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Pathetic Conservatives Force Newcomers To Learn About ‘White Resentment’ and ‘Microaggressions’

Prospective Conservative MPs are forced to undergo diversity training on issues such as “white resentment” and “microaggressions” before they’re allowed to stand for Parliament.

In details obtained by the Telegraph, all Parliamentary candidates for the Conservative Party have to undergo various training courses, including normal HR training like social media best practices, emotional intelligence, and team building, but also various diversity courses, like “unconscious bias” training.

The prospective MPs have to read through slides, watch videos, and then answer questions on the topics of race, sexual orientation and LGBT issues, and sex discrimination.

Much of the training is littered with anti-white ideology, including suggesting that “white resentment” is a “significant problem” for ethnic minorities. The course defines it as “when white employees suggest equality and diversity training is no longer required, as it provides ethnic minority employees with unfair advantages.”

A section on racial discrimination declares that “a requirement to conform to White British cultural practices, such as anglicizing names in the workplace” is part of a “system of domination and oppression,” and notes that mispronouncing foreign names of colleagues is “unconscious bias.”

The training defines “unconscious bias” as when you “discriminate against one group, or person, without being aware of your actions,” and that it can result in racially-charged “microaggressions,” such as asking a black person “why does your hair not look like ours,” and “are you able to sit out in the sun as long without any sun cream?”

This comes despite the fact that the British government specifically promised to phase out “unconscious bias” training in 2020, with an order sent out in January to those training Parliamentary staff that the idea of “white privilege” must not be taught to them.

Conservative candidates are also instructed on a list of LGBT words and phrases that they must learn, including “gender-fluid,” “non-binary,” “affirmed gender,” “pan-gender,” and “poly-gender,” along with being encouraged to use gender-neutral language and toilets.

“I don’t want the state, or the Party I love, breathing down my neck telling me how to think,” said Ed Barker, a member of the Party’s candidates list and the chief executive of Conservative Way Forward. “I hope this can be stopped immediately, otherwise we’ll have a whole new generation of Conservative candidates who think this is normal.”

CWF published a report at the end of last year revealing that around £7 billion of taxpayers’ money is currently being wasted on politically motivated campaigns that are dividing us and making us all poorer,” like unconscious bias training. “It would be devastating if CCHQ was wasting Party members’ money on divisive and contentious schemes like these,” Barker added.

Valiant News reported last week that staff at the Homeland Security Group, the leading government counter-terrorist organization at the Home Office, were instructed not to say “mate,” or “homosexual,” and to help support their non-binary colleagues by respecting their pronouns, such as “zie” or “ey.”

As a result, Home Secretary Suella Braverman ordered a review into what she labeled as “politically correct nonsense,” to root it out from the department.




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  1. Congratulations are due to: Home Secretary Suella Braverman who ordered a review into “politically correct nonsense,” to root it out from the department.

  2. The idea is to eradicate both conservatism and the native culture, so that’s the aim: to have the next generation believe it is “normal”.

  3. No true Conservative would agree to that bulls**t.
    Those are “Conservatives-in-name-only”.

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