6 “An Armed Attempted Overthrow of This Government”

A new prejudicial statement from Judge Tanya Chutkan in a January 6 case has been discovered, prompting President Trump to call for her to step down from his January 6 trial.

Judge Chutkan during her sentencing brazenly lied about the January 6 Capitol riot and called it an “armed attempted overthrow of this government.”

Judge Chutkan stated that legislators within the Capitol on January 6 observed outside and noticed “gallows being set up.”

This never happened. There is no video evidence to back up this absurd claim.

Judge Tanya Chutkan, an Obama appointee, is facing a motion to recuse herself from former President Donald Trump’s January 6 trial.

This comes after she declared that the protesters of the Capitol riots were attempting to “violently overthrow” the government.

Trump’s attorneys have argued that her prior comments on the matter make it impossible for her to preside over his case objectively.

In October 2022, before the Special Counsel’s appointment or the filing of this case, Judge Chutkan stated:

“This was nothing less than an attempt to violently overthrow the government, the legally, lawfully, peacefully elected government by individuals who were mad that their guy lost. I see the videotapes. I see the footage of the flags and the signs that people were carrying and the hats they were wearing and the garb. And the people who mobbed that Capitol were there in fealty, in loyalty, to one man — not to the Constitution, of which most of the people who come before me seem woefully ignorant; not to the ideals of this country; and not to the principles of democracy. It’s a blind loyalty to one person who, by the way, remains free to this day.” United States v. Christine Priola 1:22-cr-242, ECF #66 at 29:17–30:3 (sentencing transcript) (emphasis added) (relevant portions attached as Ex. A).

Techno Fog, a renowned lawyer, examined Judge Chutkan’s past decisions and found proof of partiality after she declined the gag order hearing timings that Trump’s lawyers had requested.

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  1. “GALLOWS”????? What century is she living in???? LM@O!!!! Libs/Dems are no longer funny. They are flat out dangerous and STUPID to be put in certain positions!!!!!

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