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Parents Outraged: Middle School Students Asked If They’ve ‘Ever Participated in Oral Sex’

Many parents are up in arms about a survey given to middle schoolers that asked them questions such as if they have had oral sex and have they have had sexual intercourse, how many times and with how many people. Quite a few parents have objected to the survey.

The school claims that the questions are asked for health reasons, but I suspect they could be used for getting leads an which students could be used.

The survey is allegedly confidential, but how hard would it be to compare the survey with other reports written by the students? If I were the parent of a child who had to fill in the survey, I would be very suspicious.

The school tried to allay fears by bringing up the fact that the surveys are done in cooperation with the CDC, but after the fiasco with COVID-19, I would trust them no farther than I could throw them. They didn’t even ask for their parents’ permission or even their knowledge.

A “Youth Risk Behavior Survey” was provided to sixth- and seventh-grade children at Boston’s Eliot K-8 Innovation School, which asked for their sexual orientation and their sexual history. and whether they had ever had suicidal thoughts.

The 54-question survey posed several questions about the children’s sexual activity, including:

“Have you ever had sexual intercourse?”; “With how many people have you ever had sexual intercourse?”; and “The last time you had sexual intercourse, did you or your partner use a condom?”

It also asked students:

“Have you ever participated in oral sex? Oral sex is when a person puts their mouth on another person’s genitals or private area.”

From The Blaze

Students were prompted to answer questions about their sexuality and gender, including whether they identify as heterosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual, or some other sexuality.

“A transgender person is someone who does not feel the same inside as the sex they were born with. Are you transgender?” the survey asked.

According to the survey’s description, it was voluntary, anonymous, and distributed by Boston Public Schools to “improve health education for young people.”

The surveys are “used to create local and state-level estimates of youth social-emotional well-being, substance use, sexual health, violence, injury, physical activity, nutrition and hunger, and other health risk behaviors,” according to the district’s website. “These data are a vital resource to help guide decision-making and resource allocation for effective prevention and control programs for schools and communities.”

Boston Public Schools press secretary Max Baker told KGAN-TV that the district has distributed the survey for 30 years and to middle schools for 10 years.

In a message to families, the district wrote, “The anonymous survey data helps BPS to improve our practices, policies and resources to best support student health in the areas that the YRBS data show there is the most need.”

“The CDC along with city and state partners work together on the survey. We recognize that some questions on the YRBS could be uncomfortable for some students and families. Sexual behaviors, mental health, suicide, dietary behaviors, tobacco use, alcohol and other drug use can be sensitive topics,” the district added.




19 Responses

  1. They ask the same things here in Fairfax Country, Virginia. Some students are like, “What’s oral sex?”

  2. With all the porn on tv shows and movies now, I wouldn’t be suprised that a lot of them have. Also it could be another form of communist governmet.

  3. CDC survey for 30 years has been given to groups in Middle schools, High schools, and/or college students. What has been the results of the survey?
    How has the CDC survey been used to change the teaching curriculum in middle, high school or college courses concerning sexual behaviors?
    Has the CDC survey been used to justify increase counselors at the middle and high school level?
    Who give this survey to the students? Did the English Teacher, Principal, counselor, or individuals from CDC gave the survey to the student?
    I see a lot of potential problems with this survey. I would not like my 14 year old to read nor answer this survey.

  4. If it is so innocuous then why the secrecy. They say its been out for 10 years or more yet most parents have never heard of it or we would have heard objections to it sooner. Communism is all about the party state officials which include anybody state employed (like our teachers) given the individual power to rule over other people without a constitution to stop them. Even with our constitution involved parents have been labeled domestic terrorists by the Attorney General. As we all go down the toilet seems the only life preserver left to reach out and hang onto is floating poop.

  5. Make no mistake. It’s also a treasure trove of information for the trolls and perverts throughout the system.

  6. THIS is how Gov’tt WOKE schools teach young students about the birds & the bees??!! Shocked?  Beyond measure.  Angry?  Beyond the Rubicon! Action?  With the bat. 

    1. I swear… aren’t there laws about pornography, and adults being charged for underage pornographic acts and conduct? And when they get out of prison, are they not put onto a list of pedophiles? Isn’t this a form of pedophilia? I don’t care what age it is… if it is under the “LEAGAL” age, it cannot be conducted without parental guidance and even permission. PERIOD!

  7. Why would they need personal information on individual students if what they are doing is presenting information for teaching? Their personal information is just that. Personal.
    Make these adults stop this now. They are hurting the children !

  8. Absolutely disgusting. The Left will stop at nothing to steal the innocence from children. I went through grade school, middle school and high school knowing nothing about sex. When I finally found out what it was, I was so grossed out I avoided everyone.
    People who force sex, or the knowledge of it, on kids are monsters.
    Perverts! Pedophiles! Licentious slobbering pigs.

    1. I made it to Sophomore yr on what I found in OB/GYN texts & a Kotex booklet, but biology provided an introduction to reproduction that amplified what I had already learned. But I was never presented with sch a survey, no kids should be.

  9. Since when did these type of questions have anything to do with education. We sure didn’t have to worry about any of this low life action in the 40/50s but I guess this is higher education of today.

  10. What do we have to do to convince those in power to leave our children alone???!!!! Anyone who instigates a situation such as this for whatever reason they use to try to justify doing so should never, ever be within a mile of a child and any teachers participating in the surveys should be fired. Not every parent can homeschool their child as my daughter has chosen to do or provide private schooling (not that that is always safe either) for their child so we must be able to trust our public schools to do the right thing by our children. And this is definitely not it. There for sure is an ulterior motive to all this. Have all public schools become groomers? Our grandson is in 7th grade and our granddaughter goes into middle school next year. Our family has told them to never participate in anything they don’t feel comfortable with and we’ll stand by them. And no matter what the school tells them, come tell their parents or grandparents. But we shouldn’t have to put this pressure on our children every day. I went to school in the 1950s and 1960s and something like this would have never been considered back then and it shouldn’t be now.

  11. Peeking under the doors in the rest rooms! Uncivilized! Perverts! These people belong in jail! After they are castrated! Hang them. Hang them. Burn them alive! There’s no hell hot enough for them!

  12. If I still had children in school I would be looking for non public education for them if this ever came up.

  13. Im curious? Is the teachers union and teaching staff of our high schools and grade schools now filled with Pedophiles? I ask this because the government educators run by the democrat party are more interested in what is going on between there students legs than in educating there minds. Do these teachers want to know the students sexual information to pray upon the sexually active students. Or do the teachers want to take the students written information home with them and use it for the teachers sexual stimulation. So many Teachers now are being tried for sexually praying on minor students. Asking for children’s personal sexual information is not teaching its non of there business.

  14. Democrats won’t rest until they have corrupted every student in the country. Democrat is a mental illness. All Democrats are suffering this terrible mental illness. We need to find a cure for it. A lead pill would help cure it.

  15. To the censors: Don’t bother, I’m unsubscribing from your site! In America we have FREEDOM of speech! Nothing about my comment was threatening or otherwise requires ensoring. Have a nice life!

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