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Oklahoma GOP Declares Open Season on RINO U.S. Senator James Lankford

Chuck Schumer’s recent patsy, Sen James Lankford of Oklahoma is endorsing a border deal that gives liberals everything they want including allowing 1.8 million illegals into the country each year. The Oklahoma GOP has declared that they will not support Lankford financially or otherwise as long as he continues to support mass illegal immigration without vetting. lankford claims more people are not supporting the bill because they do not know what is in it.

According to information obtained by FOX News reporter Bill Melugin, the deal includes:

— Mandatory detention of all single adults.

— Mandatory “shut down” of border once average daily migrant encounters hits 5,000. Importantly, this 5,000 number includes 1,400 CBP One app entries at ports of entry per day, and roughly 3,600 illegal crossings per day.

— How is that enforced? Once the 5,000 threshold is hit, a new authority is codified into law that requires Border Patrol to immediately remove illegal immigrants they catch without processing. They would not get to request asylum, they would immediately be removed. This includes removals back to Mexico, and deportations to home countries. This would be a *massive* change from current policy, which is that once an illegal immigrant reaches US soil, they must be processed via Title 8 and allowed to claim asylum. Under this new authority – they are not processed, and they are mandatorily immediately removed once the “shut down” threshold is reached.

— This “shut down” also takes effect is there are 8,500 migrant encounters in a single day.

— The “shut down” would not lift the next day. It wouldn’t lift until daily encounters are reduced to under 75% of the 5,000 threshold for at least two weeks. This means the “shut down” authority would not lift until two weeks of an average of less than 3,750 migrant encounters per day.

— Some family units will be released with ATD (Alternatives to Detention, ankle monitors etc).

— New removal authority to immediately remove all migrants who do not have valid asylum claims, which will be determined within 6 months rather than the years long process we have right now.

— Any migrant caught trying to cross twice during “shut down” phase would be banned from entering US for one year.

— US will need agreement with Mexico for MX to take back non-Mexican illegal immigrants. This hasn’t been ironed out yet.

From The Gateway Pundit

According to Melugin, “President Biden approves of the deal and is ready to sign it as is, right now, and implement the new authority it would give him.”

The OK GOP party emphasizes support for “limited legal immigration” and opposes any ‘path to citizenship’ that would favor illegal aliens over those who have pursued immigration through legal channels.

The resolution accuses Senator Lankford of undermining the rule of law and the safety of American citizens by negotiating a deal that could potentially lead to an ‘invasion’ of the borders, referencing Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution which tasks the United States with protecting states against invasion.

Read the resolution below via Oklahoma State Senator Dusty Deevers:

WHEREAS, Senator James Lankford was recently working with Democrat Senator Charles Schumer on an open border deal to allow 5,000 illegal immigrants a day to enter and work in the United States.

WHEREAS, The OKGOP Platform states: “We support limited legal immigration and embrace legal immigrants who choose to assimilate to our American culture, language and values.”

WHEREAS, The OKGOP Platform further states: “We oppose a ‘path to citizenship’ that would grant citizenship to illegal aliens faster than to immigrants who have come to the United States through legal means.”

WHEREAS, Senator Lankford playing fast and loose with Democrats on our border policy not only disenfranchises legal immigrants seeking citizenship but it also puts the safety and security of Americans in great danger.

WHEREAS, Senator Lankford has taken an Oath to support and defend the United States Constitution, which says in Article IV, Section 4: “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion…”

WHEREAS, authorizing several thousand people to invade our borders before any action can be taken is contrary to the oath that Senator Lankford took to the Constitution and therefore outside of the area that he is authorized to negotiate in.

BE IT RESOLVED, that the OKGOP strongly condemns Senator James Lankford, if and to the extent that he continues these actions, and calls upon him to cease and desist jeopardizing the security and liberty of the people of Oklahoma and of these United States.

BE IT RESOLVED, that until Senator Lankford ceases from these actions the Oklahoma Republican

Party will cease all support for him.

BE IT RESOLVED, that the OKGOP Chairman will publish this resolution in PDF form on the website, issue a press release outlining the resolutions the State Committee passed and post the press release on the website with a link to the resolution PDF, and send both the press release and link to the resolution to the entire OKGOP distribution list, and post on OKGOP social media channels.




4 Responses

  1. Mentally ill doesn’t even begin to describe this person. Apparently he doesn’t believe in his oath of office.

  2. lankford IS a TRAITOR, plain and simple. He took that oath, but chooses to disregard it. As a sellout he should be EXPELLED from the Senate.

  3. Sen. Lankford supports all the policies that are anathema to Oklahoma voters. How did they make such a mistake as to elect him to be one of their Senators?

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