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Oversight Chair Comer Will Initiate Contempt of Congress Proceedings if Dirty Chris Wray and FBI Do Not Turn Over Incriminating Biden Document in 4 Days

Rep James Comer is preparing to bring contempt of the House if the FBI refuses to hand over the document that shows that Joe Biden was bribed by a foreign influence.

He allegedly received$5 million dollars in exchange for favorable treatment. In my opinion, this story could be true because if Biden turned down the bribe, they would have handed the document when they were first asked for it.

That would show that Biden is honest, but by refusing to hand it over, I am led to believe he took the money.

Chairman James Comer (R-KY) and the House Oversight Committee announced on Thursday they will launch Contempt of Congress proceedings against the FBI director, the corrupt Chris Wray.

I look for the equally corrupt Merrick Garland to declare that the document is now classified and that Congress can’t have it.

Last Friday House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) wrote the FBI is demanding they turn over a document alleging a bribery scheme featuring Joe Biden.

Money grubbing is in the Biden DNA.

The FBI wrote to Comer that they will not turn over any document that would lead to Biden’s impeachment.

This would be different than any other attempt to impeach Biden because Democratic Senators would be taking a huge risk for voting for Biden who was bribed by a foreign entity. This is why the corrupt Chris Wray refuses to turn the document over.

Once the House does get it, Wray would be the next impeachment target. Withholding incriminating evidence would earn him a trial for withholding evidence.

Here is the full letter from James Comer and Senator Chuck Grassley to FBI Director Chris Wray:

WASHINGTON—House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) and Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) today are blasting FBI Director Christopher Wray for defying a congressional subpoena for an unclassified record alleging a criminal scheme involving then-Vice President Joe Biden and a foreign national. The document, an FBI-generated FD-1023 form, allegedly details an arrangement involving an exchange of money for policy decisions. In a new letter to Director Wray, Chairman Comer warns that if the FBI fails to produce the record by May 30, 2023, the Oversight Committee will initiate contempt of Congress proceedings.

“The FBI’s refusal to provide this single document is obstructionist. Whistleblower disclosures that Joe Biden may have been involved in a criminal bribery scheme as Vice President track closely with what we are seeing in our investigation into the Biden family’s influence peddling schemes. Congress and the American people need to know what, if anything, the FBI did to verify the allegations contained within this record. If Director Wray refuses to hand over this unclassified record, the Oversight Committee will begin contempt of Congress proceedings,” said Chairman Comer.

FBI staff indicated to Oversight Committee staff the search terms contained in Chairman Comer’s subpoena were broad because there were many responsive documents containing the term “Biden” in its confidential human source database for June 2020. Chairman Comer is narrowing the breadth of the subpoena by providing two additional terms that may be referenced in the FD-1023 form: “June 30, 2020” and “five million.”  These terms relate to the date on the FD-1023 form and its reference to the amount of money the foreign national allegedly paid to receive the desired policy outcome.




10 Responses

  1. Once Rep. Comer “INITIATES” Contempt proceedings against Wray, it will only take 5 or 6 YEARS for ANYTHING to be put in the Process of being started against him, there will be appeal after appeal after appeal then there will have to be an actual judge considered to take the case, then there will have to be this and that and something else until biden finally dies of OLD AGE and the entire case becomes a moot point because President Trump will have already been re-elected and served his second term and Trump Jr. will be President !!!! This Government is too CROOKED for words !!!!!

    1. It’s simpler than that. Congress issuing a Contempt of Congress citation, or issuing a subpoena is close to meaningless unless the subject is a Republican. Congress has no arrest or judicial powers. Enforcement of a subpoena or punishing someone for Contempt of Congress is in the hands of the Dept. of Justice. Can you seriously imagine the corrupt Attorney General Garland doing anything like this? Remember Congress, with a Republican majority in both houses, issuing a C. of C. against Eric Holder? Who would enact penalties for this? The A.G., of course. And who was A.G? Why, Holder.

  2. Adults have known Wray is part and parcel of the current criminal government since he was put in place but has anyone seen any action against him except talk??? That tells me it’s the whole government that’s corrupt.

  3. So….contempt of Congress is what they have to “force’ wray to do something he doesn’t want to… what a laugh, just as holders contempt of Congress… done anything at all…?? It don’t even cause an investigation, he’ll laugh all the way to the bank, with his cut of the bribe.

  4. “Law enforcement” for thee, not for me! Pretty much sums up all of Washington DC.
    There are a plethora of law offices, attorneys, lawyers, and “specialists” available for the choosing to keep these illegally created organizations in continual operation. Take the illegal “Federal Reserve Bank,” Alexander Hamilton RAILED against a “Central Bank.” He was right…at least 8 of the last economic downturns in USA were FEDRES initiated. FBI has more dirt on its hand, in its files, and around its agents to literally make “Ol Scarface” roll over with laughter. Just as an example…ALL – pretty much sums up “creation out of thin air” of these super hyped, holier than thou, three-letter “above all probity” agencies who write their own Operations manuals, create their own “Code of Conduct” and hide behind a thin veneer of “legal mumbo-jumbo” enough to choke a horse (WACO anybody? Ruby Ridge? Trump’s illegal “search and seizure” of Mar-A-Lago residence?). Yes, CIA, FBI, Pentagon, ALL INTEL, and now illicit storage of data of ALL communications at Provo, Utah’s “hush-hush” INTEL CENTER(S). It’s “out-of-control” Animal Farm on steroids. God Bless America (THAT WAS). Read A Bible. KJV. Psalm 128. 10 Commandments everywhere (paste it on your entry door as you leave). Kitchen Militias (1973’s style) to decimate really nutty Columbia U.’s Marxist Frankfurts School’s Hegelian drivel of sociological and Philosophical (cock-A-Mammy) indoctrination and ideological (stupidity) now being “force-fed” to our dear school-aged children. God Bless. God said: XX and XY and siblings…PERIOD! No Mas!!! Happy Veterans (Memorial) Day!!!.

  5. All the people really see is our government is hiding crimes and it just keeps getting worse. No matter what it is, we the people NEVER see anything happen to the person doing the crime nor the people that keeps covering up. Look at Hillary, she should have been locked up long ago but she somehow always dodges the ball of dirting up the Clinton name and crimes that they both have commented. It’s not just the Clintons, nothing is every done, just paperwork but nothing comes of it other than that. Someone in power has got to grow some you know what and start working for the people and get the crooks out of our government. All the cover ups and investigations are costing us, the tax payers millions of dollars, money that could be used to help our Vets, help feed our elders, help children that don’t know where their next meal is coming from and to help CLOSE THE BOARDER!! Do something or get off the pot and stop costing us the tax payers money that doesn’t need to be spent!

  6. It seems like the Democrats have this all worked out so we the dumb republicans will never recover control of our Government again we will be a comunist government!!!!!

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