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Ousted Marvel Entertainment Head Says He Told Disney Execs ‘Don’t Get Involved In Politics’

The head of Disney’s Marvel Entertainment says he was fired because he told the company executives that they should stay out of politics. That sounds like good advice to me. It has cost Disney and the shareholders are not happy. But, no, they have to give in to the mob and they went woke. Attendance at the parks and at the movies has taken a huge hit. Former Marvel Entertainment Chairman Isaac “Ike” Perlmutter said that just before they fired him, he told them to stay out of politics.

Which is strange since Marvel Entertainment was so successful. Those who go woke accept going broke I guess. There are many more heterosexuals than there are transgenders. And we are much more likely to have kids. That is a big plus. Walt Disney must be rolling over in his grave. This is not the image he spent a lifetime creating. They will continue to go down that road until the stockholders have had enough.

The former Marvel chairman said when Disney was battling with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, he told Disney executives to stay out of politics.

Perlmutter said:

“Don’t get involved in politics. You’re going to get hurt. It’s a no-win situation.”

“Ron, you’re right. Disney doesn’t have the right to get involved with politics.”

“I believe he [Peltz] could have done the same for Disney as a member of its board. It’s a disappointment for me and I believe many fellow shareholders that he wasn’t welcomed to the board and that it took the threat of a proxy contest for the board and management to begin to act.”

“My ties to Disney are deep and extend more than 30 years. The Marvel brand which I brought to the company in 2009 is now one of the strongest and most profitable business units in the company, as well as one of the best-known entertainment franchises in the world.”

From The Daily Wire

In a lengthy statement obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, Perlmutter said that he “long expected that my working relationship with Disney would end.”

“That it should come as a result of my trying to help Disney improve its business should sadden many shareholders as it does me, the company’s largest individual shareholder,” he added.

He also highlighted that his failed attempt to get activist investor Nelson Peltz on the Walt Disney Company’s board stemmed from his hopes to improve shareholder returns, not to try and shake things up on the board.

Perlmutter closed out his statement by making it clear that, despite not being employed by the House of Mouse, he “will continue to advocate for actions that secure Disney’s long-term financial health and allow a new generation of management to reverse the trend of falling shareholder equity and return the dividend to its prior level.”

Perlmutter had been with the company for more than a decade after selling Marvel to Disney in 2009 for $4 billion, Deadline reported.




5 Responses

  1. Disney no longer represents wholesome family values. The leadership should be removed as stockholders are in danger of losing on their investment. Politics does not belong in company strategy.

  2. With power comes arrogance and a clouded vision of reality. Disney Management is full of it with a you can do nothing to us because we are so big and powerful. I think the forget they can be shut down overnight with the stroke of a pen and the Stock Holders will scream for their bloody heads on a platter! I live close enough I can see the fireworks displays and hear the booming every night at 9pm. I have not been there since their 25th anniversary and have no intention to go back to the Narcistic Managed Freak show.

  3. It is my sincerest wish that Disney Corp. falls into receivership by June!

  4. I guess I can’t be that “tolerant”; Disney’s main target audience is kids, & this (comatose) “woke” agenda is just too destructive to kids to be supported in any way, IMO, as a survivor of child sexual abuse, intimately acquainted with the damage such abuse, & make no mistake it IS abuse, does to children. As a student & later practicing RN, I learned, from the professional &
    science aspects, greater understanding of what I learned experientially as a child. This madness must not be allowed to continue, unless an entire generation of literally psychotic people is what is really wanted…

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